Our Mission
Superconductor Week has a three-fold mission: to advance the goals of our readers by a critical perspective on low- and high- Tc superconductors and cryogenics; to promote the industry by spreading information and insight to the broadest possible audience; and to provide a platform for the free exchange of ideas and news within the superconductivity community.

Our Vision
Our vision is a single place where for scientists, executives, engineers, investors, analysts, and administrators can go to access and communicate information concerning superconductivity. We believe that facilitating communication within the industry helps make you more effective at your work.

The Editor
Klaus Neumann worked his way up through the rank-and-file to become Superconductor Week’s Executive Editor, inheriting 26 years of expertise and excellence in superconductivity reporting. Klaus received a liberal arts education at Reed College and has lived in Europe and the Middle East.

Superconductor Week
Superconductor Week was founded in 1987, and is published 24 times a year. The newsletter is dedicated to providing timely, in-depth coverage of superconductivity and related industries. News and analysis includes the latest technological and business developments, commercialization strategies, end markets, new products, market forecasts, opinions from leading experts, funding, patent information, strategic partnerships, and overviews of government programs.

We specialize in information products tailored to industry and company needs, produced with expertise, analytical skill, and creativity that sets us apart. We are also pleased to offer consulting services, whether it is to gain a deeper understanding of your market, brand your produce, position against the competition, or plan strategically to move your organization to the next level.

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pictureAs a cryogenics supplier to the superconducting devices field, I read
Superconductor Week regularly.  I need access to the latest advances and
activity and my daily routine can't provide that.  The news, patent
review, and current contacts gained through Superconductor Week are
valuable tools we use to help us bring reliable cold and power to market."

John Corey Jacobson


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