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  • Superconductor Week - 2124:

    UK to Cease Investment in International Linear Collider
          UK Caught off Guard
          ILC Director says Measuring Impact of Loss will Take Time
          CERN Hopes for Reversal
    Bruker BioSciences Acquires Bruker Biospin Group for $914 Million
          Laukien Family to Retain Control
          EHTS and EAS Included in Acquisition
          Outside Investment in Wires Business Sought
    ITER to Adopt HTS Current Leads
           Silver/Gold Matrix BSCCO Offers Advantage
           HTS Current Leads Candidates for W7-X and JT60-SA
           EHTS and Sumitomo Alternatives to Discontinued AMSC 1G Wire
    2G HTS Cable at Albany HTS Cable Project Cooling for Energizing
           2G Cable Testing  Showed Similar to 1G
           1G Cable Weathers Fault Current
    SuperPower Makes 26.8 T 2G Coil Insert
           Coil Tested in NHMFL's 19 T Magnet
           SuperPower's 2G Wire Thinner
           35 T 2G Coil Insert May be on the Horizon
    Praxair Raises Helium Prices 30%
    ISTEC HTS SFQ Sampler System Observes 50 GHz Signal

           100 GHz Expected
           Scientists Work Toward Miniaturization, Lower Power Consumption
           Junction Improvements Sought
    CERN Council Appoints Rolf-Dieter Heuer as Director General
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  • Superconductor Week - 2201:

    U.S. Budget for 2008 Cuts Research Funding
       ITER Funding Hit Hard
       Orbach Sees Little Hope of Reversal
       Fermilab Budget Cut Results in Mass Layoffs
       NIST Budgets Suffer Cuts
       Increase Lags Behind Inflation
    ENDESA Awards $733,000 for HTS Cable Research
       2G Wire Development Part of Project
    Zenergy Produces 10 Meter 2G HTS WireGeneral Cable Asia Pacific and IRL Partner to Develop HTS Cable
       GCAP Says Production Possible in 2 Years
       Potential Applications Include Transformers, Generators, Motors
       About General Asia Pacific
       About Industrial Research Ltd.
    ORNL, SuperPower Sign HTS Wire Technology Agreement
       LMO Increases Yield
    CERN to UPgrrade Infrastructure by 2016
       Progress with LHC Continues Toward Summer 2008 Start-Up
       Final CMS Element Being Installed
    NIST Sees Superfluidity In Neutral Particles With Persistent Gas
       Superfluid SQUID-like Device Possible
    U of Tennessee, ORNL, Boston College Say Quantum Spin May Explain for Cooper PairsCINLA Views Insulating to Conducting TransitionU of Alberta Glimpse Supersolidity
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    INSERT: U.S. Superconductivity Patents

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  • Superconductor Week - 2202:

    D-Wave Raises $17 Million in New Funding
       About IIU
    AMSC Receives $25 Million Contract for Project HYDRA
       AMSC Paid Washington Lobbyists $100,000
       DHS Contract Probe Not Slowing Project
    Notice: Superconductor Week Launches Instant Electronic Distribution
       Superconductor Week Launches Forum
    SuperPower Receives $500,000 from NYSERDA for FCL Project TVEL Sees Growth in Production of Superconducting Materials
       Nb3Sn Manufacturing Program Launched in 2003
    RIKEN and NEC Create Laser with Superconducting Artificial Atoms
       Laser Based on Superconducting Aluminum
    Japan, ITER Sign First Procurement Agreement
       Japan to Supply 400 Tons of Nb3Sn
    ITER SIgns Partnership Agreement with Monaco Bruker BioSciences Passes Antitrust Barrier AMSC Narrows Third Quarter Loss
       Nine-Months Loss Increases Slightly
       AMSC Projects $150 Million in Revenues
    Varian Inc. Reports First Quarter 2008 Financial Results
       Scientific Instruments Segment Responsible for Sales Growth
    Superconductor Technologies Files $80 Million Shelf Registration
    Berkeley Researchers Use MRI to Aid Catalyst Development
    PPPL Members Receive Awards
    Hypres Names Art Earl Director of Strategic Business Development
    DOE Calls for Peer Reviewers
    Insert: An Industrial Challenger to YBCO
    Insert: Superconductivity Stock Index
    Insert: Superconductivity Patents
       D-Wave Raises $17 Million in New Funding

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  • Superconductor Week - 2203:

    Philips to Retain SuperPower
       CCAS Says Future HTS Industry Benefits from Philips Decision
       Philips Cites Local Support as Factor in Decision
    U.S. Suspends Most Contributions to ITER
       ITER Cuts Said to be Result of Bush Veto Threat
       2008 Funds Directed Towards Project Office Core Team
       Bush Proposes 72% Funding Increase for Fusion Energy Sciences for 2009
    SuperPower Energizes 2G HTS Power Cable
       Phase II offered New Challenges
       SuperPower Seeks to Extend Project Duration
    ITER, Russia Sign Procurement Arrangement
       Toroidal Field Coil Faces Host of Challenges
    Helsinki University of technology Creates Tiny LTS Refrigerator
    China to Import Russian High-Tech
    AMSC Receives Two D-VAR Orders
    FONAR Announces 39.2% Increase in Revenues for 2Q 2008
    NIST’s Magnetic Mini-Sensor Detects NMR in Fluids
    MIT Proposes Superconducting State and Pseudogap State Co-Exist
    Oxford Instruments Debuts Helium Conservation Systems
    Insert: Superconductivity Patents

       Philips to Retain SuperPower

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  • Superconductor Week - 2204:

    Last Piece of ATLAS Detector InstalledUniversity of Ottawa Lab Manager Says NMR Labs Can Save Money by Recycling Superconducting Magnets
       Logbooks Key For Selecting Used Magnet
       Drift Rates Should be Evaluated
       Proper Decommissioning and Shipping Procedures Critical
    Iowa State Shows Path to Reduced AC Losses in Superconducting FCLs
       Malozemoff Stresses Value of Reduced AC Losses in FCLs
    Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. and Air Products to Build New Helium Plant
       About Matheson Tri-Gas
    ONGC Helium Plant Goes Online in IndiaAir Liquide Raises Helium PricesWendelstein 7-X Reaches First MilestoneBruker Stock Hits Record High on Increased Revenue and Income
       Bruker Stock Holders Approve Bruker BioSpin Acquisition
    Superconductor Technologies Revenues Drop for 2007
       STI Completes $15 Million Placement with Hunchun BaoLi
    AMSC Receives Orders for Wind Turbine Electrical Components
       Non-Superconducting Technologies See Continued Sales Grow
    International Team Finds New Superconductor Behavior
    Work Not Likely to Lead to New Superconductors
    Hypres Names Steven Gray Senior Vice President
    Hans Pieter Roetert Frederikse Dies at 87
    Insert: Superconductivity Patents
       Last Piece of ATLAS Detector Installed

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  • Superconductor Week - 2205:

    Tai-Yang Receives $450,000 to Develop HTS Degaussing Cable Components for U.S. Navy Warships
       BSCCO and YBCO Wires Considered
       TYRC May Seek to Expand Operation to Build Commercial Systems In-House
       Navy Has Some Experience With Cryogenic Systems
       AMSC Demonstrated Full-Scale HTS Degaussing Cable in 2006
       About Tai-Yang Research Company
    CCAS Urges the U.S. Congress to Increase Superconductivity Funding
       Expanded Focus Underscores Changing Landscape of Public Funding
       CCAS Argues Diverse Benefits of HTS
       Green House Gas Reduction Benefit of HTS
       CCAS Underscores Industrial Uses of High Energy Physics Program
       About CCAS
    UK Astronomy Technology Centre Builds LTS Sub-MM Space Camera
       Shielding Superconductors from Heat Key Challenge of Detector Design
    Elekta to Deliver Two New MEG Machines in the U.S.Morson Projects Receives $576,000 to Make Jig for JETSiemens Introduces MAGNETOM Verio 3T MRI to the U.K.Varian Makes Organizational Changes at ACCEL InstrumentsSTI Names Thomas Giunta Vice President of EngineeringAmerican Superconductor CEO Sells 10,000 SharesMax Plank Institute and University of Saskatchewan Demonstrate Hydrogen-Based Superconductors
       Research Validates Neil Ashcroft Proposal
       Hydrides also Researched as Hydrogen Storage for Fuel Cells
    RIKEN and NIMS Researchers Tame Vortices in BSCCO-2212
       AC Harmonics Used to Control Vortices
       Vortices Motion Control May Help Minimize Magnetic Noise in Superconducting Devices
    Brookhaven Finds 2D Fluctuating Superconductivity in HTS
    Zenergy Wins CleanEquity Monaco 2008 Award
    Insert: Superconductivity Patents

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  • Superconductor Week - 2206:

    Zenergy Receives 2nd Order for HTS Induction Heater
       Cost Benefit Lies in Energy Savings
       Zenergy’s HTS Induction Heater Wins €$160,000 Hermes Award as Green Technology
       Zenergy Unifies Company Identity
    Sumitomo Electric, TEPCO to Demonstrate 66kV/3kA HTS Cable
       200 to 300m Cable Designed for Installation in Small Ducts
       Makekawa to Provide Commercial Refrigeration System
       Project Follows Successful 2003 HTS Cable Tests
    MSPU Researchers Demonstrate Superconducting Single Photon Detector
       Detector Based on Niobium Stripe
       Low QE Remains Problem for Detector
       Photon Number Resolving Tied to Kinetic Inductance
    Argonne National Lab Improves Performance of Niobium Cavities
       Two Fold Gain in Efficiency Expected
       Spoke Cavities Preferable to Elliptical for FRIB
       DOE to Call for FRIB Proposals Soon
    Zenergy to Study HTS Fault Current Limiter for Project HYDRA
       Non-Superconducting FCL also Under Study
    Bruker and IFW Dresden To Develop MgB2 Wire
       Cryogen Free MRI Cited as Major Potential Market for MgB2
       About Advanced Supercon
    Oxford Instruments Acquires Technologies and Devices Intnt’l
       About Technologies and Device Zenergy Receives 2nd Order for HTS Induction Heater

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  • Superconductor Week - 2207:

    Bill Foster, Fermilab Superconductivity Expert Elected to U.S. Congress
       Interview with Representative Bill Foster
       Foster Says ILC Best Pursued through Intermediate Project
       Foster Seeks to Restore Some ITER ’08 Funding
       Foster Outlines Programs to Support New R&D
       Foster’s Background Included Multiple Superconductor Projects
    Dresden HMFL Demonstrates Superconductors in 32T Parallel Field
       Interview with HDL Director Joachim Wosnitza
       Magnet or Shield Applications May be Possible
    Cornell Receives $100,000 from Northrop Grumman for Flux-Pinning
       Interview with Mason Peck, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell
       Northrop Grumman Seeks Electromagnetic Formation Flight Application
       Study Follows Engineering Perspective
    EU Launches 1st ITER Procurement About Fusion for Energy (F4E)
    EU Law to Banning Sale of New MRI Machines Postponed
    Praxair Distribution Announces Helium Price Increase
    Varian Revenues and Net Earnings Increase in 2Q 2008
    Bruker Reports 14.9% Revenue Increase in First Quarter
    Ricor to Acquire InnerSense Ltd.
    AMSC Signs Multiple Wind Turbine Technology Contracts
    Sinovel Wind Places $18 Million Order

    Argonne Discovers Superinsulators
       Insulation Caused by Cooper’s Pairs Roadblocks
       Characterizing Phase Diagram Next Step

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  • Superconductor Week - 2208:

    Japanese Researchers Discover New Family of Superconductors
       Interviews with David Larbalestier, Hideo Hosono, Hai-Hu Wen, and Zhongxian Zhao
       Larbalestier Underscores Scientific and Practical Significance of “New and Powerful” Superconductors
       Chinese Researchers Develop Superconductor With Tc of 55K
       Iron Superconductors Resemble Cuprates
       Potential for Higher Tc Suspected
    MSU Approves $16 Million to Expand Cyclotron Lab AMSC, LIPA, Nexans Energize $58.5 million 138kV HTS Power Cable
       Interview with Jack McCall, Director of Business Development HTS T&D Systems at American Superconductor
       HTS Cable Carries 5 Times Current of Copper
       Budget Increases and Delays Overcome
       AMSC Reviews Advantages of HTS Cables
    EHTS Achieves 90% Yield for 2G Wire Buffer Layers
       Interview with Reinhard Dietrich, EHTS' Director of Sales and Marketing
       EHTS Emphasizes Cost Savings of Stainless
       New Process Controller Improves Yield
       EHTS 306A 2G Wire Produced on Stainless Steel Tape
       Production Scaleup Next Step
    Superconductor Technologies to Raise $6.0 Million in Offering STI Reports Lower Revenues for 1Q 2008 AMSC Reports Record Revenues, Declining Losses in 4Q 2007
       AMSC Reports $112.5M Revenues for 2007
    Saudi Arabia and CERN Sign Protocol to Cooperation Agreement Stanford, Carnegie Researchers Study HTS Under Pressure
       Study Sheds Light on Mechanism of HTS
    MCG Study Reveals Exercise Helps Fetuses
       Interview with Linda May,assistant professor of Anatomy at KCUMB
       Study May Promote Interest in MEG

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  • Superconductor Week - 2209:

    Advanced Supercon Begins Operations
       Interview with Tom Rosa
       ASCI Hires Tom Rosa as CFO and Senior Vice President
       Additions to Current U.S. Staff of 2 Expected
       ASCI U.S. to Sell HTS and LTS Wires
    DOE Shuts Down National Compact Stellarator Experiment
       Interview with PPPL Director Robert Goldston
       Cancellation Hopes to Preserve NSTX
       DOE Not Abandoning Stallarator Research
       DOE Reiterates Support for ITER
       Benefits of NSTX Highlighted
       Two Major Upgrades Proposed for NSTX
       Upgrades Relevant to Future Fusion Projects
    NHMFL, ORNL Say Fe-As Material Superconducts Above 45T
       Interview with Lead Researcher Frank Hunte
       Oxyarsenides Beat Nb3Sn and MgB2 in High Magnetic Fields 
       Oxyarsenides May Feature New Mechanism of Superconductivity
       Practical Applications for Oxyarsenides Possible
    Fe-As Superconductors Share Magnetic Properties with Cuprates
    U.S. Senate Approves $250M for Science Funding
       Fermilab to Go-Ahead with Layoffs
       Anonymous Donor Gives $5 Million to U of Chicago for Fermilab
    America’s Physics Nobel Laureates Ask Bush to Restore Science Funding
    AMSC Shares Hit Record High
       CEO Sells Shares 
       AMSC Receives Four D-VAR Orders
    Oxford Instruments Acquires Link Analytical AB For $1.19M
    Japanese Government to Honors Founder of Oxford Instruments

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  • Superconductor Week - 2210:

    UBC Researchers Control Number of Electrons on YBCO Surface
       Work Breaks with Conventional Techniques
       Thin Layers are Key to Approach
       Techniques Could Apply to Bulk HTS
    Cornell Led Researchers Verify Theory of Cuprate Superconductors
       Next Work to Focus on Practical Uses
    American Superconductor Receives $450 Million Components Order
       AMSC’s Manufacturing Power System Scale-up Not Capital Intensive
       Some Analysts Skeptical of Deal
       AMSC Confident in Terms of Contract
       AMSC Says Growth of Power Systems Business Will Not Harm HTS Business
    AMSC Licenses Wind Turbine Designs to TECO
       About TECO
    Yurek Exercises Stock Options
    Bruker President Buys 200,000 Shares of Stock
    LHC Passes Safety Assessment: Devastating Black Holes Not Likely
    India’s ONGC Starts Helium Plant
    BOC Building New $41.3M Helium Plant in Australia
    Praxair Raises Helium Prices 15-30%
    Ames Shows Reversibility in Type-I Superconductor Superfroth
    LBNL and Berkeley Researchers Develop New MRI Technique
    EAS Wins Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award
    Praxair Cryomag Services Wins Productivity Award
    U Texas Fires Most Powerful Laser
    NIST/NIH Uses Micromagnets as MRI Tags

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  • Superconductor Week - 2211:

    Sumitomo Electric Demonstrates Electric Car with High-Tc Superconducting Motor
       SEI Targets Large Vehicles within 10 Years
       Motor Constructed with 240m of BSCCO
       Motor Unrelated to SEI/IHI Shipboard Motor
       Open Refrigeration System Possible
    EHTS Receives $740,000 HTS Research Grant from German Government
       Pre-Commercial Facility Planned
       Pilot Electro-plating Capability Built
       Low Contacting Loss and High Current Carrying Capability Sought in Electro-plating
       Bruker Expects Energy Trends to Spur U.S. Superconductivity Funding
    ITER to Cost $1.9 to $2.5 Billion More and Be Delayed by Two Years
       Price Could Double Before Completion
    Eden Energy Receives Patent for SMES System for Cars
       Hythane SMES Devices Based on MgB2
       SMES Offers Potential Advantages Over Lithium Ion
    ORNL’s Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator Fusion Project Cancelled
    RIKEN Proposes Method to Improve Quantum Coherence
    U of Cambridge Researchers Identify Component of HTS
       Location and Size of Holes Revealed
    Jülich Research Center Receives 9.4T MRI/PET Magnet
       Magnet Weighs 57 Metric Tons
    STFC Rutherford Appleton Lab Heats Foil with Petawatt Laser
       Probing Heated Material Now Possible
       Laser Fusion Still Several Years in Future
    Varian Sales Up, Earnings Down in 3Q 2008
    Zenergy Receives Certification Relating to HTS Induction Heater
    Insert: Superconductivity Stock Index
    Insert: Superconductivity Patents

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  • Superconductor Week - 2212:

    Zenergy’s HTS Heater Begins Industrial Operation
       HTS Offers Operating Efficiency
    Navy Begins Field Testing of AMSC HTS Degaussing System
       HTS System May Lower Risk of Degaussing Cable System Designs
       Degaussing Cable System Weight Reduced 50%
    Rutgers-Led Team Develops Ultra Sensitive Superconducting THz Detector 
       Bolometer Could Be Used in Superconductor-Based Experiments
       Detector Based on Titanium Nano-Island
    Hypres Contracted for LTS Electronics and Antenna Projects
    CERN Announces Start-Up Date for LHC
       Synchronization Achieved
    STI Loss Widens in Second Quarter 2008 
    Cryostats Market to Reach $491M by 2010
    Stewart Prager to Lead PPPL
       Magnetic and Inertial Confinement Imperative
       Prager Brings Broad Experience to Job
    DOE Seeking Plasma Lab Manager
    Zenergy Power Makes Chandler Executive Director
       More Directors Anticipated 
    Fusion for Energy Seeking Experts
    PPPL Physicist Ronald Davidson to Receive Maxwell Prize

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  • Superconductor Week - 2213:

    MTC, Niigata U Test HTS Magnetic Levitation for Semiconductor Fab
        Initial Test Results Fall Short
    Kobe University Studies Magnetohydrodynamic Seawater Generator
        Output Increases with Field and Flow
        MHD Separation Device Tested Previously
    U of Edinburgh Synthesizes Two New Fe-As Superconductors
        Work on Smaller Rare Earths Planned
        High Pressure Yields High Jc Monoliths
        Iron Pnictides Most Important Discovery Since HTS
    Ankara University Develops MgB2 Cable Machine
        No Length Limitation on Wires
        Machine Cost $150,000; Not Yet Fully Tested
        Turkish Boron Underexploited
        Licensing Available for Wire Technology
    Kyushu Reduces AC Loss with Thinner YBCO Wires
    STI, LANL to Collaborate on HTS Transmission Lines
    GE Energy Signs Technology Transfer Agreement with ORNL
    MIT Researchers Say Pseudogap Not Precursor to Superconductivity
        Pseudogap May Be Charge-Density Wave
        Next to Study: YBCO
    JILA Physicists Demonstrate Technique to Study Ultracold Gases
        Superfluid Atoms Model SC Electrons
        Energy Gap Fundamental to Superconductivity Research
    DOE Posts Superconducting Topics for 2009 Small Business Grants
    Air Liquide Acquires Pure Helium
    Nakamura and Tsai Awarded 2008 Simon Memorial Prize 

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  • Superconductor Week - 2214:

    U.S. Government Supplies $62.5M for the DOE’s Office of Sciences
     Impact on SLAC Jobs Unclear
        ITER Funding Doubled, Still $125 Million Short
        ANL May Avoid Layoffs
        Spending Bill a Good Sign
    Oxford Instruments Achieves 22 Tesla in 4.2K Magnet
        Helium Consumption Decreased
        HTS Still in Testing
        Practical High-Field Magnets Possible
        BSCCO-2212 Coil Made by Wind and React
        Mechanical Strength Limits Maximum Field
        Tests to Include Cryogen-Free Insert Coils
        Magnet Design Balancing Act
        Purpose: $2.76M IMPDAHMA Project 
    MS-Engineering Delivers Magnetic Separator for Papermaking
       Superconducting System Cost-Effective
        System Improves Range of Quality Factors
        About MS-Engineering
    UCSB Physicists Use SC Qubit to Pump Photons
        Resonators May Rival Qubits
        Present Work of Primarily Academic Interest
        Resonator Could Help Quantum Computers
        Still Early Days of Quantum Control   
    RTRI Develops Prototype BSCCO Traction Transformer
       HTS Tapes at Design Specification Not Found
        Refrigeration Remains Major Hurdle
    American Superconductor Licenses Wind Turbines to Turkey
       Contribution of Superconductors to Revenues Continues to Decline
    Rice and Rutgers Propose Explanation for HTS Pnictides
        Experiments Proposed
    U of Texas Develops Technique to Detect Certain Brain Injuries
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  • Superconductor Week - 2215:

    Central Japan Railway Supports Superconducting Maglev Train Expansion
        Study of LTS Maglev System Underway
        LTS Coils Continue as Baseline Technology
        HTS Coils Tested in 2005
        YBCO Maglev Magnet Designs Being Studied
        Critics of Maglev Remain
    U.S. Navy Commissions Quick Disconnect HTS Cable Coupler
        TYRC Awarded $450,000 Phase II Contract
        Creare Developed Hubble Telescope Cryogenics
        Phase II Calls for Full Scale Prototype
        Phase III to Center on Technology Transfer to Military and Commercial Applications
        Need for Quick Disconnect Evident in Degaussing Cable Field Testing on Higgins
        Multiple HTS and LTS Applications Expected
    Large Hadron Collider Struck by Massive Helium Leak in Sector 34
        LHC Circulates First Beam
    Niowave Receives $1.2 Million in DOE Contracts
        Project Includes Superconducting RF Cavity R&D
    EAS Claims Record Current with Powder-In-Tube Superconductor
        Achievement Made with Technology from SMI Acquisition
    ITER Issues Call To Tender
        French Tax Credit System Reimburses 50% of R&D Costs
    Brookhaven Suggests Magnetic Interactions Limit HTS Tc
        As Binding Energy Increases, Mottness Increases Even More Rapidly
        Fe-As Materials Being Studied
    National Academies Endorse ITER
    GE Says Energy Efficient MRI Could Save $10,000 Per Year in Energy Costs

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  • Superconductor Week - 2216:

    SuperPower Makes 1.3km Length 153A 2G HTS Wire
        In-Field Wire Performance Improved
        Buffer Templates Routinely Produced in 1.3 to 1.5km
        Simplified Buffer Architecture Sought
        Reduced AC Current Loss Multifilamentary Wires Process Implemented
        Wire Prices Reduced as Quality Increased
        Albany HTS Cable Project Completed
        SuperPower Continues FCL Work
        SuperPower Receives FLC Awards
    AMSC Initiates Volume Production of 2G HTS Wire
        2G Wire Critical Currents Below 2008 Target
        Quality Control Process Improved
        2G Wire Deliveries Underway
        AMSC Delivers 17,000m to Ultera
        120A, 500m Wires Targets for FY2009, R&D on High Ic Wires to Resume
        Lower Wire Prices Expected
    Hypres Delivers Digital-RF Receivers to ONR
        2-Stage Cryogenic System Allows Integration of HTS Analog Filter
        Systems Support Ongoing Development
        Work Supported by $650,000 SBIR Contract
        Zenergy Power to Expand Rheinbach Facility by 50%
    Cambridge Grows High Jc HLPE YBCO Films
        Deposited Vapor Layer Diffuses, Grows Swiftly
        HLPE Has Advantages Over PLD and MOD
        Process Requires Phase Equilibrium, Even Liquid Coating
    LHC Re-Start Scheduled for 2009

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  • Superconductor Week - 2217:

    FZK Produces 2.63kA DC YBCO Roebel Cable  
        SuperPower Wire Exhibits 2x Improvement
        Cable Suited to Diverse Science and Industrial Applications
        Cable Suitable for Additional R&D Purposes
        FZK Technique Reduces Risk of Wire Delamination
    Oxford Instruments Sells MBE Business to RIBER
        Continued Business Planned in Superconductors and Cryogenics
        Financial Performance Affirmed
    CNRS Says EHTS 2G Wire Promising for Fault Current Limiters
        Copper Sensors Applied to 2m Length of EHTS YBCO
        Performance Improved at 77K
        Heat Dissipation Burns Conductor
        Ideal Temperatures Depend on FCL Location
        Wire or Design Improvement Possible
        Initial Phenomena Need Further Study
    IRL Wins Cooper Medal for Work on Low AC Loss HTS Roebel Cable
        YBCO Process Differs from BSCCO
        Conventional Cutting Better than Lasers
        AC Losses Reportedly Reduced
        IRL Says Roebel Cable Superior to Striated Wire for AC Loss Reduction
        Strand Quality Varies by Region
        IRL to Pursue Commercialization
        IRL to Supply Cable for Siemens Prototype Generator
        About the Cooper Medal
    Edinburgh Adapts Astronomy Algorithm for MRI
        Commercialization in 2 or 3 Years
    Washington U Details Superfluid-Superconductor Relationship
        Evidence of Type II States Found
        Finds Come as Surpise

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  • Superconductor Week - 2218:

    ITER Tests Prototype Poloidal Field Coil
        Temperatures up to 6K Possible
        Design Improvements Made
        Russia, Britain, Italy Fabricate 6 Ton Coil
        Test Completes 10 Years of Work; Procurement of Full Set of PF Coils Next
    Faulty Electrical Connection Caused LHC Leak
        Connection Resistance Tripped Power Supply
        Forces Break Anchors to Concrete Floor
        Number of Magnets Needing Repair Uncertain
        Initial Cause Unclear; Detailed Investigation Forthcoming
        Additional Security Measures to Be Implemented Immediately
        CERN Celebrates LHC Inauguration
    CESI RICERCA Conducts Short-Circuit Tests of FCL Prototypes
        Prototypes Constructed Using BSCCO Wire and MgB2 Wire
        1.2MVA Prototype Shows No Degradation
        FCLs Cooled with Closed System
        Increased Temperature Increase Enhances Limiting Capability
        200kVA 3-phase FCL Shows Fast Resistance
        Field Testing Affirms Positive Results
        27K MgB2 Shows Excellent Limitation Behavior
        Cost Trade-Off between Material and Cryogen
        Resistive-Type FCLs Preferred
        15MVA Prototype Planned
        Limited Experimental Results, Lack of Guidelines Are Barriers to Widespread Use
        About CESI RICERCA
    Robarts Buys $10 million 7T MRI

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  • Superconductor Week - 2219:

    Navigant Shows U.S. Need for HTS Fault Current Limiters and Cables
        Study Includes Analysis of Customer Needs
        FCL as Alternative to Adding New Lines Top Value for HTS Power Applications
        HTS Cables Second Greatest Value
        HTS Cable Niche Applications Include Substation Interconnect
        Utilities Voice Concerns on HTS
        About Navigant Consulting
    Furukawa YBCO Cable Demonstrates Low AC Loss
        Cable Surpasses Low AC Loss Target
        2G Cable Beats Conventional Copper
        Focus Advances to Practical Cable Models
        Thin Layers Key to Low AC Loss
        Reduced Impedance May Benefit FCLs
        30m Long 2G HTS Cable Planned
    Furukawa and Sumitomo Test 20M HTS Cable with Joint
        Overcurrent Tests Conducted
    SCI Engineered Materials Awarded Phase II Research Contract
    New SNS Instrument Probes Iron Arsenides
        Role of Lattice Vibrations Studied
        Evidence of Weak Phonon Coupling Found
        Study of Doped Superconductors Planned
        Broader Applicability of Fe-As
        Research Conducted on $15 Million ARCS
    MIT Develops Spectroscopy for Qubit Study
        Technical and Cost Challenges
        Applications Include Qubit Study

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2220:

    Nagoya Tests YBCO-Based Fault Current Limiting Transformer
        Transformer and FCL Performance Demonstrated
        2 Types of YBCO Used in Device
        Parallel Configuration Improves Current Rating
        Back to Back Layering Performs Best
        Wire Configuration Research Relevant to Other HTS Devices
        SFCLT Offers Advantages, Technical Challenges
    HiPER Preparatory Phase Begins in U.K.
    IRL Joint Venture to Supply HTS Roebel Cable to Siemens
        GCS Evaluating Sources for Strand Wire
        Defect Scanner Added to Production Process
        Manufacture of 2 Cable Geometries Sought
        $3 Million Investment Planned
        Joint Venture Seeks Early Adopters
        General Cable Superconductors Has License
        AC Loss Reduction of HTS Roebel Cable About One-Half That of 4mm HTS Wire
        About Industrial Research Limited
    Varian Revenues and Profits Increase in Q4 2008
        FY2009 earnings of $2.60 per share, ±$0.10.    
    AMSC Reports Q2 Financial Results
        $175M to $185M Revenues Forecast
    Superconductor Technologies Reports Improved Q3 Results
        STI Has Working Capital of $15.7 Million
    ITER Signs Cooperation Agreement with IAEA
    AMSC Licenses Wind Turbine Designs to XJ Group, Hyundai
        AMSC Licenses Wind Turbines to Hyundai
    MIT’s Joseph Minervini Receives ANS Award
        About the Technical Accomplishment Award 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2221:

    Fujikura Produces 176,023A-meter Wire
        Hot-Wall PLD Increases Ic
        New Mgo Template for GZO Buffer
        30m/h Production Rate Possible
        5km Wire Sold Last Year
    Hypres Demonstrates Four-Stage Pulse Tube Cryocooler
        Pulse Tube Feasibility Demonstrated
        He4 Used for 1st 2 Stages, He3 Used for Last 2
        DOD Wants Smaller, More Efficient Coolers
        Hitt: Cryocooler Industry Can Support Superconductor Commercialization
        Next Design Step Will Reduce Size
    LANL Develops Position Dependent Ic Anisotropy Measurement Apparatus
        Position-Dependent Investigations
        Method Determines Nature of Ic Variation
        Measurement Conditions More Realistic
        Position Dependent Anisotropy Characterization Demonstrated at 12m/h
        Integration with Industry Partners Continues
        Higher-Ic to Be Accommodated in 2009
    Brookhaven Produces Nanosized Superconducting Material
        Cause of 25% Tc Rise Previously Unknown
        Techniques Apply to YBCO and BSCCO
        Applications May Include Field-Effect Transistor
        Other Characteristics to be Studied

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2222:

    Toshiba and Fujikura Test 2G HTS Fault Current Limiter
        Nickel-Chromium Layer Protects Conductor
        FCL Work Funded by NEDO
    UKAEA Finds Magnetic Interactions Weaken Steel at High Temperatures
        Magnetic Dislocations Cause Atoms to Slide
        World Trade Center Towers Failure Provides Clues
        Temperature Resistant Alloys Possible
    ORNL Improves Dielectric Materials for HTS Devices
        Dielectrics for HTS Difficult to Find
        Nanocomposites Improve Dielectric Strength
        FCL Conditions Simulated
        Voltage Withstand Increase Not Linear
    2009 Emphasis: Improving Particle Dispersion
        Further Work with Industrial Partners
    2008 Poor Year for Superconductivity Stock Index
        Stocks in Decline Since July
        SSI Rose 94% over 2005 - 2007
    Reportlinker Forecasts High Growth for Superconductors
    Matheson Tri-Gas Starts Helium Transfilling Operations
        About Matheson Tri-Gas
    Nottingham’s Peter Mansfield Honored in National Portrait Gallery
    Toshiba Secures MRI Broadlane Live Group Buy Agreement

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2223:

    Zenergy Receives €115,000 Grant to Study HTS Induction Heater
        Weseralu Reports 25% Increase in Productivity
        Weseralu Reports 50% Energy Reduction
    Bruker Sells 10 NMR Systems to Saudi University
    LHC to Restart in 2009
    Zenergy Partners with Honeywell to Develop HTS Chemical Precursors
        Partnership Suggests Interest in HTS Broadening
    Bruker’s Q3 Profit Declines on Increased Revenue
        Laukien Attributes Decreased Margins to Acquisition of Bruker Biospin
    Oxford Instruments Releases Half-Year Results
        Superconducting Wires Revenues Grow
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Redesigns Cryogenic Probe Stations
    Coherent Improves Excimer Laser
        Multiple Factors Drive Deposition Quality
    Bristol, St. Andrews, Toulouse Team Measures Quantum Oscillations
        Purity of Superconductor Crystals Key
        Continued Funding of Research Expected
    Uppsala and CNRS Identify Structure for Silane
        Research Enhances Carnegie Discovery
    Siemens, Magnex Make 9.4T MRI
    U of Queensland Awards $75,000 For Electron Interaction Study
    NEMA Publishes MRI Standards
    Texas Southern University Investigates Plagiarism Case
    Zenergy Changes Directorate

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2224:

    Qdrive Designs Acoustic Stirling Cryocoolers for HTS Applications
        Reliability Goals Met
        Prototype to Be Tested at SuperPower
        1000W Model in Procurement
        Capacity Limited by Pressure-Wave Generator
        3-Coldhead Variant Developed for Military
        Acoustic Stirling Improves on G-M
        Technical Challenges Overcome
    Bruker HTS Developing New ABAD, HRPLD Machines
        HRPLD Aims for 70m/h
        Reel-to-Reel, Helical Approaches Combined
        Goal: 2000m Conductors
        New System to Build on Past Successes
    Edison RTR YBCO Deposition Process in Standby
        0.4m/h Tape Speed, 130A/cm-width Ic
        Supersonic Nozzle Improves Oxidation
        Lattice Mismatch Leads to Cracks
    AMSC, ANL, ORNL Improve YBCO Thick-Film Growth
        Low Moisture Creates Islands
        Results Suggest Improvements in MOD Film
        Next Step: Studying MOD Films
    ITER Procures Vacuum Vessel
        Villigen Shows Superconductivity Can Induce Magnetism
        Electron Pairs Show Finite Momentum

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2301:

    Caltech Creates HTS Nanowires
       Wide Temperature Range for SQUIDs Possible
        Potential Current-Limiting Function
        Next Step: Raising Critical Current
    Tai-Yang Research Company Awarded $670,000 for NASA HTS Devices
        Current Leads Used for Sensor Cooling
        Project to Improve on Existing HTS Leads
        About Tai-Yang Research Company
    U.S. DOE Awards New Contract for Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
    $725,000 Oregon State Study to Include SMES Windpower Storage
        Study to Include New Test Center
        Oregon Targets 25% Renewable Energy
    New Zealand Airport Display Showcases HTS
    Radiologists Say MEG Diagnosis for Autism “Promising”
        Diagnostic MEG Use Could Boost Demand
        More Data Needed
    Varian Cuts 320 Jobs, Reports First Quarter Sales
        Varian Expects $205 Million in Sales
        Rogerson Named Chairman
    Russia to Share Superconductor Technology with Brazil
    UKAEA Closes Supplier Agreement for Fusion Reactors
        UKAEA Work Could Evolve to Include Superconductivity
        About AMEC, Assystem UK, Frazer-Nash and BNS Nuclear Services
    EU Commission Gives ITER Access to Supercomputing
    ORNL Develops High-Performance Steel for Possible Use in ITER
    AMSC Announces D-VAR Order for Long Island Power Grid
    Messer to Supply Siemens with Helium for MRIs
    BNL’s Ben-Zvi Named IEEE Fellow

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2302:

    U.S. Stimulus Bill Directs Billions toward Science Programs
        $11 Billion for Smart Grid
        Fusion R&D Among Energy Projects
        NIST to Receive $360 Million
        Timeline Set, Allocations Uncertain
        DOE to Expedite Funding
        Rolling DOE Application Process
    Zenergy Delivers HTS Fault Current Limiter
        13.8kV, BSCCO-Based FCL
        FCL Adaptable to 2G HTS Wire
        Zenergy Encouraged by DOE Spending
        Fitzgerald: Collaboration Key
    Oxford Instruments to Close Sites, Cut Jobs

        Jock Lennox Appointed Non-Executive Director
    Jefferson Lab Begins Awarding Contracts for $310M Upgrade
        RF Contracts in Next Two Years
        Future Contracts Include LTS Magnets
    MISL Plans MEG Manufacturing
    New Safeguards to Delay LHC Restart Until September 2009
        Enhanced Safeguards Developed
    University of York Develops More Sensitive MRI, Licensed to Bruker
    AMSC Reports Widened Q3 Loss
        AMSC Says Growth Markets Still Strong

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2303:

    AMSC HTS Propulsion Motor Tested At Full Power
        AMSC Envisions Additional Marine Applications
        Alstom AC Induction Motor is Navy's Baseline
        AMSC, Northrup Grumman Continue Partnership
        HTS Motor a Template For Future Projects
    DOE Awards nGimat $750,000 to Develop Insulation for Nb3Sn Wire
        Multiple Performance Characteristics for Wind and React Insulation
        Manufacturability Also Important
        Coating Includes Nano-Ceramic Particles
        Nb3Sn Wire Source Not Decided
        Insulation Might Work with Other Wires
        nGimat Sees Broad Market Potential
        nGimat Believes Improved Insulation Key to Expansion of Nb3Sn Market
        About nGimat
    AMSC and DOE to Collaborate on 10MW Superconductor Wind Turbines
        Elimination of Gearbox Major Advantage
        AMSC Partership with TECO-Westinghouse Continues
        Power Rating of Generators Limited
    Southwire HTS Cable Operation Marks Anniversary
        Praxair Cryocoolers Demonstrated
        Southwire Touts Strengths of Triax Design
    MITA Opposes Obama on Use of Radiology Budget Managers

    Stony Brook U Makes New Boron Compound Under Pressure
        Insights to MgB2 Limited
        Applications for Boron Boride Possible
    VTT Technical Center Inaugurates ITER Divertor Test Platform
        $9 Million Project Lasted 4 Years
    FZK Julich Buys Bull Supercomputer for ITER

    Insert: Superconductivity Patents

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2304:

    Nexans Supplies Fault Current Limiter to Applied Superconductor Limited
        AC Losses Substantial Challenge
        Proven Operation Key to Technology Adoption
        Nexans Emphasizes Strategic Shift From Materials to Component Manufacture
        BSCCO Advances Aid Return to Resistive Model
        Previous FCL Demonstration at Netphen Led to Improved Cryocooler Integration
    Fermilab, Indian Institutions Sign MOU on Accelerator Development
        Several Accelerators Planned
        Improving Yield, Lowering Cost of RF Cavities
        Fermilab Engages International Partners
    RWE Commissions Zenergy for Hydro Power Contract
    Zenergy and Sandia Commit $1M to Extend HTS Wire Research
    Bruker Announces Lower Q4 Profits
        Margins Below Internal Goals
    Uppsala University Explains Transition to Hidden Order Phase
        Hidden Order May Suggest New Materials
        Further Research Planned
    U Fribourg, Queen Mary U Say Magnetism Behind HTS
    Eric Isaacs Named Director of Argonne National Laboratory
    ORNL Installs 1.64 Petaflop Cray XT Supercomputer
    MRI-Safe Pacemaker Sold in Hong Kong
    3DCS Tolerance Analysis Employed in ITER Assembly
    Haiyan Wang Receives PECASE
    Oxford Instruments Wins Best Technology Award

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2305:

    STI receives $4.1 million DARPA SURF Phase II
    BASC Acquires ACCEL Research Instruments from Varian

        ARI to be Divided into Two Subsidiaries
        ARI Businesses to be Split
        Business Expected to Generate $25 Million Per Year
    D-Wave Systems Testing 128Qubit Quantum Computing Chip
        Doubts Over Entanglement Persisit
        Quantum Computers Have Broad Potential
        System Coherency Biggest Challenge
        Pulse Tube Provides Refrigeration
    Sensitivity to Noise a Development Hurdle

        Scaling More Difficult than Anticipated
        Further External Investment May Be Needed
    Shanghai Electric Cable and AMSC Extend Strategic Alliance  
        SECRI Orders HTS Wire
        Chinese Market Presents Challenges
        About SECRI
    STI Announces Losses For Q4 2008
        Quiram Sees Growth Possibilities
    U of Barcelona Sees Similarities Between Cuprates, Oxypnictides
        Hybrid Functionals Account for Deficiencies in LDA, GGA
    U of Liverpool, U of Durham Develop Compound to Study HTS
        Results Link C60, Copper-Oxide HTS
    Robert W. Conn Named President of The Kavli Foundation
    Europe Awards CE Mark for Varian’s Proton Therapy System

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2306:

    Ad Astra Secures LTS Magnet for VASIMR Rocket Engine
        Milestone Marked
        Plasma Propellant More Efficient Than Chemical Fuel
        Chang-Diaz: Rocket Suitable for Mars Mission
        Project Suggests New Uses for Plasma Devices
        Superconducting Magnet Technology Key to Project Success
        Cryogen-free Cooling Ideal for Rockets
        HTS Could Benefit Magnet Systems
        AARC Funding Secure Through 2010
    Project Hydra, NYC HTS Cable Project, Undergoes Public Test
        HTS Cable Demonstrates Fault Current Limiting Capability
        Southwire, AMSC to Continue Collaboration on Cable Production
    DOE Report Highlights Need for HTS Devices in U.S. Power Grid
        Superconducting Cables Could Dramatically Increase Grid Reliability
        HTS Compound Complexity a Major Bottleneck, Increased Basic Research Needed
        New EFRC Funding for HTS Possible
    Canadian Royalties Inc. Employs SQUIDs at Nunavik Nickel Project
        Discovery Made Despite Decline in Metal Prices
    Luvata Signs Copper Strand Contract for ITER TF Coils
        Strand Made With Cu-OFE
    TIT Researchers Say Water Vapor Can Induce Superconductivity
        Water Vapor Treatment Novel Process
        Sr a Key Factor
        Better Process Needed
    San Diego Navy Lab Report Claims Evidence for Cold Fusion
        Navy: No Doubt Nuclear Reaction Occurred
        Other Evidence Includes X-Rays, Tritium, Heat
        More LENR Research Needed

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2307:

    U.S. ITER to Receive Additional $124 Million for FY2009
        Cooperation Key to Achieving Results
        U.S. Contributions Assured
    Zenergy to Demonstrate $420,000 FCL in Con Edison's New York Grid
        Superconducting FCL Design to Compete With Solid State Design
        Demonstration of Device Reliability Chief Focus of Project
        FCLs Facing Certification Process
        Con Edison's Approach to FCL Procurement: Multiple Vendors
        FCL Scaling Key to Implementation in Grid
    Bruker HTS and Nexans Complete $7 Million HTS Cable Demonstration
        Bruker's 2G HTS Demonstrated
        New Assembly Methods Developed
        Further Nexans, Bruker Cooperation Possible
    Magnifye Claims New Method for Magnetizing Bulk Superconductors
        Method Allows for Smaller, Stronger Magnets
        Magnifye Anticipates Drop in ReBCO Price
        Coombs: HTS Bulk Magnets Offer Advantages Over HTS Coil Magnets
        Magnifye Completes $63,000 Market Analysis of New HTS Magnet
        Analysis Results in Several Orders
        About Magnifye
    Fermilab to Receive $34.9 Million in Recovery Act Funding
        NOvA Neutrino Experiment to Receive Funding for Upgrades
    STI Reports Net Loss for Q1 2009
        Quiram Sees Signs of Market Stabilization
    Bruker CEO Buys $10.7 Million of Bruker Stock
    Wyoming Passes Helium Tax
    Partnership for Public Service Announces Finalists

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2308:

    AMSC Receives HTS Wire Order From LS Cable Ltd.
        AMSC and LS Cable See Large Market
        Size, Nature of Order Significant Step Forward for Industry
        AMSC 'Well-Positioned' in Asian Market
        About KEPCO and LS Cable
    DOE Announces Recipients of Energy Frontier Research Centers
        Center for Emergent Superconductivity at BNL
        Efree to Investigate HTS
        EFRCs to Concentrate Leading Scientists
    DOE Announces Allocation of $1.2 Billion in Funding for Science
        Several Superconducting Facilities Funded
    Austrian Officials Decide Against Withdrawal from CERN
        Hahn: CERN Ties Up Science Funding
    Varian's Sale of ACCEL Allows Focus on Proton Therapy
        Divestiture Planned at Time of Purchase
        Market Potential for 50 to 100 Facilities
        Current System Shows Improvements in Weight, Cost and Effectiveness
        Manufacturing Improvements Key to Cost Reductions
    Varian Reports Increased Year-on-Year Revenue for Q2 FY2009
        Guertin: Cautious Outlook
    USTC Researchers See Phonon Activity in Pnictides
    Kavli Institute Claims Scalable Quantum Computing Possible

        Research Suggests Different, More Effective Types of Quantum Couplings

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2309:

     STI's SuperLink to be Tested in the LTE Remote Radio Head Platform
    Portion of 700MHz Range Auctioned in 2008
        Interference Challenges at 700MHz
        SuperLink Based on YBCO Superconductors
    Hypres Inc. Demonstrates Superconducting RF Receiver
    Semiconductor-Superconductor System Integration Demonstrated
        Hypres Seeking Non-Military Applications
        About Digital-RF Technology and Link-16
    AMSC Announces First Quarterly Profits
    Revenues Slide for Superconducting Businesses
        Workforce, Revenues Grow
    Zenergy Announces Results for 2008
    Revenues Rooted in Germany
        Faster-Than-Anticipated FCL Sales Projected
    Zenergy Announces Institutional Placing to Raise £9.5 Million
    Anticipated U.S. Market Inspires Growth Plans
        First Placing Since 2007
    Oxford Instruments Announces Growth Despite Ongoing Job Cuts
      Layoffs Reduce Operating Costs by $18 Million
        2009 Revenues to Remain Flat
        Superconducting Wire Revenues Increase
    Chinese Academy Opens $176 Million Synchrotron Radiation Facility
      Project to Have Seven Initial Beamlines
    Princeton-led Team Claims to Record Quantum Spin
    Individual Electron Spin Measured
    NRL Researchers Theorize Unique Mechanism in FeAs
    Experimental Evidence Supports Theory
        Theory Builds on Previous Cuprate, MgB2 Work
        Theory Posits that Fe-ions are Always Magnetic
    Scientific Magnetics Clarification

    • $24.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2310:

    CES Awarded $23 Million for Superconductor Research
    Discussions of Research Scope Ongoing
        Center Aims to Enable Creation of a Superconducting Grid
        Collaboration Key to CES
        Efree to also Conduct Research into Superconductivity
    Niowave Announces Acquisition of AMAC International
    AMAC’s High-Power Coupler Technology Motivates Acquisition
    Kiswire Begins Production of Superconducting Wire for ITER
    IT Diffusion Method Used to Make Strand
        Unique Design of KAT’s Nb3Sn Strand
        KAT has Experience Supplying Superconducting Strand to ITER and Others
        About KAT, Kiswire
    FSZ Dresden-Rossendorf Uses Germanium as Superconductor
    Doping Technique Compatible with Chip Fabrication Processes
        Quantum Computing Experiments Possible
        Investigation to Seek Higher-Tc Compounds
    BNL Researcher Patents New Particle Delivery System
        Design Uses Fixed-field LTS Magnets
        More Targeted Energy Delivery Possible
        Particle Therapy Facilities Expensive
        Lighter Weight Will Lead to Cost Reductions
        Preliminary Magnet Design Made at BNL
    Orasi Medical Raises $3.5 Million in Private Investment
    AMSC Contracted for Over $10M in Non-Superconductor Technology
       AMSC Licenses Wind Turbine to Inox Wind

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2311:

    LS Cable to Install 50MW/22.9kV 2G HTS Cable in Korean Power Grid
        Cable Testing to be Completed in Early 2010
        HTS Cables to Cut Construction Costs Five to Fifteen Times Over
        LS Cable Designing 1,000MVA HTS Cable
        Korean HTS Cable Market Taking Shape
        LS Cable Talks of “Significant” Future HTS Wire Purchases
        Cable to be used in Live-Grid Conditions
        KEPRI Testing, Operating SEI’s HTS Cable
    Bruker Biospin Makes 23.5T, 1GHz NMR Spectrometer System
        Avance First to Use CyroProbe Technology
        Company Launches Two New UHF Actively Shielded NMR Magnets
        Magnets Use a Mix of Wire Technologies
        EDS Technology Improves System Performance
    STI HTS Power Play, Sends Proposals to DOE with GE Global Research
        STI Seeks to Turn Cryocooler Technology to Wind Turbine Applications
        STI Aims to Produce HTS Tape at Market Viable Cost
        LANL Supporting STI Development of RCE
        ARPA-E Plans Awards Totaling Up to $150 Million
    Niowave Receives Contract from MSU’s NSCL
        Ten Sub-Assemblies to be Delivered by October
        New Cavities One Part of Overall Upgrades
        Niowave Involved in a Number of Projects
    Ludwig-Maximilians U Explores LTS in Optomechanics
        Superconducting Materials Used
        Superconducting Microwave Resonators Especially Promising
        Several Potential Applications for Field
        Research Ongoing at Multiple Facilities
    Oxford Instruments in Sustainable Companies Index

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2312:

     Yale University Researchers Create Electronic Quantum Processor
        Device has Look of Standard Micro-Processors
        Two Qubits Synthesized
        Understanding of Purcell Effect Key to Extending Qubit Duration
        Past Advances Reason for Optimism
    MEG Could Be Used to Avoid Pre-Surgery in Detection of Epilepsy
        Many Medical Centers Interested in MEG
        MEG Provides More Accurate Data than EEG
        Some Insurance Agencies Open to MEG Reimbursement
    UT Austin Researchers Synthesize .57nm Superconductive Film
        Other Thin Film Superconductors Reported
        Variety of Electronics Applications Possible
        Work May Bring New Research Opportunities
        Superconductive Traits Unaffected by Electron Restriction
        Advanced Synthesis Technique Employed
    FZD Uses Germanium as a Superconductor
        Doping Technique Compatible with Chip Fabrication Processes
        Quantum Computing Applications Possible
        Future Investigation to Seek Higher-Tc Compounds
    U of Illinois Detects Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in Nanowires
        MQT May Help Extend Qubit Decoherence Times
        Future Experiments to Search for Macroscopic Quantum Coherence
    STI Stock Up 381.6% Between April and June
    U of Warsaw Sees Potential Discovery of Fluoride-based HTS

        Fluoroargents, Oxocuprates Possess Similarities
        Next: Oxidation-Resistant Anions
    OSU Makes MRI-Safe Treadmill
    Navy's Etter Award Goes to ONR HTS Degaussing Scientist 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2313:

    ITER Announces Construction Schedule
        No Energy Gain Until 2026
        Fusion Proponents Stress Importance of Sticking to a Timeline
        European Commission Supports Timetable
        U.S. ITER Seeking Procurement Contract for HTS TF Coil Wire
        Additional Contracts Remain
    AIST Develops New Large Capacity HTS FCL Module
        FCLs Intended for Distributed Power Generation Networks
        Shunt Layer Allows for Higher Voltages with Less Superconductor
        Tests Confirm Current of 237A/500V at Zero Resistance
        Modules Can be Linked to Form 3-Phase FCL
        Thin Film Formed Using MOD Process
        Device Uses Atypical Shunt Layer
        Hot-Spot Phenomenon can Damage FCL
        Capacitor Further Enables Shunt Layer
    European Consortium Continues Development of HTS Slim Former
        Manufacturing and Testing of Subcomponents Underway
        Device has Characteristics of Inductive FCL
        Slim Former Designed to Accomodate Various HTS Strands
        Pre-Prototype tested in Budapest
    STI Announces $11.26 Million Direct Offering
    Carnegie Institution Probes Colossal Magnetoresistance Effect

        Magnetism Drops Manganite's Resistivity
        CMR Used in MRAM Tunneling Junctions
    ESA's GOCE Lanunces with Gravity Gradiometer On Board
    LHC Opening Delayed, Operating Schedule Extended

        LHC to Remain Open Year-Round
    UC Riverside's Chun Ning Lau Awarded PECASE  

    • $24.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2314:

     DOE Includes FRIB Funding in Congressional Budget Review
        Funds to Support First Phase of Project
        Superconducting Components to be Used in Several Capacities
        Research to Advance Critical Applications
        FRIB to be Complimentary to NSCL
    RI Research Instruments Awarded Contract for CEBAF Accelerator Cavities
        Contract Among Number of RI Projects
        Cavities Made with Niobium Sheets
        12GeV CEBAF Upgrade to Broaden Research
        Upgrades Constructed on Framework of Existing Accelerator
        Upgrades to Be Completed in 2015
        Magnets to Be Strengthened By a Factor of Two
    Chinese Academy of Sciences ITER Conductor Cleared for ITER Delivery
        SULTAN Tests Critical Qualification
        Tcs Among Highest for TF Samples
        TF Strand Valued at $36 Million
        EAST Boosts Development of Superconducting Technologies
    Bruker Receives $2 Million Order for 263GHz EPR Spectrometer
        System Aids Solar Cell Development
    UC Merced Theorizes Gravitational Wave Measure Using LTS Films
        Ability Could Enable Gravitational-Wave Communication, Astronomy
        Type I Superconductors Predicted to Exhibit Reflectivity
    Lawrence Livermore Opens National Ignition Facility
        NIF to Advance Research into Fusion Energy
    Sunpower Appoints New CEO
    William Parker Honored by UCI
    St. Pölten & Sheffield U Study Lower Cost Electric Vehicles

    • $24.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2315:

     DoD Awards $260 Under MURI
        AFOSR Making Major Commitment to New Superconductors
        Stanford Leads HTS Synthesis Initiative
        UCSD Awarded $7 Million
        UM College Park to Partner With UCSD, ISU
        About MURI
    MFC Expands MEG Holdings with Acquisition of 4-D Neuroimaging
        Move Follows Acquisition of VSM Medtech
        MFC Aims for MEG Servicing Monopoly?
        MFC Motivated by 'Sound Business Principles'
        Baird: Days of Giving Away MEG Over
        Doubts Persist On MEG Potential
        MEG May Find Several Clinical Niches
        4-D's MEG Units Utilized CIV Technology
        MISL to Integrate 4-D Software Tools
        MEG Sale Need Killer Application
        MISL Turns Profit
        MFC Involved in Legal Action Against Elekta
    CardioMag President Steps Down to Head LogicalNet

        Lack of Insurance Reimbursement Limits Investment
        MCG Seen as Improvement on ECG
        MCG Systems Used in Clinical Trials
    Matheson & Jiyang Reach Helium Supply Agreement
        Matheson to Access Wyoming Helium
    Oxford Instruments Delivers 12T Cryogen-Free Magnet
        Base Temperature of 8mK in Zero Field
    William Brinkman Confirmed as Director of DOE Office of Science
    UC Riverside's Chun Ning Lau Awarded PECASE

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2316:

    Raytheon Awarded Contract for ONR's Free Electron Laser Program
        Superconducting ADS Under Development
    Silicon Power's SSFCL Competes for Installation in NYC Grid
        New Technologies May Give System New Capabilities
        About Silicon Power
    DOE Awards $8.2 Million to Rochester Center for Fusion
        Center to Use University's Omega EP Beams
    Rolls Royce Patents Superconducting FCL
    Leiden U Uses String Theory to Describe HTS Transition State

        Zaanen: Man Who Explains HTS Will Receive Eternal Glory
        Gravity, Quantum Field Theories Opposite Sides of the Same Coin
    Berkeley Lab Finds Mechanisms in Cuprates & Pnictides Differ
    Princeton-led Team Measures Chalcogenide Photoemission
    NIH Launches the Human Connectome Project

        HCP Combines Brain Imaging Technologies
        Unique Research Data to be Shared
    ITER Awards KAERI Three Development Contracts
    ITER Continues Development of Cooling Water System
    GE Healthcare, Varian Announce 7T Pre-Clinical MRI System

        Varian Supplies Superconducting Magnet
        Pre-Clinical System Intended for Research
    Brookhaven Develops New MRI for Screening Breast Cancer
    Cavendish Lab Develops Non-Superconducting Quantum Cryptography Device

        Device Reportedly Faster, Cheaper
    Onnes Prizes for Superconductivity Announced

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2317:

    OST Receives $49 Million ITER Contract
        Announcement Comes after 2009 Layoffs
        Financial Benefits to Come Over 3 Years
    Superconductivity Innovations Teams With SUNY on Turbines Project
        SI Provides R&D Services
        Review Process to Integrate Superconductors into Industrial Environments
    Washington U in St. Louis Discovers Superconductivity in Europium
        Europium an Unusual Superconductor
        Diamond Anvil Generates High Pressure
        Discovery Should Help Understanding of Superconducting Transition
    NIH Awards UNM $400,000 for MEG Research
        Program Employs MEG in Novel Manner
    IGCAR Developing Several SQUID-based Systems
        IGCAR Magnetometer Has Novel Features
        IGCAR's SQUID-based Set-up for Non-Destructive Evaluation
        IGCAR Developing MCG/MEG System
    LANL Identifies Differences Between Chalcogenides, Pnictides
        Differences in Iron Compounds Could Mean No Single Cause for HTS
        Explanations, Questions Posited
    Film Posits Lunar Future for Fusion Energy Generation 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2318:

    DOE Funds Three Superconductor Smart Grid Projects
        Funding on Previous FCL Project Extended
        New FCL Different From ConEd Device
        Concept Validation Purpose of Previous Project
        AMSC Receives $4.8 Million for FCL Based 2G HTS Wire
        AMSC to Supply Wire
        Additional Funding Ensures Continuation of LIPA Cable Project
        DOE Issues First Biannual Smart Grid Status Report
    SuperPower Relocates R&D Division to University of Houston
        Move Segments R&D and Manufacturing
        ARH Aims for Cluster of Texas HTS Industries
        Jacobson: SuperPower Logical Choice for TcSUH
    DARPA Funds Low Power Micro Cryogenic Coolers Program
        MCCs May Be Commercially Available in 2012
        Program Employs MEMS-enabled Technologies
        Micro-Scale Coolers Already Demonstrated
    MFC Takeover of 4-D Leaves Elekta, Yokogawa Last Operative MEG Manufacturers
        Elekta Forecasts Increasing MEG Sophistication at Same Price
        Elekta's 306-channel MEG
        Elekta Forecasts 2010 Sales
        Yokogawa Electric Sees Opportunity for MEG Industry
        Yokogawa MEGvision
        MEGvision Approved for Healthcare Coverage in Japan
    STI Announces Q2 Results Amid Criticism of Direct Offering
    Tom Mann, Engineer on SC Coils, Leaves ORNL for MSU's FRIB

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2319:

    DOE Allocates $327 Million in ARRA Science Funding
        Fusion Research also Funded Under Allotment
    SuperPower Reports Improved In-Field 2G Wires
        Substrate Planarization, Electrodeposition Advances Reported
        Improved Electrodeposition Reduces Silver Usage
        Move to TcSUH Supported Advances
    Fusion Legislation Introduced to U.S. House of Representatives
        Moving From Fundamental to Applicable Fusion Research
    Zenergy Announces Successful FCL Test
        Compact SFCL Design Reduces Size, Weight
        AEP to Install Zenergy's FCL in Ohio Grid in 2010
        28kV Seattle SFCL Installation Cancelled
    LHC to Initially Run at 3.5TeV
        Announcement Follows Review of SC Electrical Connections
        Program Envisions Reaching 7TeV per Beam
    Varian Reports Increased Q3 Profits Amidst Shareholder Investigation
        Numerous Investigations Underway into Takeover Attempt
    Mag Lab, TUW Claim Irradiation Causes Property Alterations in Pnictide Superconductors
        Technique Represents Powerful Investigative Tool
    General Fusion Raises $13.5M for Fusion Reactor Development
        Project Still in Early Stages, Significant Future Funding Required

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2320:

    Mag Lab and SuperPower Demonstrate 10.4 T, All-HTS Magnet
                Cumulative Magnet Field Highest in 11 Years of HTS Testing
                Record Follows Earlier Tests at Mag Lab
                Mag Lab Involved in Several SC Magnet Projects
    Europe Proposes FAST, Satellite Reactor to ITER Facility
                FAST to Complement Superconducting Facilities
                FAST to be D-D, Scaled Down Version of ITER
    KSTAR Tokamak Records Operational Milestones
                Facility Awaiting Upgrades
                KSTAR a Pilot Project for ITER
                KSTAR Uses Nb3Sn and NbTi Magnet Coils
                Korea Plans Commercial Fusion for 2040s
    Louisiana State University Receives $1.26 Million to Upgrade CAMD
                New MPW to Use NbTi
                Upgrades will Update 17-Year Old Facility
                Beamline Upgrades Planned
                CAMD Upgrades to Complement LSU's EFRC
    DARPA Funds Miniature MRUMS, SQUID Alternative
    AMSC Announces Sales of Wind Technologies and New Subsidiary

                AMSC Announces Formation of AMSC India
                AMSC Signs Wind Turbine Deal with Hyundai Heavy Industries
    Concerns Over China Rare Earth Stockpiling Derail Lynas Takeover
                Quotas Strengthened

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2321:

    Zenergy Receives $595,000 Grant for 2G Wire, HTS Generator
        Project Project of Wider Industry Collaboration
        2G Wire to be Used in Direct Drive Generators
        Zenergy, Converteam to Install HTS Generator in 2010
    SuperPower Continues Development of Superconducting FCL Modules
        SuperPower Scales Back SFCL Development
        SFCL Program Looks to Improve Scalability
        New Modules Tested in Conjunction with FSU-CAPS
    Zenergy Receives $700,000 Australian FCL Grant
        Funding to Develop FCK Design in Limited-Space Environments
    Niowave Wins $400,000 in DOE Accelerator Contracts
        SBIR Contract for Development of SC Cavity Manufacturing Techniques
        Niowave to Replace RHIC's Copper Cavities with SC Variants
        Two Cavity Designs Under Development
        Contracts Follow AMAC Acquisition
    NSF's Early Career Development Awards Fund Superconductivity
    UBC Researchers Find Flaws in Theoretical HTS Models

        Hubbard Model Not Confirmed by Empirical Studies
    DOE Funds LANL Superconductor Vortex Research
        Research May Ultimately Raise Jc's to Fundamental Limit
        Research to Include Broad Spectrum of Superconductors
    LLNL Mercury Fusion Device Nears Breakeven
        Laser Fusion Based on Non-Superconducting Technology

    • $24.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2322:

    AMSC Introduces Cryoblock2, New HTS Wire Product
        New Produce Enables High Temperature Gradient to Be Maintainted
        HTS Current Leads Deliver Current with Minimal Heat Leakage
        2G Wire Architecture Enables Advances
    OXI Awarded $8.3 Million ITER Contract
        OST to Make First Delivery of Toroidal Field Coil Wire in April 2010
    BEST Enters Into Collaboration With UH on 2G Wire Characterization
        SuperPower's Selvamanickam to Serve as Principal Investigator
        SuperPower's Relationship with BEST Limited
        BEST Extends Consultation Agreement
        TcSUH to Help BEST Scale Up 2G Wire Manufacturing
        100 m Current Maximum for BEST's 4 mm YBCO Tape
    DOE Awards UCSD $7 Million for Fusion Research
        Researchers to Study PSI in Magnetic Confinement Fusion
        Progress Understanding Plasma Stalled
        Study Hopes to Increase Fusion's Efficiency, Lower Costs
    Bruker Announces Secondary Offering
    Zenergy Shares Surge Following Australian FCL Funding
    Zenergy's Year-On-Year Profits Drop in 2009 Report

        Muller: Drop Reflects Inhomogenous Revenues
    Motley Fools Downgrades AMSC Stock Rating
    TGL, GMM Partner at Kanyika Niobium Project

        Brazil Dominates Production
    BNL Detects Spectroscopic Traces of HTS Above Known Tcs
        Findings to Support Work of CES
        Pr-Superconducting State Seen in BSCCO at 55 K    
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2323:

    Zenergy Reports Sale of Superconducting Induction Heaters
        Induction Heater Improves Efficiency
        HTS Magnet Allows Homogenous Billet Heating
        Installation Expands Plant's Aluminum Processing Versatility
    N. Illinois U Awarded $486,000 for Nanoscale Superconductivity
        First Phase Leads to New Fabrication Approach
        Researchers to have Access to Equipment at ANL's CNM
        Group Also Conducting Research into Mesoscopic Crystals
    ITER Reports Succcessful Testing of SC Non-Planar Coils
        Superconductor Performs Better Than Expected in Tests
    PPPL Receives $13.8 Million in ARRA Funding
        NSTX Research Investigates Electron Heat Loss
        ARRA Funding to Enhance NSTX Output     
        Allocation On Top of Ongoing DOE Funding
    Quantum Design Announces New PPMS
        Cryogen-Free Cooling System May Have Further Applications
        DynaCool to Operate Over BRoad Temperature Range
        QDE Owns Majority Stake in LOT
    St. Louis U Receives $5.3 M for Brain Study Using MRI, MEG
    Researchers Claim Smaller Role for FS Nesting in Pnictides
        Study Suggests Multiple Sources Lead to Superconductivity
    AMSC Reports $100 Million in Non-SC Wind Deals
    Oxford Instruments Named Business Superbrand 2010
    Zenergy Recognized with German Environmental Award
    AMSC Promotes DiCecco to VP of Corporate Administration

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2324:

    KEPCO Funds Superconductivity in $2.4 B Clean Energy Allocation
        KEPCO to Install 22.9 kV Cable System
    AMSC Reports Advances in Korean Market
        LS Cable, AMSC to Install 10 km of HTS Cable
        LS Cable, KERI Developing 154 kV SC Cable
        AMSC Forms AMSC Korea
        Announcements COme Atop Government's Renewable Energy Plan
    EU Proposes $75 Billion in Funding for Clean Energy Tech
        SET-Plan Part of Broader De-Carbonization Initiative
        Wind Initiative COuld Direct Funds Towards Superconductivity
        Power Grid, Smart City Funding Could DIrect Money to SC Cables, FCLs
        Report Highlights Europe's Need for EFRC-Equivalents
        EERA to Cooperate with KICs
        SET-Plan Allocates Funding to Solar, Bio-energy, Carbon Capture
    Oxford, Yale, Aarhus Theorize 100 Qubit Quantum Computers
        Theoretical System Capable of Quibit Encoding
        Study Proposes Innovations
        Further Research Needed to Validate Theory
    Johns Hopkins Compares and Contrasts Cuprate, Pnictide
          Report Acknowledges Many Questions Remain Unanswered
    AMS, Superconducting Spectrometer Bound for ISS, Nears Launch
        Mission Canceled in 2003
        AMS to Succeed PAMELA Satellite

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2401:

    LHC Records First Beam Collisions, Sets World Record
        CERN Sets Record with 2.36 TeV Beam Collision
        First Beam Collisions Come Three Days after LHC Restart
        Activity Follows Delay of Over a Year
        LHC on Standby, To Restart in February
        CERN Weighs Expansion
    Luvata Awarded $26 Million Contract for ITER SC Wire
        Chrome-Plated Composite Wire Fabricated for High Jc
        Funding Follows Previous ITER Contract
        About Luvata
    NASA Uses Superconducting Magnet to Levitate Mice
        Levitator Equipped with Nb3Sn/NbTi Magnet
        Further Research Planned into Bone Loss in Mice
    Nexans to Reorganize French Operations
    PPPL's PFRC to Receive $320,000 in Upgrades, Including SC Coils

        FRC Allows for Smaller Fusion Reactors
        PFRC Helping Improve Stability, Energy Confinement in FRC Devices
        Funding for New Vacuum Vessel, SC Coils, RF Heating System
    IEEE Announces New Superconductivity Award
    Orasi Sets Up Tokyo Office to Market MEG-based Test
    Zenergy Announces Insitutional Placing, Raises £20,040,000

        Placing Funds Product Development, Marketing and Operating Needs
    Spiro Takes Over as President of CERN Council

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2402:

    Nexans Commissions Superconducting FCL at German Power Plant
            Field Operations to Begin in a Year
            800 A FCL Undergoing Testing
            FCL to Improve Plant Safety, Provide Operating Experience
            SFCL to Cut Costs at Boxberg Plant
            Bock: No Public Funding Allocated Project
            BTU Providing Support to the Project
    ITER's Russian DA Signs Procurement Deal for CICC
            Cabling to be Completed at VNIIKP
            Russian Suppliers to Supply Strand
    JLab Announces Succesful Testing of ILC SRF Cavity
            Cavity Manufactured by AES
            Niowave Expected to Test Cavity at JLab
            Cavity Exceeds ILC Accelerating Gradient Requirement
            Further AES Cavity Tests to Occur at JLab
            New Capabilities Facilitate Performance Advances
            Surface Treatment Increases Performance
            Favale: Key Advances Rely on Industry-Lab Partnerships
    NNSA, DOE Commit $9.9 Million Through HEDLP
            Non-SC Inertial Fusion Recevies Funding
    Polywell Fusion Gets $2 Million in Federal Budget
    OXI Announces Debt Reduction
    IFII Establishes Subsidiary as Independent Public Entity

           SERI Controls Louisiana Energy Park
    MagLab Researcher Named APS Fellow

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2403:

    SPR Underway with EmDrive Flight Thruster Program
        SC Cavities May Offer Improvements
        EmDrive May Cut GEO Satellite Launch Costs
        Other Potential EmDrive Applications
        Thruster Development Program Underway
        Some Question EmDrive's Feasibility
        Current Activity Follows Decade of UK Study
    ESRF To Purchase SC Magnet Through Upgrade Program
        Upgrade Includes New Split Coil SC Magnet
    UC Santa Barbara Claims to Observe Quantum Effects
        Study Shows Feasibility of Quantum Computing
    JILA, UC Boulder Develop SQUID-based Amplifier
        Amplifier's Possible Quantum Computing Applications
        Device Utilizes Josephson Junctions
        Selectively Amplifying Electromagnetic Waves Confines Quantum Noise
        SQUIDs Provide Amplifier with Wide Tunability
        Further Research Planned
    AMSC Reports Increased Q3 Revenues
        AMSC Increases Full Year Predictions                   

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2404:

    FY2011 Budget Request Cuts $14.7 Million in DOE HTS Funding
        Budget Aims for Transition to Private Industry
        SC to Continue Fundamental Research
        HTS Cuts Would Affect a Number of National Labs
        SNL Sees Funding Increase
    Fermilab Secures ARRA Funding for SRF Development
        80% of Funding Directed to Private Industry
        SRF Upgrades at ANL, JLab, SLAC
    AMSC to Provide SC Cables to Tres Amigas Project
        AMSC Buys Minority Stake in Tres Amigas
        Interconnections Only Sporadically Linked
        Plans to Sell Power Across Interconnections
        AMSC to Provide SC Wire and Cable System
        About Superconductor Electricity Pipelines
    GSC Awarded $201,070 NSF Grant
        Funding Part of Long-Term Study of Oxalate Oxidase
    STI Releases 2009 Financial Results
        SuperLink to be Integrated into 4G Network
    Aetna to Insure MEG Evaluation for Epilepsy
    MIT Technology Review Names AMSC Among 50 Most Innovative   

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2405:

    HTS Advocates React to Possible FY2011 DOE HTS Budget Cuts
        Larbalestier: Budget Cuts Disaster for YBCO Development
        Fredette: AMSC Operations Not Affected
        Lauder: Cutting HTS Cable Costs by a Third Would Save $15 B
        Hammond: Funding Cuts Affect U.S. Leadership in HTS
        Lehner: DOE Funding Created Jobs
        Lehner: Cuts would Curtail Activity
    Nexans Continues Development of HTS Round Wire

        Efficient Use of Core Volume Essential Breakthrough
    Weserlau Orders Second MBH from Zenergy
        Mueller: Repeat Purchase Endorsement of MBH Technology
        Weserlau Fully Converts Site to SC Magnetic Billet Heating
    IEE-CAS Uses PIT Method to Synthesize Pnictide Wires
        PIT Method Overcomes Pnictide Brittleness
        Possible High Field Commercial Applications
        PIT Method Unveils New Superocnducting Compounds
    UM College Park, NIST Report Tungsten Measurements
        Research Employs NIST's EBIT
    Foley Wins NSW Telestra Award     

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2406:

    LHC Records 7 TeV Proton Collisions
        Collisions Mark Beginning of Full Research Operations
        CERN to Operate for 18 to 24 Months
        Superconducting Detectors Double Sensitivity
        Plans Call for Upgrade to 14 TeV
    BEST Receives  €24.5 million ITER Contract for Nb3Sn Strand
        BEST's Nb3Sn an ITER Benchmark Strand
    Zenergy Reports Commercial Sale of FCL to ASL
        Sale Builds on Work with Grid Operators in the U.S.
        Zenergy Hails Trans-Atlantic Presence
        About the UK Electric Grid
    ISTEC-SRL Develops Integrated SQUID NDE System
        Current Systems Limited to Speed or Resolution
        Striations Limit Hysteresis Loss
        Improvements in Cooling Efficiency, Evaluation Speed
        Researchers Hope to Lower Costs, Increase Resolution
    NIMH Uses MEG for Study on Cortex Activity in Schizophrenics

        MRI Used to Observe Neural Activity in Grey Matter
    VNIIKP Announces Personnel Changes in SC Cable Department
    Hypres Names Kinner Chief Financial Officer
    OXI Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2407:

    Russian Collaboration Tests 200 m, 50 MVA HTS Cable
        Tentative Plans for Moscow Installment
        SEI Supplies Wire for 200 m Prototype
        Possible Future Upscale to 1.5 km Cable
        VNIIKP Cabling CICCs for ITER
    Zenergy Supplier Honeywell Passes Qualification
        Tan: Chemical Production Drastically Cuts Costs
        Zenergy Hopes to Scale Process for Renewable Generators in 2012
    TcSUH Receives $3.5 Million ETF Award
        Funding to Bolster HTS Wire Development
        Collaborative Research with SuperPower to be Extended
        TcSUH-ARH to Develop HTS Biomedical Applications
        Biomedical Program to be Leveraged by HTS Wire Counterpart
    LLBL, UC Berkeley Claim to Introduce Strain to CEM
        Study Places Strain in Vanadium Dioxide Nanowires
        Technique Could have Uses Beyond CEM
        Further Research into Phase Inhomogeneity Needed
    VUMC Conducts MEG Study on Diabetes Patients
    Wendelstein 7-X Stellerator Finishes Testing on Magnet Coils
    NIF Records 1 MJ Laser Shot
    HiPER ICF Facility Approaches Construction
    Ingen Elected Executive Chairman of BEST Board of Directors

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2408:

    EPRI Study Claims DC Superconductor Cables Currently Feasible
        Report Builds on Previous Studies
        EPRI: Transmission Losses Reducible by 50%
        Cables Could Use Natural Gase Pipeline Tech
        Model Needed to Further Test, Refine Proposed System
        Improvements Needed in HTS Materials
        EPRI Releases Companion Reports
    Hypres SQUID Array Program Reaches $3 Million SBIR Phase 3
        Array Enchances SQUID Performance
    Hypres Files Five SC Patents in 2009
        Hitt: Patents Prt of Strategy to Open New Markets
        Niobium ICs Enable Performance Improvements
        Hypres has Additional Patents Pending
    OSU, HyperTech Conclude Study on SiC-Doped MgB2
        Research Aims to Increase MgB2's Hc2, Hirr
        Study Suggests Potential Jc Improvements
    Cavendish Lab Concludes Quantum Computing Study

        Atomic Gases, Trapped Ions Best Current Controlled Quantum Systems
        Köhl: Too Early to Quantify Significance to Quantum Computing
    Tres Amigas Appoints Barbera Director of Reliability Assurance 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2409:

    AMSC, LS Cable to Install 50 km of Superconducting Cable
        Alliance to Include Multiple Projects
        Fredette: Cables Part of Self-Healing Network
        Alliance Builds on Previous Order
        Cable Projects Part of Grid Modernization Drive
    RI Announces SRF Contracts worth $6.5 Million
        RI to Deliver Two 500 MHz SRF Accelerating Modules
        Niobium Cavity Contributes 2 MV Accelerating Voltage
        JLab Contract Expanded to Include SRF Calibrations, Cleaning
    DLS Orders 14 T Split-Pair Magnet from OXI
        Order Part of Ongoing Beamline Expansion
        Magnet to be Employed on BLADE
        Magnet to Include Helium-saving Cryostat
        Order Follows Magnet Sales to ISIS Neutron Source
        Burgoyne: OXI's Recondensing Magnet Production Reinforced
    U Geneva Claims Improvements in Jc, Birr for MgB2
        Cold Densification Scalable to Industrial Lengths
        Technique Leads to Isotropic Wire
        Flukiger: Enhancements of High Importance
    Zenergy Announces Increased 2009 Revenues
        Mueller Highlights Zenergy's Reliance on Intermittent, Large Orders 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2410:

    UH Researcher Patents 2 T YBCO Magnet
        Magnet Design Utilizes TFMs
        Navy, TWMC in Ongoing Negotiations
        TFMs Offer Size, Cost Reductions
        TFMs May be Suited for Use in Motors
        Original Patent Filed in 1990
        Further Advances Made Since 1990 Patent
    SuperPower, UH Sign HTS Licensing Agreements
        Agreement Clarifies INtellectual Property Under Previous SRA
        UH, SuperPower Partner on Several Projects
    Tufts Awarded $750,000 for Superconductor MCF Research
        Funding to Enable a Range of Mechanical Characterizations
    Carnegie Models SC in Hydrides
        Proving SC in Hydrogen Difficult
        Study Models Metal Hydrides
        Study Elevates SC Potential of Trihydrides
        Previous Studies Maximized Compounds' Hydrogen-ratio
    HFH Finds MEG Effective for Diagnosing Tinnitus
        MEG Enables Monitoring of Treatment Effects
        MEG to Produce Valuable Information

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2411:

    Chubu U, NEI Test 200 m Superconducting DC Transmission Cable
        Cable System Uses Nitrogen Coolant
        Proposals for Grid Installation Still Out
        Plans for Sakhalin-Japan DC SC Cable
        Test Follows Flurry of SC DC Cable Activity
        Chubu U Hopes to Use SC Tech in METI Grid Projects
    Tres Amigas Receives FERC Approval to Sell Transmission Services
        ERCOT Seeks to Avoid FERC Jurisdiction
        Tres Amigas Negotiating with Transmission Companies
        Tres Amigas Potential SC Power Market Hub
    Zenergy Receives €860,000 Grant to Advance Wire Manufacturing
        Grant Comes Atop Previous Funding
    Zenergy Awarded €175,000 to Develop Nanotech Engineering
    Intel, CMU, UPitt Developing MEG Telepathy Device

        Researchers working with fMRI, MEG, EEG
        Pomerlau: Current Efforts Focused on Data Quality
    SRL-ISTEC Reports Progress on IBAD-MgO/PLD Coated Conductor
        New Architecture Used for Simplified Substrate
        Researchers Employ Magnetron Sputtering
    BOC Opens Darwin Helium Plant
    MDT Announces 0.7 T Permanent Magnet MRI System
    UB Receives £164,000 for MEG Alzheimer's Research
    CES Physicist Presented Marko Jaric Award
    SLAC's Kivelson Elected to NAS

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2412:

    LANL, HSARPA Developing MagViz Detection System
        Commercial MagViz Prototype Yet to be Built
        Work Underway to Improve Accuracy
        MagViz Relies on ULF-MRI
        Surko: MagViz has Potential Food, Medical Applications
    ASL Raises £650,000 to Support UK FCL Work
        ASL in Negotiations to Order 33 kV FCL
    Clemson, Yale, UT Dallas Receive $3 Million for Nanoscale SC
        Rao: CNT Yarn Current Capacity Unknown
        Researchers to Examine SC in Alternate CNT Morphologies
        Program Employs Pulsed Laser Ablation Method
    Study Predicts Superconductivity in Graphene
        DOS Similarities Between Graphene, HTS
        Further Steps Needed to Prove Superconductivity in Graphene
    OXI Releases FY2009 Preliminary Results
    Aalto U Conducts MEG Auditory Study

        Miettinen: MEG Use for Auditory Research Growing
        MEG used to Measure AEFs
    LFI Sells Oven for Heat Treating Superconducting Wire
    Niobium, Rare Earth Deposits Found in Afghanistan
    OXI Sells 21 NMR Analyzers
    KU Researchers Develop SAFFIRE MEG Application
    Osaka U Conducts MEG Schizophrenia Study
    CERN Opens Doors to Non-European Nations 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2413:

    Commencement of ITER Operations Delayed to 2019
        Griffith: Delay due to Risk Assessment
        Criticisms Arise of DA's Power
    OU Team Synthesizes Miniscule SC Nanowire
        Gallium Chosen for Wire Synthesis
        STM Employed to Find, Test Nanowires
        Hla: Four Molecules Not Necessarily SC Threshold
    AU, SNS Researchers Develop SQUIPT Magnetometer
        Device Enabled by Superconducting Proximity Phenomenon
        SQUIPTs Offer Extended Operational Range, Modifiability
        Magnetometer Has Minimal Power Consumption
        Device Should Work with Multiple Superconductors
    UI, BNL Investigate Holes in Superconducting Superlattice
        Holes Redistribute from LSCO to LCO Layers
        Researchers use Molecular Beam Epitaxy
    Air Liquide to Open Second Helium Plant in Qatar
        Project Arises from Existing Partnership
        New Sources Ensure Price Stability
    Motojima Appointed ITER Director-General
    MIBR Acquires Elekta MEG
    CBSU Awarded £25 Million for MEG Research
    BLS Awards Coherent, Bruker for Laser Deposition Advancements
    OXI Founders Win Lifetime Achievement Award
    STI Receives MICO Bright Lights Innovation Award 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2414:

    Niowave Receives $2.05 Million in SBIR, STTR Grants
        Phase II Awards Continue 28 MHz, 400 MHz Cavity Programs
        Funds to Enable Niowave Expansion
    FSU-CAPS Investigating Cryo-Cooled High Power Density Systems
        Cryogenic Test Bed to Enter Operation by End of 2010
        Project to Characterize Dielectric Materials
    Zenergy Completes Development of Ink Jet Processing
        EU Supports Ink Jet Process Development
        All-Chemical Method a Roll-to-Roll Process
    CJRC Marketing MLX01 in U.S.
    NIH Awards GE Global Research $3.3 Million
    AMSC Announces Increased Q1 Revenues

        Yurek: Progress Made in Superconductors Unit in Q1
    STI Reports Q2 2010 Results
        Quiram: Samples of 2G Wire may be Ready by Year-End
    SLAC Concludes Study of Pseudogap in Bi2201
        Researchers Look at Energy Absorption Gap above Tc
        Findings Support Earlier STM Studies
        Shen: Pseudogap not due to Pre-formed SC Pairs
    CU Claims Superconductors Simulate Brain Activity
        Current Predictions Based on Computer Simulations
        Network of Junctions Could Operate in Parallel
        Crotty: Junctions Fastest Neural Network Simulation  
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2415:

    OXI Receives Magnet Orders from HFIR, ANSTO
        Recondensing Cryostats Limit Helium Consumption
        Burgoyne: Magnets Suited to Neutron Scattering Applications
    BEST Claims Improved Ic Performance for YBCO Tapes
        BEST Reports Ic of 1,925 A
        Schlenga: High Ic Coupled with Intrinsic Mechanical Tape Strength
    UH Testing Smaller, Cheaper MCG for Fetal Heart Monitoring
        Brazedeikis: MCG Data High Quality
        fMCG may Detect Arrhythmia in First 10 to 12 Weeks
        Researchers Use Modified CardioMag MCG
        Brazedeikis: fMCG may Help in Selection of Treatment Options
    Zenergy Releases Interim 2010 Results
        Zenergy Credits Slow Contracts, Delayed FCL Projects
    SU Researchers Claim Link Between HTS, Oxygen Fractals
        Biancoli: Oxygen Interstitials not Random
        Fractal Quality Correlates with Higher Tc
    CDMSII Claims Evidence of Dark Matter
        Project Complete, Larger Detector Under construction
        Characteristic Dark Matter Ionization, Heat Indicators Detected
    UI, BNL Investigate Holes in Superconducting Supperlattice
        Holes Found to Redistribute from LSCO to LCO Layers
        Researchers use Molecular Beam Epitaxy
    DOE to Issue 2011 Phase I SBIR & STTR FOA

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2416:

    AMSC Windtec Advances SeaTitan Development
        Fredette: SeaTitan Program Two Years Underway
        SeaTitan Lighter, Smaller, Cheaper, More Efficient
        AMSC May Begin Licensing by Year-end
        Land-based PrairieTitan also in Development
        Fredette: Offshore Turbine Market Worth $500 Million
    ABB, UH, SuperPower Awarded $4.2 Million to Develop SMES
        Selvamanickam: Wire Improvements Enable SMES Project
    RI Announces Sale of 300 SRF Cavities to XFEL
        Peiniger: Contract Largest in RI History
        European XFEL to have 2.1 km Accelerator
    BEST Submits SEC Filing for IPO
        IPO Follows BEST's Acquisition of RI
    STI Announces Completion of $6 Million Public Stock Offering
    Russia's JINR Contructing NIKA Accelerator
    MSU Claims Supercurrent in Ferromagnetic Junctions

        Co Layers Filter out Spin-singlet Supercurrent
        Birge: Research Underway to Understand Basic Physics
    Rice Husks Used as MgB2 Dopant
        Rice Husks Used as Alternate to Nano-SiC Doping
        Syamaprasad: Refining BRH Process to Lead to Further Improvements
    IHEP Opens Superconducting Magnet Technology Center
    EPSRC Approves £30 Million MAST Upgrades
    RI Awarded $7.7 Million BNL Contract

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2417:

    Infinia Receives $1.5 Million SBIR Contract for Free Piston Cryocooler
        White: Infinia to Exploit High Volume Cost Economies
        System Suited to Multiple HTS Applications    
        Cryocooler based on Free Piston Stirling Engine
    KEPRI, LS Cable Test 22.9 kV, 3000 A FCL
    CWM, JLab Working to Improve Linac Efficiency

        Lukaszew: 14 MeV Photons can Cause Photofission in HEU
        Line of Research Begun mid-2009
    Okayama U Records SC in Alkaline-Doped Hydrocarbons
        Kubozono: Discovery May Lead to Organic HTS Materials
        Study Claims Tc Values can be Improved
        Kubozono: Method Easy and Non-Expensive
    NioCad Releases NioPulse EDA Suite
        Several NioPulse Aspects Suited to SCE
        NioCad a Stellenbosch U Start Up
        Pool: NioPulse Development Ongoing
    Tres Amigas Accounces Series of Support Contracts
        Members of PJM Interconnection Receive Contracts
        Contracts Follow FERC Approval
    CardioMag Receives Patents for MCG Data Processing
    IWK Health Center Opens MEG Lab in Halifax
    SuperPower Researchers Receive R&D 100 Award
    Grimm Presented 2010 IEEE Entrepreneurship Award
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2418:

    SCK-CEN Designing 960 Million MYRRHA ADS Facility
        Baeten: ADS can Reduce Waste Storage Area, Time
        MYRRAH to Incorporate 159 SC Cavities
        Baeten: Work on ATW Dates to 1940s
        INFN Milano Helping Develop Elliptical Proton Cavities
        Baeten:MYRRHA to Provide Unique Capabilities
        MYRRHA to Allow for LFR Modeling
    LS Cable, KEPCO Partner to Develop HVDC Cable System
        Jeju Island Deployment Set for 2013
    Magnetica, UQ Receive A$1 Million for MRI Magnet R&D
        Funding in Addition to $12 Million Raised Since 2004
        Award Builds on UQ Acitivity in MRI R&D
        Magnetica in Partnership with Jastec
    Carnegie Reports Increased Tc in Bi2223 at High Pressure
        Phenomena may Come from Copper-Oxygen Layers
        Tc of 136 K Achieved at 36.4 GPa
        Struzhkin: Process may Raise Cuprate Tc's at Ambient Conditions
        Chen: Competing Orders may Apply to Pnictides
    US Investigating China Rare Earth WTO Violations
    CTS Produces Improved SC Magnet Simulator

        Advances Part of IMPDAHMA Project
        Advances Help with Quench Modeling 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2419:

    W7-X Stellarator Construction Ongoing at IPP Greifswald
        Several Institutions Partner on W7-X
        W7-X Incorporates 70 SC Magnet Coils
        Non-planar Coils Produce Helically-twisted Magnetic Field
        Bosch: Necessity of Computer Modeling Delayed Stellarator R&D
        Bosch: W7-X to Hold Fusion-relevant Plasma for up to 30 Mins
        Stellarator Concept Allows for Continuous Operation
        Bosch: W7-X Personnel Serve as ITER Advisors
    LS Cable Orders 300 km of AMSC Wire
        Purchase Follows Announcement of HVDC Cable Plan
        AMSC Builds on Activity in Korean Market
    HPD Receives $750,000 STTR Phase II
        Danaher: Platform to Support Emerging Technology
    UM School of Medicine Orders Bruker 950 MHz NMR System
    NioCAD, Stellenbosch U Conclude Study on RSFQ Circuit Evaluation

        Previous Studies Focused on Margin Analysis
    ISIS Facility Demonstrates Neutron Scattering System
        Magnet Reduces Helium Loss
    Superconductor Summit to be Held in New York
    Hypres Appoints Donofrio CFO

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2420:

    SupraMagnetics Awarded $1.75 Million in SBIR Funding
        PIT Nb3Sn Approach a Simple Two-step Process
        Motowidlo: Octagonal Subelements Improve Uniformity
        Approach to Conductor Architecture Enables NbTi Pinning Centers
        SupraMagnetics Involved in Bi2212 Program
    Grid Logic Awarded $5 Million for FCL Program
        Grid Logic Among Nine CEAM Recipients
    ITER's Motojima Discusses Fusion Reactor's Status
        Motojima: Overruns due to Price Increases Fall on DAs
        Motojima Cites Advantages to Current ITER Structure
    OXI Claims Increased Profits in Mid-Year Report
        Demand for SC Wire Up
        OXI Sees Highest Growth Rates in Chinese Market
    AIST Advocates use of SC in MS Instruments
        Ohkubo: New MS Tech being Transferred to Private Company
        Ohkubo: Fundamental Limits to Conventional MS Detectors
        Ohkubo: System has Sub-ns Response Time, Sensitivity to Proteins
    HZB Researchers Claim Common Magnetic Origin for Iron HTS
        Researchers Worked with Fe1.02Te1-xSex
    Cobham Adds Sumitomo Manufacturer Info to Software Tool
    Deadline Approaches for SC Industry Nominations

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2421:

    DOE Awards Qdrive $620,000 for 1 kW Cryocooler
        Corey: Qdrive Cooler Should Cost less than Convetional Equivalent
        Corey: Cryocoolers Ideal for Localized Power Devices
        Qdrive FAR Cryocoolers Offer Positionable Coldheads
        Corey: Coolers are Largely Motion- and Orientation-Insensitive
        Current Funding to Lower Costs at Low Production Volumes
        Corey: No Issues with Cryocooler During Tests So Far
    LHC Circulates Lead-Ion Beams
        Collider to Shut Down Dc. 6, Restart with Protons in February
    SRS Records Clinical Beam Extraction for PBRT System
        Gall: Monarch250 Highest Magnetic Field Proton Cyclotron
        Monarch250 Technology Developed at MIT's PSFC
        Monarch250 Doesn't Require MSR
    EUSS, UPC, ICMAB Developing FEM Tool
        FEM Methods may Help Solve Electromagnetic Issues in SC
        Bartolome: Future Challenge Analyzing 3D Geometries
    JPL Detects Near-IR Photons with SC Nano-HEB
        Karasik: Speed Important to Retain Information
        Researchers Employ a Four Element Array
        JPL to Follow-up Work with 16-Pixel System for In-field Tests on Telescope
    IRL's WIlliams Awarded Hector Medal

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2422:

    Flexure Engineering Advocates SC Applications in Space
        Investment in Space Technology Grows with NASA's New Direction
        LRO Records 50 K at the Bottom of Shackleton Crater
        Flexure Points to Need for Coordination Across Fields
    IBM Claims Qubit Design Improvements
        Improvements Follow Recent Quantum Computing Milestone
    AMSC Contracts LS Cable, Nexans for Tres Amigas Cable Assembly
        Deal Part of AMSC, LS Cable Alliance
    AMSC Reports Increased Year-on-Year Profits for Q2
        SC Department Reports Increased Revenues
        Yurek: AMSC to Continue to Generate Profits
    AMSC Holds Public Offering of Common Stock
        AMSC to Direct Proceeds to SC Wire Manufacturing
    ISTEC Detects Defects Using HTS-SQUID Gradiometer
        HTS-SQUID Detects Deeper Defects than Eddy Current NDE
        HTS-SQUID Gradiometer: Smaller Flux Noise, Magnetic Robustness
        Different Signal Amplitudes for Aluminum, Iconel-600
    Huazhong U Proposes SMES-based System for Wind Turbines
        Proposed Design may Improve Fault Ride-through Capability
    UB, CNR-SPIN, U Salerno Design Mgb2-based FCL
        FCL has High Thermal Diffusivity, Ic
    NTU, DYU Researchers Develop YBCO Bandpass Filters
        Junctions made with Reactive DC-magnetron Fabrication
    LHC Involved in Flurry of Research Results
        ALPHA Detector Successfully Produces, Traps Antihydrogen
        ATLAS, CMS Directly Observe Jet Quenching 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2423:

    MagQu Claims Improved Manufacturing Technique for SQIMA3
        SQIMA3 Marketed Towards Healthcare, Food Inspection
        XacPro-S Utilizes IMR
        Yang: IMR Holds Clinical Promise
        Yang: XacPro-S Awaiting FDA Approval
        MagQu One of Three HTS SQUID Providers
    BEST, FSU-CAPS Enter into iSFCL Partnership
        Collaboration to Investigate Low-iron iSFCL Concept
    BEST, SEAG, SAE Awarded $5 Million for iSFCL Demo
        First Two Years to be Focused on Development and Production
        BEST Claims iSFCL has Lower Power Losses Compared to other SFCL Designs
    DOE Predicts Yttrium Oxide Scarcity for Extended Period
        Increased HTS Market Share could further Strain Availability
    Kyushu Institute Tests Maglev Conveyor System
        Four YBCO Superconductors Used in Model
    NIMS, JST Researchers Claim Alcohol Induces SC in Fe(Te,S)
        Researchers Focus on FeTe1-xSex
        Red Wine Found to be Most Effective
        Research may lead to the Development of New Superconductors
    Kyoto U Demonstrates HTS-ISM Drive System
        Nakamura: MgB2 Supplied by Hitachi, YBCO by SuperPower
    KICP, UC Claim TES Bolometer Advances
    RI Awarded $7.4 M for 60 non-SC Accelerating Structures
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2424:

    Molycorp has Agreement with Hitachi, Moves Forward on U.S. Mine
        Alliance Follows Completion of Permitting for Mountain Pass Mine
        Moves Come Amid Concerns Regarding Chinese Supply
        Sumitomo to Loan Molycorp $130 Million 
        Molycorp Shares Show Strong Growth 
    OPT Building $170 Million PBRT Center in Dayton
        OPT Marketing Conforma 3000
    HTS-110, IRL and LEI Develop Lightweight Generator with HTS Rotors
        Generator Suitable for Emergencies, Rapid Deployment
        HTS Generator Successfully Tested
        Rotors Operate Faster than in Conventional Generators 
    ENEA Designs HTS Coils for a 30 kVA Machine
        Simulations Reach High Magnetic Flux Density Value 
        Joining of Machine to Wind Turbine Planned
    VTT, Avion Oy Developing SQUID Sensors for MEG-MRI
        SQUIDs Recover from Pulses up to 11 mT
        Researchers use Niobium-based Superconductor
        Sensors to Undergo Further Study
    LANL Increases JE in a Coated Conductor 
        Research Aimed at Increasing JE without Adding Width 
    NCNR Study Sheds Light on HTS Transition 
    CERN to Enter into Discussions with Potential Members 
    ORNL's Goyal Named Top Innovator of 2010
    AMS Launching Without SC Magnet 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2501:

    VHF-SMC Developing High-Field Bi-2212 Magnets 
        Bi-2212 Needs Improved Ic, Je
        Bi-2212 May Enable High-Field Accelerators 
        Program Aims to Simplify Coil Construction
        Godeke: Goal of Collaboration to Analyze Precursor Powder Variants
        Tests to be Performed at LBNL's LD1
    Superconductor Week Celebrates 100 Years of Superconductivity 
    Researchers Patent Superconducting Motor/Generator

        Goodzeit: LTS Microfilaments may be Ideal for Generator
        Machine Design may help Reduce Necessary Current 
        Dual Armatures Allow for Increased Power Density
        FIT Developing non-SC Prototype 
    Fermilab's Tevatron to Close in September 

        Tevatron to Close due to Concerns over Federal Budget
    Northrop Grumman Develops New Phase Qubit

        Qubit Features Shorted Transmission Line
        Phase Qubits Designed for Practical Quantum Computer
        Shunting Capacitors Enable Improved Coherence Times
    BCC Research Projects 11.3% Annual SC Market Growth 
    OXI Negotiates New Credit Facility 
    David Stokes Appointed Optivus President
    MIT's Dauler Receives Young Innovator Award 
    Buckley, Tallon Awarded Prime Minister's Sceince Prize

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2502:

    Ad Astra's VX-200 VASIMR Achieves Performance Targets
        VASIMR Could Shoren Interplanetary Travel Times 
        VX-200 Records Exhaust Speed of 50 km/s at 200 kW
        Engine Refinements Increase RF Coupler Reliability 
        VX-200 Thrust Data Exceeds VF-200 Requirement by a Factor of Two
        Operational Modifications Enable Results 
        VF-200 Faces PDR in 2012 
    D-Wave, JPL Propose Google Quantum Computing Facility 
        Proposal Builds on Previous Cooperation 
    NIST Shipping Programmable AC/DC 10 V Standard 
        Benz: 10 V PJVS Development Began in 2008
        Circuit Contains 300,000 SC Josephson Junctions 
        New Junction Technology Represents Key Advance 
        Benz: New Circuit Easier to Use than Predecessors 
        First System Delivered to KSC 
    Elekta Introduces Neuromag TRIUX MEG Platform 
        Increased Dynamic Range, Greater Robustness Towards Magnetic Interference 
        Maintenance and Operating Costs Unchanged 
        TRIUX Not Yet FDA Approved 
    UMN-led Team Discovers Magnetic Wave in Complex Cuprate 
        Study Sheds Light on the Psuedogap Phase 
        Unusal Magnetic Waves Involve Oxygen Atoms 
    Johnson, Shen and Campuzano Awarded 2011 Buckley Prize 
    SC Awards Nomination Deadline Extended 

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2503:

    ASL Wins £2.5 Million SFCL Contract from CE Electric 
        Initial SFCL Installation Scheduled for Summer 2012
        Waller: ASL Taking Hollistic Approach to SFCL Installation
        New Round of Financing 
    UV, AAS, VUT Announce Establishment of VCQ
        VCQ Intended to Strengthen Research through Collaboration
        Aspelmeyer: VCQ to be Based on Predecessors 
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Venkat Selvamanickam 
        ARH Seeking Partners in Private Industry 
        Selva: ARH to Expand SC Device R&D
        Selva: Market Penetration Lags Behind Technology Advances 
        Selva: Coupling SFCL to Other Devices may be Wave of the Future
        Selva: Opportunities for HTS in Renewable Energy 
        Selva: Room to Improve YBCO
    AMSC Reports Increased non-SC Revenues
        Decreased Total, Proportional Income from Superconductors
    STI Announces $13.3 Million Common Stock Direct Offering 
    BNG Designs and Fabricates YBCO Undulator 

        Undulator has Max Field on Axis of 1.38 T
        Undulator Prototype Reaches 550 A at 4.2 K
    RTRI Developing SC Magnetic Bearings for Electric Railways 
        Train Acceleration Using Regenerated Energy 
        Testing Occuring on Miniature and Demonstration Models
        Researchers Assessing Feasibility of Configuration, Clarifying Rotor Dynamics 
    Students Awarded at TcSUH Student Symposium
    Superconductor Week is Now on Twitter!

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2504:

    MIUR, KI, MIT Collaborate on Ignitor Fusion Reactor
        Previous Work Focused on Building Prototype Components
        Coppi: DOE Participation Welcome
        Coppi: Project Collaborators Support Use of MgB2 Coils
        Ignitor Grows out of Alcator Program
        Ignitor Design Optimized for Jp
        Project to be Smaller, Less Expensive than ITER Concept
        Future, Scaled-up Reactors Tentatively Planned
    UC Merced Researchers Proposes Superconducting Gravity-wave Antenna
        Antenna to Measure Spacetime Curvature 
    Flexure Engineering, UH Awarded $100,000 SBIR
        Scharfstein: Maglev Inside Chamber a Great Innovation
        Phase I Grant to Fund Planning, Conceptual Design
        Flexure Proposes More LSA-focused Research at TcSUH's ARH
    STI Reports Q4, Full Year 2010 Earnings
        STI Expects Warning from Auditor
        Quiram: STI in Transitional Year, Preparing 2G HTS Wire for Market
    RUB Researchers Demonstrate Superconductivity in Triplet Cooper Pairs
        Singlet Cooper Pairs Unable to Exist in Ferromagnetic Materials 
        Triplet Cooper Pairs Operate in Ferromagnetic Materials
        Triplet Cooper Pairs Create Stronger Tunnel Current 
        Fine Tuning Ferromagnetic Strength 
    Call for Papers Issued for Tenth EPRI Superconductivity Conference

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2505:

    STI Announces High In-Field Values for 2G Wire
        Wire has Minimum Ic of 228 A at 65 K in a 3 T Magnetic Field
        HTS Material Avoids Artificial Pinning Centers
        RCE-CDR Minimizes Material Processing Steps
        Wire Meets Customer Requirements
    NHMFL Contracts Bruker Daltronics for 21 T FT-ICR Magnet
        Higher Resolution Extends Accuracy, Range of Analysis
        Petroleum Analysis: Understanding the Structure of Heavier Fuels
        NHMFL Developing Special Instrumentation
    Superconductor Week Speaks with UH's Paul Chu
        Chu: Results will Emerge from New Paradigm
        Chu: Theory not Major Historical Contributor to HTS Material Discovery
        Chu: RTS has to Happen
        Chu: AFOSR-funded Groups, CES Collaborate
    Zenergy Reports 2010 Results
        Zenergy Seeking a Buyer
        MBH has Operational Problems, Device not Seen as Growth Driver
    Stanford, Berkeley Explore Fermiology of Cuprates
        Psuedogap State Distinct from SC
        Researchers Use Two Approaches
        Shen: ARPES Technology Enables Detailed Measurements

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2506:

    Converteam Completes Tests on SC Hydro Generator
        Scale Model for Wind Applications Under Construction
    Ad Astra, JSC Sign Support Agreement
        NASA to Help on Design and System Integration of VF-200
    Varian Receives 510(k) Clearance for PBRT System
        Varian Highlights IMPT Technology
    AMSC Revises Expected FY2010 Earnings
        Sinovel Accounts for 70% of AMSC Revenues
        Douglas Raises Stake to 18.7%
    AMSC Faces Litigation from Investors
    China Implements Rare Earth Tax

        China Increases 2011 Rare Earth Oxide Quota by 5%
        Tax to be Followed by Emissions Limits on RE Producers
    Princeton Researchers Discover SC with Metallic Surface
        Potential for Dectecting Majorana Fermions
        Majorana Fermions Hold Promise of Fault Tolerance
        Ongoing Search for Topological Superconductors
        Further Research Planned
    CNRS Suggests Vacuum Turns SC at High Magnetic Fields
        Chernodub: Quantum Fluctuations Play Key Role
    IOP Makes 100 Articles Available for Centennial

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2507:

    HTS-110 Raises Investment from NZ-based Scott Technology
        Investment Funds HTS-110 Expansion
        Scott Technology Expects HTS-110 to have Positive Earnings
        HTS-110 in Agreement with WelTec
        Robinson: Continued Investment in Research Key
    BEST Receives Order for Three SC-CGMs
        BEST Enters Collaboration with PVA TePLA AG
        High Oxygen Content in Silicon Degrades PV Cells
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Valerii Vinokour
        Vinokour: Superinsulating State Identified in 2007
        Superinsulation Observed in Known Superconductors
        Vinokour: Superinsulating Detectors could have High SNR
        Vinokour: Superinsulation Invigorates Study of SC Hybrid Materials
        Vinokour: Superinsulation Understanding Progressing Quickly
        Vinokour: Researchers Seeking to Raise Superinsulation Transition Temperature
    Bruker Reports Higher Revenues, Lower GAAP Earnings
    STI Reports Increased Quarter-on-Quarter Revenues

        Quiram: STI Delivers HTS Wire for Target Applications
        Increased Cash and R&D, Reduced Backlog
    Munich Hospital Begins Offering Varian IMPT Treatments
        Karmalaway: IMPT Allows Greater Doses at Less Risk
        Varian Aims to Reduce IMPT Costs

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2508:

    Long-Term SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Bill Fails to Achieve Cloture
        Sen. Landrieu Files for One-year Extension
        Differences between Long-Term Extensions before House, Senate
        S.493 Would Have Raised Allocation to Cover Admin Expenses
    ASTeC, SEG, JLab Complete UK SRF Production Facility
        McIntosh: JLab Provides EBW Assistance
        SEG to Bid for SRF Supply Contracts
        McIntosh: Capacity to be Upgraded
    Magnifye, Cambridge U Develop All-Superconducting Motor
        Potential Uses for Motor in Transportation, Wind Power
        Greater Energy Savings at Lower Motor Speeds
        Greater Magnetization Possible with Rare Earth Superconductors
        Heat Engine Creates Stable Magnetic Field
    DOE Names Niowave SBIR/STTR Small Business of the Year
        Niowave Completes SC Electron Accelerator
    NUAA Suggests Tunable SC Cloak
        Liu: Cloak could have Military, Medical Applications
        Cloak Exhibits Fine Tunability in LTS Range
    Scientific Magnetics Reports Magnet Orders
    Hypres Names John Levy to Board of Directors
    Greenland Minerals Prospects for Rare Earths at Kvanefeld

        Site may contain 25% of World Demand for Rare Earths
    Tres Amigas Appoints Esposito Chief Commercial Officer
        Tres Amigas Signs Lease
    Swinburne Acquires Elekta MEG

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2509:

    SBIR, STTR Programs Extended Through Sept. 30
    OINS, Harvard U Collaborate on Dilution Refrigerators

        Program Builds on OXI's TritonTM Dilution Refrigerator
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Scott Livingston
        Livingston: Superconductivity in Bust Phase of Technology Cycle
        Livingston: Watch for Firms that Acquire in Bust Period
        Livingston: 2000s Decade of the Death of the IPO
        Livingston: AMSC Stock Worth Watching
    Recent Studies Suggest Feasibility of Quantum RAM
        Studies Focus on Hybrid Computing Architecture
        Chiorescu: Quantum RAM Demonstrations within Two Years
    Study Suggests Magnetism Causes the Demise of HTS
        Research Builds on Practice of Overdoping
        Sonier: Results Place Restrictions on Ferromagnetism in Overdoped Regime
    Kyoto, Nagoya, Tohoku U Study Superconducting UCoGe
        Daguchi: SC, Ferromagnetism in UCoGe Coexist in Spontaneous Vortex State
    Lenehan Appointed to AMSC Board
    ORNL's Jaguar Models Fusion Plasma Physics 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2510:

    BNL Winding HTS Coils for MSU's FRIB
        FRIB Employs BSCCO, YBCO Coils
        Magnet Designed to Withstand Radiation, Heat
    Fujikura Announces Production of 816 m HTS Strand
        Fujikura Employs New Heat Treatment Method
    SEI Doubling Superconducting Wire Capacity
        Doubling Capacity to Reduce Costs 30%
        SEI Supplying HTS Projects in Japan and China
        Meeting Groing Demand for HTS Wire
    MIT Involved in Second Suit Against SRS
        Suit Involves Two Separate Licensing Agreements
    Bruker in $7.5 M UHF NMR Order
    GIA Projects Global SC Market of $8.83 B by 2017

        Asia-Pacific Leads Global SC Market
    BNL, Hebrew U Develop Improved Thin Film Analysis
        Boovic: Method Restricted to Ultrathin Films
        Researchers Work with LCO, LSCO Structures
    Study Examines SC in CeCoIn5
        No Known Practical Uses for CeCoIn5
    Victoria U of Wellington, IMEP-LAHC Study SC Proximity Effect
    Russia to Intensify Helium Extraction
    Lynas Deal with Forge Cancelled Following Shareholder Revolt
    OPT Receives $6.6 M for R&D Headquarters
    Observations Support Existence of SC Material in Neutron Stars
    AMSC's Yurek Named to NAE
    Alstom Grid Wins EUR150 M Tres Amigas Converter Contract 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2511:

    Nexans Nears Production of SFCL Prototype, Installations Planned
        ECCOFLOW Partners Include Electric Utility Companies
        Kosice Installation to be Followed by Commercial Production
        Nexans Ships SFCL for Lancashire Installation
    Hypres Earns Status as GSA Vendor for Digital SC Integrated Circuits
        Development Follows GSA Approval of Hypres' Primary Volt Standard
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Peter Chen
        IBEX Balloon Telescope Employs HTS Bearings
        Chen: No Technical Obstacles to Construction of Needed HTS Bearings
        Chen: YBCO Top Choice for Bearings
        Chen: Moon Dust a Potential Construction Material
        Chen: Shift Away from Lunar Funding Doesn't Impede Research
    NIST Researcher Develops Thinner, More Flexible HTS Cable
        GdBCO has Increased Tolerance to Strain
        GdBCO Price is an Obstacle
        Prototypes are Smaller and Carry Higher Loads than Cables Use
        New Company to Commercialize GdBCO Cable
    BEST Hires Masur as VP of Business Development
    U Tokyo Claims Massive Pacific Ocean Rare Earth Find

        Significance of Deposit in Doubt
    QRED Identifies Niobium Deposits at Elk Creek Site
    IEEE Seeking Applicants for Fellowship
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2512:

    Zenergy Reports New Board and Strategic Direction
        Shareholders Stand Firm Against Zenergy Sale
        Attempt to Sell, Board Shuffling Follow Poor Stock Performance
    IEE-CAS's Baiyan Superconducting Substation Online
        Equipment Designed 2002 to 2006
        IEE-CAS Developing 10 kA DC Cable, 220 kV SFCL
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Hypres' Richard Hitt
        Hitt: Wireless Communications Complement SC Technology
        Hitt: Hypres Working to Digitize Wideband
        Hitt: Hypres Less Dependent on DoD Funds
        Hypres Continues to Improve SC ADC Technology
        Hitt: Packaging, Integration Main Challenges to Widespread Adoption
        Market Traction Could Lead to Hypres IPO
        Integrated Circuits may Lead to Smaller MRI
        Hitt: Potential High-speed Computing Applications
    Bruker Reports Higher Q2 Revenues, Increased Backlog
        BEST Grows Revenues by 55%
        Laukien: Measures Taken to Control Expenses
    Still River Systems Signs License Agreement with MIT
    NY SC Technology Summit Wraps Up in Schenectady
    ETI Building Addition to Nazareth Headquarters
    Bruker Receives DNP-NMR Orders
    Germany, Kazakhstan in Strategic Materials Agreement
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2513:

    Zenergy Awarded EUR3.5 Million for 2G HTS Wire Development
        Cleaver: Interest in Zenergy Wire Up with Rise in Rare Earth Prices
        Zenergy can Consistently Produce 100 m Lengths
    ASL Raises £8 Million for SFCL Work
        ASL to Install Two 11 kV SFCLs This Year
    HPM Building Facility for Manufacturing SC Magnet Components
        HPM Construction Follows ITER CICC Contract
        Contractual Requirements Affect Facility Layout
        Painter: NHMFL, HPM Maintain Cooperative Relationship
    STI Reports Q2 Loss, Enters Financing Agreement
        Decreased Product Revenue
        Quiram: 2G HTS Wire Initiative Making Progress
        Financing Arranged by Citadel Securities
    DOE Announces SBIR/STTR Changes
        New Emphasis on Commercialization Plans
    Laser Transforms Insulator into Superconductor
        Theory Focused on Widespread Existence of Cooper Pairs
        Study Points to Possible Method for Attaining SC
        Material Superconducts at 20 K
    UNC Awarded NSF Grant for Praseodymium Research
        Praseodymium has Peculiar SC and Magnetic Behavior
    IBA to Install Proton Therapy System for Skandionkliniken
        New Facility to Treat 1000 Patients a Year
    ESAS to Award Prizes for Researchers under 30
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2514:

    Zenergy Shifts Focus to Non-Superconducting FCLs
        Zenergy to Cease Funding German Subsidiary, Reduce Staff by 70%
        Cleaver: Zenergy at Risk of Becoming "Superconductivity University"
    U.S. Navy Funds Iris's Cryocooler for SC Applications
        4KTC Designed for Niobium SC Circuits
        4KTC to be Modular, Scalable
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Ad Astra's Chang Diaz
        Chang Diaz: Startup Process for Plasma Under 50 Milliseconds
        Ad Astra Looking to Improve Vacuum Pumping System
        VF-200 to have an HTS Magnet
        Chang Diaz: Additional Data from November Tests Released at IEPC
        VASIMR Aims for High-Power Electric Thruster Niche
        Chang-Diaz: Ad Astra Doesn't Receive Corporate Funding
        VASIMR Could Boost Plasma-driven Applications
        Chang Diaz: VASIMR could Open a Market in Space for SC
    Chinese Consortium Purchases Stake in CBMM
    Air Products Raises Helium Prices

        Federal Helium Reserve may be Depleted by 2020
    OXI Enters FTSE 250
    Ytterbium Compound Reaches QCP Without Tuning

        YBAL may Reveal "Critical Strange Metal" Phase
        Nevidomskyy: First Example of an Instrinsically Quantum Critical Material
    EPRI to Hold Tenth SC Conference
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2515:

    TAU Develops High-Ic Wire Using Sapphire
        Deutscher: Wire a Viable Alternative to 2G Wires on Metallic Substrates
        Wire Requires only One YSZ Buffer Layer
    THEVA Realizes Current of 1.000 A/mm2 in HTS Tape
        Production Process Similar to Semiconductor Chip
        THEVA Method Halts Defect Growth
    Sahara Salar Breeder Project could Employ HTS DC Cables
        Koinuma: Planners Focused on Feasibility of Solar Silicon Production
    AMSC Reports Lower Revenues, Net Losses
        Cost Structure Reduced by More than $30 Million Annually
        Superconductor/Wire Division Reports Lower Revenues
        Lower Losses Expected for Q2 FY2011
    Wood Replaces Yurek as AMSC Chairman
    AMSC to File Suit Against Sinovel
    Stanford, LBNL Determine Pseudogap Distinct from SC

        Revised View of Pseudogap Requires New Approaches for HTS
        Findings Point Towards Quantum Criticality Scenario
        HTS Bi2201 Subjected to Three Experiments
    Oxford, Max Planck Create Terahertz SC Switch
        Experiment may help Reveal Nature of SC in La2CuO4
    Hypres Appoints Levy Board Chairman
    IEEE Presents Awards at SCC 2011

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2516:

    KEPCO Distribution-Voltage SC Cable System Energized
        Cable System Supplied through LS, AMSC Agreement
    NIST Creates Improved Quantum Ground State Micro-drum
        Simmonds: Energy Lifetime at Mechanical Quantum State near 100 Microseconds
        Process Robust, Reproducible
        Further Improvements Underway at NIST
    Superconductor Week Speaks with W2AGZ's Paul Grant
        Grant: HTS Power Applications Development Community has done its Job
        Grant: Mega-Projects Opportunities for HTS
        DoD Maintains Interest in SC
        Grant: EU Repeating U.S., Japanese Experience
        Grant: May be Evidence for Bipolar-mediated Pairing of HTS in Perovskites
    Report Projects SC Magnets Market $2.94 Billion by 2017
    Linde, PHPK Building Cryocooler for NSLS-II

        Requirements Include Tight Pressure Regulations
    ETH Zurich Demonstrates Teleportation Protocol
    QIB Named Financial Advisor for Qatar Proton Therapy Project
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2517:

    Furukawa Electric Co. Acquires SuperPower
        Furukawa Aims for $100 Million in Sales in Five Years
    LS Cable, KEPCO Launch SC R&D Program
        Program to Develop 80 kV DC/154 kV AC Cable System
        SFCL Development Included in Program
    Sapienza U Creates SC Regions with X-rays
        Microscopy Advances Enable Technique
        La2CuO4+y Chosen for Oxygen Sensitivity, Mobility
        Writing Strategy a Single Step
        Technique has Limitations
    FESV Arrives to Service ALMA's SC Receivers
        Two FESVs Commissioned
        ALMA to be Fully Operational by the End of 2013
    SIMES Finds Coexisting Magnetism, SC Between Insulators
        Bert: Discovery of Magnetism a Surprise
        Precise Mechanism a Matter of Debate
    TIFR Inaugurates Large Microkelvin Facility
        Facility to Keep Large Samples at 39 mK for 36 Hours
        Researchers to look at SC in Pure Bismuth
        Additional Research Planned for Nanoparticles and Heavy Fermions
    Zenergy Shares Rise 180%
    Fermilab's Tevatron Shuts Down
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2518:

    AML Awarded Over $500,000 for MgB2 Generator Research
        AML to Collaborate with Argonne
        Prince: SC Generators Key to Commercializing Offshore Wind
    Nexans, Siemens, AMSC Test New Transmission FCL
    EADS Researching Superconducting VoltAir Concept

        VoltAir Supports EU Environmental Goals
        HTS Enables Higher Power Densities
        VoltAir Assumes Improvements in High-Density Batteries
        Electric Propulsion Allows for Aerodynamic Design
    JLab Issues Solicitation for SHMS SC Magnets
    Army Issues Solicitation for SC Probe Station
    U Arkansas Determines SC Films Retain Properties Under Stress

        Lattices Adjust for Distortion from Strain
        Application may lead to Exotic Phases
        Creating Two-Dimensional Structure may lead to Higher Tc's
        Researchers to Continue Working with Thinner Nano-layers
    UCSB Team Demonstrates Novel Quantum Architecture
        Research Realizes 66% Process Fidelity for Quantum Fourier Transform
    AMSC Modifies Name, Restructures
    Grant Program Announced at Hypres Facility
    IASS Invitation for Fellow to Study SC Energy Transport
    CSIRO Team Wins MIOTA Award for LANDTEM Innovation

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2519:

    MagQu Develops Low-Field SQUID NMR Spectrometer
        SQUIDs Eliminate Noise of Copper Coils
        SQNMR has Magnetic Strength of 1 Gauss
        SQUID Location Reduces Interference
        SQNMR can Detect T1, T2
        SQNMR has Safety, Imaging Advantages
        MagQu to Seek Industry Certifications for SQNMR
    Fermilab Researcher Awarded $2.5 Million for SRF Cavities
        Research to Look at Niobium-hydrogen Compounds
        Research Could Result in Higher Purity SRF Cavities
    Superconductor Week Speaks with Niowave's Terry Grimm
        Niowave Turning a Profit Since 2009
        Grimm: Room-sized Devices Represent Growth Opportunity
        Grimm: FEL Technology Making Advances
        Niowave's SC Linac Helps Develop Small-scale SC Linac Tech
        Grimm: Niowave Could Spinn-off Market-specific Public Entities
    Bruker Reports Higher Revenues
        BEST Reports Higher Revenues, Reduced Losses
    Iamgold Corp. to Sell Stake in Niobec Mine
    Still River Systems Becomes Mevion Medical Systems
    Bruker Receives NMR Order from CEITEC 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2520:

    Hypermach Plans Supersonic Plane with SC Motor
        S-MAGJET to be 30% More Fuel Efficient than the Concorde
        Five Hours from New York to Sydney
        Unmanned Test Vehicle in Three Years
        HyperMach Seeking Funding
    Tres Amigas HVDC Project Secures $3 Million
    AMSC Reports Improved Q2 FY2011 Revenues and Earnings

        HTS Product Sales Down; Gridtec Unit Increases Sales from Q1
        McGahn Details Successful Quarter, Expects Strong Second Half
    STI Reports Lower Revenues and Earnings for Q3
        Reduced SuperLink Sales Contributed to Revenue Decline
        Quiram: Expansion of HTS Wire Production Capacity Moving Forward
        Backlog Down; Insider Sentiment Strong
    Increased SC Wire Sales Propel OXI to Higher Revenues
        Operating Profits for Industrial Products, Including SC Wire, Grow 230%
        CEO Keen: Second Half Performance will Exceed First Half
    OXI Acquires Platinum Medical Imaging
    BEST Receives $71 Million in Multi-year LTS Orders
    Osaka, Nanjing U Reduce Ohmic Losses of THz Metamaterials

        Researchers Realize Quality Factor of 178 at 8 K, 0.58 THz
    Cornell U Explores Magnetism in Heavy Fermion Compound
        Study Illuminates Role of Kondo Holes
    Report Projects 13% Shortfall in Rare Earth Production in 2014
    Report Predicts $8.83 Billion SC Market in 2017
    GMS Launches MRI Cryogen Leak Altert System
    PSFC Improves Tracking of Fusion Plasma Impurities

        MIT Developing Simulations for Plasma Impurities
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2521:

    Tokamak Solutions Tests HTS Magnets on Golem Tokamak
        ReBCO Supplied by SuperPower
        Plasma Pulses do not cause Quench
        Golem Formerly the CASTOR Tokamak
    GE Developing SC Wind Turbine Generator
        Turbine would Deliver More Power, Reduce Costs
        GE Looks to Reduce Speed While Increasing Torque
        GE Customizing Generator's Cryogenic System
        Phase I to Produce 10 MW Generator Concept Design
    STI Introduces Conductus 2G HTS Wire
        STI Fabricates HTS Wire with RCE-CDR
    Senate Extends SBIR/STTR Funding Through Dec. 16
        Reports of Ongoing Negotiations Between House, Senate on Long-term Extension
    DOE Issues SBIR/STTR FY2012 Phase I (Release 2) FOA
    Niowave Selected for EGPP
    Reports Send Conflicting Messages on Niobium Supply
    ASU Observes Radio Bursts from Superconducting Strings

        Study Distinguishes SC String Bursts
        Cai: Multiple Avenues for Further Research
    AU Barcelona Designs SC Antimagnet Cloak
        Design Builds on Imperial College London Proposal
    Mevion Delivers PBRT System 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2522:

    VNIIKP, RAS, MAI Test MgB2 Cable System
        Plans for System Using Hydrogen as Coolant, Energy Source
        Columbus Superconductor Supplies MgB2
        Work Continuing on BSCCO Cable
    UH-led Group Receives $3.1 Million for HTS Wire Development
        Project Seeks Four-fold Improvement in 2G HTS Wire Performance
        Project Seeks to Scale 2G HTS Wire Advances to Manufacturing
    Ames, MIT Study Ic in Thin SC Strips
        Results Relevant to SC Single-photon Detectors, Nanocircuits
    VUC Develops Maglev Model
        Taking a Maglev Track to Three Dimensions
        Model Uses YBCO Pellets
        Maglev Latest MOSEM≤ SC Project
        Mobius Track Exists at the Boundary of Science and Art
    BEST Appoints Moriconi
    Cornell, BNL Report on Broken Symmetries in Cuprates

        CU/BNL Collaboration Studies Broken Symmetry in Relation to SC
        Pattern in Cuprate Broken by Topological Defects
        Similar Results found in Different Cuprate
    Casimir Effect Observed in a SC Circuit
    Hokkaido U, CREST Test SC LED
    NIST Develops SC Multiplexer
    OINS Releases MercuryiTC
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2523:

    AMSC-BNL Group Receives $1.4 Million for SC Wire Research
    EU Agrees on 2-year, EUR1.3 Billion ITER Funding Plan

        ITER Procurement Engages Large Number of Global Firms
        ASIPP to Supply Magnet Feeders
    JR Central Plans Two SC Maglev Rail Lines
        Tests Demonstrate Technology Strengths
        JR Central to Finance Line
    Max Planck Studies SC in Selenides
        Similarities Point to Common SC Mechanism
        Resonant Signal from Rb2Fe4Se5 as Strong as in Pnictides
        Observation of Resonant Mode Energy Approaches Prediction
    Delf U Uncovers SC Phase in Moving System
        Study Suggests Corrections to Josephson Relations
        Effects may Induce Self-sustained Oscillations
        Effect may Exist in Simpler Structures
    Study Proposes Magnetic Field-tuning as SC Route in URhGe
        Topological Transitions may be Common in Narrow-band Metals
        Low Fermi Velocity Allows SC in High Magnetic Field
    Great Western to Reopen Steenkampskraal Mine
        Frontier Rare Earths Opening Separate Mine
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2524:

    CERN Launches High Luminosity LHC Study
        Upgrade to Focus on SC Components
        Researchers Seek to Minimize Transverse Stress
        Workshop Launches Design Phase
        First Installation to Occur in 2018
    Cornell Tests SRF Cavity Prototype
        SRF Tested in Vertical Cryostat
        Program Funded $50 M for 2006 to 2014
        Timeline for Full-scale ERL Uncertain
    Paris Diderot Develops Prototype SC Hoverboard
        Magsurf Employs YBCO
    Collaboration Proposes SC Gravity Wave Radiation Detector
        Two SC Materials Used in Detector Design
        Researchers Hope to Conduct Future Experiments
    LCN Finds Charge Density Waves on CaC6
        Graphene not Cheap to Produce
        Study Suggests Approach for SC in Graphene
        Role of Charged Density Waves in Graphitic SC a Topic for Future Study
        Results Point to Possibility of Nano-scale Switches
        Further Research Planned
    Bordeaux U Studies Ferromagnetic SC
        Curie Temperature Higher than Tc for Uranium Compounds
        Coexistance may Result from Triplet Electron Pairing
    Kwon Named President of NEFRI 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2601:

    KSTAR Successfully Suppresses Type-1 ELMs
        KSTAR Suppresses Perturbation with Low Torioidal Periodicity
        Kwon: PFCs could absorb 30 MJ from ELM Crash
        Engineering Challenges to Moving Magnets Closer to Plasma
        Analysis of KSTAR Data Ongoing
    Last W7-X Module Lifted into Place
        Majority of W7-X Ports Installed
    Max Planck Reports Creating Metallic Hydrogen
        Tc of 200 K Preicted for Hydrogen
        Hydrogen Tested at 220 GPa, Room Temperature
        Eremets: Results Best Evidence to Date
    NII, U Osaka Observe SC Qubit in Diamond
        Observations may further Quantum Memory Technology
    NCSU Develops New SC Materials Design Aproach
        Design Process Applied to YBCO Quenching
        Collaborations on Quench-related Products
        Further Research on Quenching Planned
    Rice Creates Topological Insulator
        A Step towards Majorana Fermions   
    Flexure to Host LSA Workshop
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2602:

    Nexans, KIT, RwE Launch AmpaCity SC Cable System
        Installation to be Completed in 2013
        HTS Cable Costs Compare Favorably to Conventional Medium-voltage Cable
        AmpaCity to Demonstrate HTS Potential for Cities
    SBIR/STTR Programs Receive Six-year Extension
        Law to Fund Businesses Majority-owned by Venture Capital
    Flexure Engineering Receives $125,000 in SBIR Funding
        Phase II Proposal not Awarded
        Phase I, Proposed Phase II Complimentary
        Scharfstein: SC to Play Big Role
        Flexure Plans Mobile Chambers
        Flexure Plans Cubesate Missions
    AMSC Q3 Revenues Decline
        Earnings Better than Analyst Estimates
        Non-SC Business Powers Growth
        Cash Burn to be Reduced in Coming Quarters
    Duke Observes Phase Slip in SC Nanowires
        Potential Application in ULSI Devices
        Phase Slips Affected by Temperature
        Phase Slips Likely Occur in Other SC
        Researchers to Reduce Wire Dimensions
    ASC 2012 Call for Abstracts
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2603:

    CAN Superconductors Begins Batch Production
        28 mm Disks Offer Best Levitation Qualities
        Disk Samples Show Magnetic Field >0.5 T at 77 K
        YBCO Disks Comprise 70% of CAN's Production
    LHC to Run at 4 TeV per Beam in 2012
        LHCb Experiment Places Limits on Standard Model
    Nexans Installs HTS Tape in SFCL at Boxberg
        Power Losses Should Decline by 90% from Bi-2212
        1G SFCL Successfully Operating at Boxberg since 2009
        AmpaCity 2G SFCL will have higher Permanent Current
    Helium Shortage Continues; Prospects Brighter Later in 2012
        Helium Supplies Constrained by Natural Gas Levels, CHEU Maitenance
    Bruker Reports Improved Q4 2011 Revenues and Earnings
        LTS Wire Sales Drive Higher Quarterly Revenues
        Timing of BEST IPO Uncertain
        BEST Invests in Increased Production Capacity
    LBNL, UVa Propose Theory for Reaching Higher Tc in Cuprates
        Ordering Doped Channels May Increase Tc
        Wolf: Lower-doped HTS Regions Surrounded by Higher-doped LTS Regions
        Transition to Zero-resistance State is a Percolation Transition
        Isotope Dependence of Tc Extends to Pseudogap
    FRIB Funding Cut in FY2013 Federal Budget
        Upcoming Review Generates Further Uncertainty
        15% of Project Funds Already Allocated to MSU
    OXI Sells Triton Refrigerator to LCN
    Boothroyd Awarded 2011 IOP SC Group Prize

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2604:

    GCS Completes Testing of STI Wire
        Rutherford Geometry not Applicable to HTS Wire
        HTS Roebel could be used in Future Fusion Magnet
        Process Requires High HTS Wire Uniformity
        STI Wire in GCS Cable has Minimum Ic of 228 A at 65 K, 3 T
    NIMS Achieves SC in a Single Atomic Layer
        Potential Applications Include Logic Elements and Photon Detectors
        Current Passed through Single Atomic Layer of Indium
        Further Research to Focus on Josephson Junctions
    STI Reports Losses for 2011, HTS Wire Production on Track
        Registered Direct Placement Raises $7.1 Million
        Production of 100-meter Wire Lengths to Begin in 2012
    Caltech Proposes Method to Increase Tc in Cuprates
        Pseudogap Explained by Isolated Plaquettes
        Eliminating Isolated Plaquettes may Raise Tc
        Potential Benefits Include Cheaper Coolants, Higher Critical Magnetic Fields
        Work Ongoing to Optimize Dopant Distribution and Doping Level
    U Warwick, ISIS Measure Two SC Phases in Re3W
        Biswas: First Observation of Centrosymmetric SC in Re3W
        Re3W Hard, Malleable
    Yantai, Purdue, Boston College Conclude Pnictide Study
        Results Supported by Previous Analysis
        Results Need Confirmation in Other Materials
    CSA Presenting Cryocooler Course Prior to ICC

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2605:

    BEST Drops IPO Bid
        SC Stocks Underperforming Overall Market
        Rosa: Conditions Must Improve Before Another Offering
    DataGryd to Install LVDC Cable at Data Center
        DataGryd Promoting Use of LVDC Cables
        Fredette: SC LVDC Competitive as a System-level Solution
    CES Seeking Investores to Fund MgB2 Wire Development
        CES Seeks $500,000 for Prototype Wire
        Technique Relies on PIT Method
        CES May Look to Expand to HTS
    Mevion S250 Awarded CE Mark Approval
    U Alberta to Install Dilution Refrigerator

        Research Program Focused on Nanoscale SC
        OXI Kelvinox 400 HA Refrigerator On Order
    Researchers in France Selectively Manipulate Nanoscale SC
        Potential for Fabricating Josephson Junction SC
        Polarization Reversal Reduces Tc
    UV Team Calculates SC Nanowire Detector Sensitivity
        Potential for SSPDs Where Other Detection Schemes are Problematic
        SSPD Detection Efficiency Depends on Chip Surface Condition
        Mass and Energy Changes Detectable
    Bruker Introduces New Probe for NMR, MRI
    CES Hiring Technical Staff
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2606:

    ITER Changes SC Cable Configuration
        Design Options Expected to Better Withstand Degredation
        Testing Simulates CS Operation
        80% of Strand Destined for TF Coils Completed
    UAB, SAS Build Magnetic Cloaking Device
        Applications Include Protecting Equipment from Magnetic Fields
        Device Built Using Inexpensive Materials
        Bilayer Design Key to Cloaking
        12 mm Cylinder Used in Testing
    STI Receives NASDAQ Bid Price Deficiency Letter
    AMSC Secures Deal with Investor for $25 Million
    Hebrew U, Cambridge Observe Triplet SC in Ferromagnet

        Supercurrent in Half Metal is Spin-polarized and Dissipationless
        SC Observed up to 25 nm in Ferromagnet
        Proximity Effect Observed as Gaps and ZBCPs
    LBNL Developing APEX Electron Gun for X-Ray Light Sources
        FELs Next Generation of Light Sources
        APEX to Operate at 187 MHz
        Phase II Funding Still Pending
    House, Senate Suggest Reduced FY2013 FRIB Funding Cuts
    STI Installs IBAD System at New Austin Facility
    NCRP Honors Sarmango for SC Research
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2607:

    StarTram, Inc., Promoting SC Accelerator for Orbital Launches
        Designs for Manned, Unmanned StarTram Variants
        Gen-1 Design Launches Payloads at ~5000 Meters
        Gen-2 Launch Tube would use ~$2 B of SC Material
        Startram Founders Involved with Maglev 2000
    STI Reports Decreased Earnings
        Nexans Confirms STI Wire Meets Ic Objective
        New Equipment should Satisfy Wire Demand through 2013
    BEST Completes Testing on Subscale iSFCL Prototype
        Single-phase Prototype Test later this Year
        Design Allows for Self-activation in under 5 ms
        Testing Conducted at U Braunschweig
    Bruker Revenues Up 25% in Q1
        LTS Wire Sales Drive BEST Revenues Higher
        LTS and Device Businesses Moving to Larger Facilities
    Max Planck Team Transfers Quantum Info Between Two Atoms
        Single Atoms Carry Quantum Information
        Researchers Envision Creating Larger Networks
    U Sherbrooke's Taillefer Awarded $100,000
    Air Products Signs Supply Agreement with National Helium
    2012 Bardeen Prize Recipients Announced
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2608:

    NIMS Synthesizes Iron-based SC Nanowires
        Crystal has Tc higher than 30 K
        Researchers use Modified WCOM
        Crystals have Rod-like Needle Shape, Aspect Ratio >200
    NTU Develops Prototype Bi-2223 Saddle Resonator for MRI
        Saddle MRI Maximizes Filling Factor
        Bi-2223 Perfrmance Compared to Copper Model
    Helium Stewardship Act Introduced in Senate
        Reserve to be Sold in Three Phases
        Legislation Incorporates NAS Recommendations
    Praxair Announces Higher Prices for Nitrogen, Helium
    SIMES, Yale Conclude Scanning SQUID Susceptometry Study

        Paramagnetic Spin may cause Noise in Qubit Devices
        Samples Chosen with Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic Responses
    U Antwerp Observes Vortices in Weakly-conducting SC Regions
        Researchers Introduce Low-Tc Regions to SC Strips
        Berdiyorov: Findings Confirmable via Magnetoresistance Tests
    Delt, Eindhoven Detect Majorana Fermions
        Kouwenhoven: First Success at Creating Majorana Fermions
        Two Electrically-neutral Points on Nanowire Discovered
        Researchers Plan to Demonstrate a Topological Quantum Bit
    Tres Amigas to Open Command Centers in New Mexico
        NM Legislature Grant Tres Amigas Tax Exemption
    ORNL's Mook Wins Onnes Prize
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2610:

    Kyushu U Developing MgB2 Pump for Cryogen Transfer
        HTS-ISM can Rotate like Synchronous Motor
        HTS-ISM Attains LH2 Flow Rate of 6.5 liter/min at 1,800 RPM
        System could be used for Pumping Hydrogen into Fuel Cell Vehicles
        Previous non-SC Pump Designs Prove Inefficient for LH2
    BEST Finalizes Technology Transfer Deal With Rosatom

        Not All Bruker Conductor Types Included in Contract
    Russian Institutes Test LH2-MgB2 ETL
        LH2 Carries 30 MW
        Second Round of Testing on Hybrid Concept in 12 Months
        VNIIKP BSCCO Cable Project Ongoing
    NIMS Synthesizes SC Fullerine Nanowhiskers
        Nanowhiskers Prepared Using LLIP Method
        SC Volume Fractions as High as 80% Observed
    U Calgary Devises Method for Microwave Pulse Storage
        SC Artificial Atoms Needed for Pulse Control in Microwave Quantum Circuits
    Cornell/Brookhaven Team Link Magnetism to Iron-based SC
        Experiment Confirms Magnetic Pairing Theory
        STM Determined Energy Needed for Separating Cooper Pairs
    Imperial College Describes P-Wave SC Phase in Black Holes
        Applying Ads/CFT to HTS
        P-Wave SC Similar to Liquid Crystal Phases
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2611:

    CERN Announces Possible Discovery of Higgs Boson
        Incandela: Particle is Heavist Boson ever Found
        Higgs Discovery would Validate Standard Model
    Ad Astra in New Agreement with JSC
        Annex Focuses on VASIMR Safety, Reliability
    Rensselaer Licenses MHD Solar Power Technology
        MHD Relies on Faraday Principle
        Technology Relies on HTS Magnets, Microchannel Cooling
    U Kiel Sensors may Compete with SQUID-based Medical Devices
        Wider Application Possible by Eliminating External Magnetic Fields
        Sensors may be Cheaper than SC Alternatives
        Detection Limit of Roughly 10 pt/rt(Hz)
    Grenoble U Couples Graphene, Nanoparticles
        First Successful Tuning to an Insulating Transition
        Applications Include Particle Detectors
    NAPT, Proton Therapy Consortium to Host NPC2013
    ASU Concludes Study of SC Cosmic Strings

        SC Strings Formed shortly after Bing Bang
    UH-SuperPower Program Wins R&D 100 Award
    NRC Report Favors Funding On-time Construction of FRIB

        FRIB may be first U.S. Accelerator to use HTS in Linear Accelerator
        Upcoming Review may Decide Funding 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2612:

    Ad Astra Reports VX-200 Advances
        Ad Astra Reports High Efficiency over a Wider Range of Isp
        Design Modifications Enable Improved Isp
        Krypton an Effective Plasma Propellant
        VX-200 Demonstrates CPT
        Facility Improvements to Follow Demonstrations
        Ad Astra Hopes for 2015 Space Test
    THEVA Sells HTS Wafer Coating Business
        THEVA to Focus on Coated Conductors
    Tres Amigas Delays Groundbreaking
        Tres Amigas Secures Approval from Bernalillo County
        Negotiations between ERCOT, FERC Pending
    JPL, CalTech Develop New SC Amplifier
        Amp Useful for Astronomical Observation
        Amp may be Installed at ALMA, OVRO
        Amp may be Installed at ALMA, OVRO
        Amp Employs TiN, NbTiN
    AMSC Quarterly Revenues Decline
        Gridtec Growth due to Non-SC Sales
    Bruker Reports Q2 Earnings
        Softening Demand but Healthy Backlog
        BEST Reports Strong LTS Wire Sales
        Multi-Year LTS Orders Add to BEST Backlog
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2613:

    BNG Produces SC Cable for FAIR Project
        Cable Includes 23 SC Wire Strands
        Cable Testing to be Completed in One Year
    ACT Signs Exclusive Option Agreement with CU
        CORC Helps REBCO Retain Ic
        GdBCO Strand has Higher Strain Tolerance than YBCO
        ACT Involved in DOE, Navy, Air Force SBIR/STTR Awards
    U Lincoln Awarded £1.6 Million to Develop PBRT Sensors
        Funding Comes Amid Global Expansion in PBRT Centers
    STI Reports Lower Revenues for Q2 2012
        Quiram: Conductus will Establish New Industry Benchmark
        Installation of SDP Equipment Delayed Until Q3
    Jens Mueller Passes
    Niowave Opens Expansion

        Complainst Lead to Delay in Tax Abatement Request
    International Team Finds Evidence of Competing Order in Cuprates
        Research could Lead to Higher Tc's in Underdoped Regimes
        Ghiringhelli: Findings Come as a Surprise
        Study Employs Four Synchrotrons
    Bozovic Awarded Matthias Prize
    CSA Offers Courses on Cryogenics and SC at ASC'12
    First Experiments Conducted at DLS's BLADE

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2614:

    Chubu Electric, Tohoku U Develop Improved SC Coil
        Coil Shifts Electromagnetic Forces Away from SC Wire to Surface
        Chubu Working on Resin Coating Technology
        Technology has broader Application than SMES
    TAU Uses Light to Alter Tc
        Tc Modulations on the Order of 1 K to 2 K
        Findings may lead to Non-dissipated Memory
    AMSC Wire Chosen for EU's POSE2IDON Project
    UK Researchers Claim La-Ni Class of Triplet SC
    First Non-ferromagnetic, Non-unitary Triplet SC Found in 2009

        Quintanilla: LaNiGa2 Virtually Unexplored
        LaNiGa2 may have Application in Spintronics
        Ferromagnetic Fluctuations likely linked to Triplet SC
        Challenge now to Reach a Microscopic Understanding
    Siemens 3 T MRI Receives FDA 510(k)
        44% of Large Hopitals Plan to Purchase 3 T MRI
    Harvard Uses Quantum Computer to Solve Protein-folding Problem
        Techniques may be used for Other Biophysical Problems
    STI Transfers Patents, Staff to Resonant LLC for Minority Stake
        Hammond to become Resonant CTO
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2615:

    SEI Announces Mass Production of 200 A Type G DI-BSCCO Wire
        Ic of 250 A Achieved on R&D Sample
        Ic Increases may Allow Users to Reduce Wire Used
    U Leipzig Finds Evidence of Granular SC above 300 K
        SC Occurs at Interfaces Between, Inside Dried Grains
        Zero Resistance, Meissner Effect Unconfirmed
        Results Need Confirmation from Other Labs
    UT Develops Technique to Induce HTS in a Semiconductor
        Technique likely to Work with any Easily-cleaved SC
        Research my Advance SC-Semiconductor Systems
        Gap Observations used to Confirm Induced SC
    Tres Amigas Adjusts Financing Plans
    UMCP Concludes Study of Cobalt Nanowire-SC Electrode System

        Nanowires could form Basis for Topological Quantum Computer
        Possible Route for Creating Majorana Fermions
    Aalto, Wuerzburg Increase Ic in SNS Junction
        Similar Effects Likely with Other Metals and Weak Junctions
    HYPRES Spins Off +n Data Communications Business
    SNL Concludes MagLIF Study 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2616:

    MagLab Nearing Completion of 36 T SCH Magnets
        Magnet Designed to Operate Through Power Faults
        CICCs Contain Nb3Sn/Cu SC Wires
        Flux Stabilization Techniques to be Developed in Collaboration with PSU
        SCH Consumes Less Power than Keck Magnet
        HZB Magnet Should Ship in May 2013
    UCSB Factors Number with Quantum Computer
        Factoring with Quantum Computers may Improve Cybersecurity
        Researchers Build Four Qubit Circuit
        Processor Gets Right Answer at ~50% Rate
    Purdue U Finds Evidence Imperfections Boost Tc in Cuprates
        Study Analyzes Bismuth-based Cuprate
        Results may help Design Cuprates
        Electron Lines Exist in Fractal Clusters
        Data has Wide-ranging Implications
    Jyvaskyla U Concludes Coulomb Blockade Study
        Quantum Phase Slips are Tunnel Junctions
        Proof-of-Principal Demostration of Quanum Standard for Electric Current
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2617:

    Danfysik Reacquires Jyllinge Particle Therapy Unit
        Danfysik Takes Over Work on Accelerator for Chinese Project
    Aalto U Develops Combined MEG-MRI Device
        MRI-MEG Offers Improved Imagery
        Sensors Provide Greater Localization Accuracy
        Aalto Group Working for Further Efficiency Improvements
    Larsen & Toubro Awarded ITER Cryostat Contract
        ITER SC Magnets Operate at 4.5 K
        Installation Expected to be Completed by March 2020
    Site Preparation Begins for FRIB
    CERN Appoints Zalewska President
    Bruker Receives Three DNP-NMR Orders
    EPFL Hypothesizes Method to Identify HTS Compounds

        Strategy for Identifying HTS Still a Hypothesis
        Study Employs Inelastic Neutron Scattering
    Researchers Find Magnetism may Influence SC in Pnictides
        Uncovering QCP Relationship to SC
        Jump in London Penetration Depth as Doping Tweaked
    Study Challenges Understanding of BC Transition
        Critical Exponents for BEC Transition Higher than Predicted
    U Utah Concludes Study of SIT in MoGe Nanowires
        Study's Results not Consistent with Current SIT Theories
    IBM's Parkin to Receive 2012 Von Hippel Award
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2618:

    BEST Receives EUROTAPES Program Grant to Develop 2G HTS Tapes
        BEST to Spend $5.7 Million to Develop HTS Tape
        EUROTAPES to Develop HTS Designs Using Two Types of Substrates     
    DHHS Awards HYPRES $145,821 to Develop MRI Retrofit Module
        ADC Tech Provides Higer Dynamic Range
        Retrofit Compatible with Broad Range of MRI Systems
    TAC Orders SC Accelerating Modules from RI
        TAC a Collaboration of 10 Turkish Universities
    AMSC Reports Improved Revenues and Earnings
        McGahn Seeing More Interest in HTS Wire
    BEST Drives Increased Bruker Revenue and Earnings
        Rosatrom Contract Major Component of Improved BEST Performance
    BCC Research Predicts SC Market to Reach $3.3 Billion in 2017
    iBeam Materials Established
    WVU, UT Conclude Study of Striped SC

        Data on Inhomogeneity in Cuprates not Extensive
        Researchers Calculate Anistropy from Theoretical Model
    UC Berkeley Demonstrates Heralded State Preparation
        SC Parametric Amplifiers Improve Process
        Study Demonstrates Ability to Create Precise Initial State
    OXI, MTL to Host Deposition Seminar
    ISTEC, Seikei U Synthesize Ba122:P Films via PLD

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2619:

    DH Industries to Supply Refrigeration System to Project Hydra
        Hydra to Demonstrate HTS Links Between Substations
        AMSC Providing SC Wire for Hydra
        Cryogenic System to be Designed for Continuous Operation
    BNL/PBL Design, Fabricate, and Test 16 T, 10 T HTS Magnets
        2015 Targeted for 30T Demonstration Magnet
        BNL Working on 9 T, 16 T Solenoid Coils
        Magnets Have Jc of 500 A/mm2
    AMSC Introduces 4.4 mm, 200 A HTS Wire
        Price Reduction Labeled Substantial
    SEI may have Prototype SC Bus Motor Ready in 2013
        2013 Date Unconfirmed by SEI
    STI Reports Strong Demand for Conductus Samples
        Quiram: STI has Finished Testing Production Equipment
        Commercial Wire Production Likely to Begin in 2014
        STI Issues Public Offering
    Princeton U Achieves Improved Qubit Information Transfer
        Microwave Photons Determine Electron Spin State
        SC Resonator Fabricated out of Nb
        Researchers Look to Scale System
    Japanese Researchers Discover SC in Bismuth-oxysulfide
        B4O4S3 has Tc of ~4.5 K, Jc of ~10^3 A/cm2
        BiS2 Layer Opens New Field for Low-dimensional SC
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2620:

    SC Cable Undergoing Live Testing in Yokohama
        Cable Incorporates SEI HT-CA, ACT-CA Wires
        Cable Program Began in 2007
    Cambridge, Magnifye Use Flux Pumping to Magnetize Bulk SC
        Flux Pumping may lead to Small, Compact SC Machines
        Potential Uses Depend on Easy Maintenance, High Efficiency Gains
        Models Demonstrate SC Behavior Affected by Field Magnetic Perturbations
    KIT Proposes Coated Conductor Cable Design for Enhanced Jc
        AC Cables have Simpler Structure than DC Cables
        Longitudinal Magnetic Field Effect can be used to Enhance Jc
        Coated Conductor Quality Key to Cable Performance
        Most Dramatic jc Enhancement Found in Round Cables
        Coated Conductor Value Must Improve Compared to MgB2
    DII Loses Major Industrial Partners
        SGCC Interested in Joining DII
    SEI Producing Wire for AmpaCity HTS Cable Project
    European, Canadian Researchers Observe HTS-CDW Competition

        Understanding CDW Order may Lead to Improved Tc in Underdoped YBCO
        Next Step to Look for Charge Order in Other Compounds
    NPL Issues Report on Slow Noise Process in SC Resonators
        Mechanism Driving Slow Noise Process Related to Quantum Decoherence
    MP-IQO, UAB Suggest Combining Magnetic Microtraps, SC Qubits
        Proposal Relies on Magnetically Trapping SC Microsphere
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2621:

    AMSC Cuts Workforce, Lowers Earnings Guidance
        Quarterly Loss Expectd to Reach $24 Million
        Largest Shareholder Buys More
    ProNova Developing SC360 PBRT System
        SC360 to have 4 mm Spot Size
    Tesla Engineering Plans New SC Magnet Factory
    STI Exercises Over-allotment in Connection with Offering
    Goldman Sachs Upgrades Bruker to Buy
    U Augsburg Reports Tc of 44 K in LixFe2Se2(NH3)y

        LixFe2Se2(NH3)y's Hc1 Estimated to be 5 mT
        SC Volume Fraction High for Tc of 44 K
    NPL, JNU Synthesize, Characterize Bi4O4S3
        Team Able to Raise Tc to ~5 K
        Hc1 at 2 K ~15 Oe
        Researchers to Search for Derivable SC Variants
    ICMM, U Oklahoma Conclude Study of SC in Vertical Graphene

        Vertical Graphene could have Practical Applications
    ICMAB-CSIC Reports Improved Properties for YBCO-BYTO
        Pinning Force may be Raised Further
        Nanoparticles Randomly-oriented
        Controlling Particle Size Important
    CEC/ICMC 2013 Call for Abstracts
    DOE Issues FY2013 SBIR/STTR Phase I FOA

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2622:

    Indian Researchers Report Improved Properties for Bi2212-MQ
        Bi2212-MQ Tc Recorded at 85 K
    TYRC Wins $2.15 Million Grant for HTS Cable in SMES Device
        Cable Would Allow for Higher Power Storage Densities
    Astrium Reported to be Planning Investment in Ad Astra
        Astrium Interested in Coupling VASIMR to ATV
    Nexans, Prysmian Win Partial Victory in EU Court Ruling
        ABB Receives COmplaint from European Commission
    U Oxford Observes SC at 43 K in Layered Chalcogenide
        Tc Highest Observed for Iron Selenide Compound
        Research Builds on Efforts to Optimize Iron-based SC
        Lix(NH2)y(NH3)1-yFe2Se2 Unlikely to be Used Commercially
    KIT Tunes Individual Atomic Tunneling Systems to Reduce TLS
        Reducing TLS Improves Qubit Coherence Times
        Experiment Used Alox for Josephson Junction
    CWM Presents Model of S-wave Holographic Superconductor
        2+1 Dimensional Model Developed for Study
    Dresden U Concludes Study of Ba1-xNaxFe2As2
    Japanese Universities Conclude Study of CaIrSi3
    CERN Granted Observer Status at UN General Assembly
    UC Berkeley Researchers Awarded 2012 Thesis Prize
    Kuzman Wins Van Duzer Prize for Cryogenics Research
    MRS Appoints Ermer, Eglash to Board
    ASC 2012 Manuscripts Available Online

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2623:

    ANL Proposes Cheaper Method for Medical Isotope Production
        Simplified Cryomodule Leads to Savings
        Limited Supply of Tc-99m
        Technology would Remove need for Nuclear Safeguards
        Isotope Production not Limited to Tc-99m
    Nexans, AMSC SFCL Made Available to North American Utilities
        SFCL has Response Time under 3 ms
    ARPA-E Awards Grid Logic $3.8 Million for SC Wire
        SC Nanocomposite Technology based on Proximity Effect
        Potential for HTS at Lower Cost, Greater Robustness, Reduced AC Losses
        Grid Logic Technology Developed with MgB2
        Grid Logic to Sell Components to SC Hardware Manufacturers
    Air Products Announces Rise in Helium Price
    Navajo Nation may Invest in Tres Amigas

        Tres Amigas Seeks $1.65 Billion IRB from Clovis
    ProNova Secures Land Sale
    Study Finds Charge Order Competing with SC

        SIT Measurements taken at Unusually Low Temperatures
        Charge Glass Behavior can be Fully Suppressed
    U Pittsburgh, Wisconsin Report on SC in LaAlo3/SrTiO3 Nanowires
    Concord Medical Purchases 19.98% of Proton Therapy Center
    UCMP Studies SC Proximity Effect in FTI

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2624:

    Niowave Accelerates Electron Beam with SC Spoke Cavity
        Spoke Cavity Operates at Lower Frequency
        Chappel: Spoke Accelerating Structure to become Backbone of Shipboard FEL
        Spoke Cavity Demonstrates Voltage over 2.5 MV
    NOV Invests $3.3 Million in TcSUH HTS Research
        Drilling Motors Require Improved Torque Density, Reduced Heat
        Researchers Seek to Activate TFMs In Situ
        Project to Encompass Range of Development Work
        TWMC TFM Motor Project in Final Stages
    DOE Increases, Accelerates Funding for UH HTS Wind Energy Program
        Magnetic Flux Lines Lower Wire Performance
        Researchers Introduce Nanosclae Defects in SC Film
        SC Wire Performance Improved by 65% in 9 Months
        Extra Funding to Accelerate Research
    ORNL Reports on Strain-tuning Nanodots
    UW-Madison Observes Cooper Pair Formation in Benzene

        Molecules may help Understand HTS Mechanism
        Pair Formation Theorized to be due to Electronic-vibronic Coupling
    UPMC, Zhejiang University Conclude SrTiO3 Study
    Goyal Wins World Tech Award
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2701:

    HYPRES Leads Analysis of MJJ Device
        MJJs Considered for use as Switching Devices
        SIS'FS Design Compatible with Conventional SFQ Circuits
        Researchers Fabricate Nb-Al/ALOx-Nb-PdFe-Nb SIS'FE MJJs
        S'-layer Thickness Affects MJJ Ic
        MJJs Exhibit Ic and IcRn ~30% lower than SIS Junctions
    NIST, Raytheon Develop Qubit with Enhanced Lifetime
        IBM Assists in Qubit Fabrication
    Bill for Regulating Federal Helium Reserve Introduced to House
        Bill Contains Three Regulatory Phases
        Bill Includes Provision for National Helium Gas Assessment
    GMU Concludes Study of SC-TI Hybrid Structures
        Flat Dispersion of Energy Spectrum Unexpected
        ARPES, STM Measurements Needed to Confirm Results
    U Waterloo, Harvard Optimize SC Photon Detector Geometry
        Sharp Bends Raise Dark Counts
        Researchers Observe Enhanced Ic
    U Tokyo, Kobe U Study SC in GaxV2Al20
        Researchers Observe Rise in Tc
        Method may be Difficult to Transfer to Other Compounds
    Nanjing U Studies Pairing Mechanism in Pnictides
    Osaka U, MIT Work to Identify Topological Superconductors

        Topological SC Recently Predicted
    OXI Appoints Geitner Independent Non-executive Director 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2702:

    SUPRAPOWER Project to Develop SC Wind Turbines
        Program Includes 500 kW-scale Generator
        Initial Steps Include Manufacture of SC Wire
    AMSC to Supply Wire for AmpaCity SFCL
        AmpaCity could lead to Wider Use of HTS in Essen Grid
        SFCL has Response Time of 2 ms
    EPRI Releases Reports on SC Cable Cooling, Power Systems
        Report Investigates Coolant Options for SC Cable Design
        EPRI Sees Promise for Expanded use of SC Power Equipment
        SFCLs Make Progress Towards Wider Implementation
    LHC Concludes First Running Period
    AMSC Announces Increased Gridtec Revenues for Q3 FY2012

        12-month Backlog at $72 Million
        Gridtec Revenues Increase by 34%
        McGahn Optimistic About SC Projects
        AMSC Designing, Producing SC Motors, Cables for Navy
        Largest Shareholder Increases Stake
    STI Proposes Reverse Stock Split
        Move Aimed at Regaining NASDAQ Compliance
    U Toronto Demonstrates Hybrid Tunnel Junctions
        Approach Enables Combination of Materials
        Devices Fabricated Using Mechanical-bonding Technique
        Easily-cleavable Materials Result in Junctions with Good Performance
    Chalmers, U Gothenburg Develop LN2-cooled Meg Sensor
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2703:

    IARPA Announces C3 Program
        SC may be Answer to Power Demands of Centralized Computing Facilities
        SC Supercomputers may Achieve 100 PFlop/s using 200 kW
        Program to Improve Cryogenic Memory
    BNL, Cornell See Unexpected Atomic-scale Effects from Doping
        Paper Shows Formation of Elongated Impurity State
        Work could Lead to New Ways to Design Superconductors
        SI-STM used to Visualize Electronic Properties
        Results could be Watershed for Improving SC Performance
    BEST Reports Strong Year, Streamlines Research
        BEST to Close German Facility, End SFCL Research
        Bruker Earnings Beat Analysts' Estimates
    Anglo American to Invest $325 Million in Niobium Mine
    Chalmers Develops HTS MEG Sensors

        Proximity to Brain Increases SNR Ratio
        Technology could Supplant or Enhance Existing MEG Systems
    USTC Reports SC in Ybx(M)yHfNCl
        SC in HfNCl Likely Two Dimensional
        Highest Tc in HfNCl Recorded at 26 K
    U Tokyo Observes SC Dome in MoS2
        Tc should be 40% Higher than via Alkali-metal Doping
        MoS2 Candidate for Transistor Applications
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2704:

    ITER Central Solenoid SC Cable Design Improved
        Initial Approved Design Showed Signs of Degradation
        Nb3Sn Complicates Magnet's Manufacture
        SC Strands Produced Using Internal Tin Process
    U.S. ITER Begins Cabling, Conductor Fabrication for TF Coils
        U.S. Producing Over Four Miles of SC Cable for ITER
        HPM Using PVC Line for Jacketing Process
    QDI Enters Collaboration to Develop ATL Technology
        ATL Technology Recovers Evaporated Helium with Negligible Losses
        Funding Allows for Three Commercial Plants
        Technology not Limited to Helium
        QDI Holds Exclusive Licensing Rights
        Liquefier to Produce 8,000 L Annually
        ATL Systems at UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego
    Yale, U Florida Studies Differ on Side Effects of PBRT
        PTI Study: Minimal Side Effects that Return to Normal
        Yale Study: Minimal Relief from Side Effects
        PTI: Outcomes Better than Retrospective, Surrogate Data
    Nagoya U Studies Pairing Symmetries in CuxBi2Se3
        CuxBi2Se3 Topological SC with Odd-parity Pairing Symmetry
        Tunneling Conductance Shows Zero-bias Peak
    MRS to Recognize 24 New Fellows at Spring Meeting 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2705:

    APS Produces X-rays from SCU
        SCU a Long-standing Objective
        SCU Design Developed in Collaboration with Budker Institute
        SCU Performance may be Improved by a Factor of Two
    Furukawa Developing 275 kV, 1.5 Million KVA HTS Cable
        Researchers Develop Aerial, Intermediate Connectors
        Long-term Current Tests COnducted in China
        Most Currently-used HTS Cables Rated at 66 kV
    Fermilab, BNL Find Source for Leakage and Je Degradation in Bi-2212
        Results Confirm Role of Internal Gas Pressure
        Possible to Build Leak-free, Long-length Bi-2212 Conductor
    AmpaCity Project Finishes Testing, Moves to Production
    Adamas Intelligence Report Forecasts Yttrium Shortages
    NPL Scientists Characterize Gd Doping in NbN Films
    Southampton-led Team Modulates Radiation in SC Metamaterial

        Researchers Identify Modulation Mechanisms
        Approach Would Work with Other Superconductors
    BLM Permits Helium Drilling at Harley Dome Site
    Cradle to Acquire 50% of Tanzania Niobium Mine
    EPRI Seeking Abstracts for 11th SC Conference
    Aspect Launches LumiQuant

    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2706:

    GE Conducts Tests on HTS Hydrogenie Generator
        Tests Conducted at GE Facility in Rugby, England
        GE Overcomes Challenges Related to Cooling, Insulation
        Generator Primarily Developed Between 2006 and 2010
    WelTec Develops Machine to Cable HTS Roebel Cable
        Process Requires High HTS Wire Uniformity
        Transposition a Challenge to Longer-length Roebel Cable
        CFW Machine Allows for Shorter Lead-in and Lead-out Lengths
        HTS Roebel Cable R&D Ongoing in New Zealand Since 2004
    STI Regains NASDAQ Compliance
    STI Reports Increased Year-on-year Revenues for Q1 2013

        STI Receives $1.95 Million from Stock Offering
        STI Working to Supply Cable Demonstration Project
    SC Wire Leads BEST's Revenue and Earnings Growth
        Bruker Results Affected by Yen Decline
    Grid Logic Receives Matching Funds for Low-cost SC Wire
    Researchers Study Relativistic Motion and Quantum Teleportation

        Scenario Includes Non-uniform Motion
        SQUIDs Might Create an Optical Resonator
    IPHT Demonstrates Amplification of Microwave Signal
        Effect Observed using Single Quantum System
        Microwave Signal Amplified by 10%
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2707:

    SuperOx Begins Production of HTS Tapes
        Rapid Upscale of Production Capacity Possible
        SuperOx uses High Vacuum Technology
        SuperOx Wire Achieves 500 A/cm-width
        Superox Japan Conducts Physical Deposition Operations
        VNIIKP Tests SuperOx Cable Design
        AC Losses Compared Favorably to SuperPower
    NASA, Google Select D-Wave Computer for QAIL
        Some Question if D-wave Two is Truly a Quantum System
    STI Receives Purchase Orders for Conductus Wire
        RCE-CDR Process Allows 100 mm Taoe Widths
    AMSC Sees Increased Year-on-year Earnings from Gridtec Segment

        McGahn: AMSC Making Inroads with SFCLs
        Degaussing Systems: A Potential Annuity-like Revenue Stream
        AMSC Receives Notice from Auditor, Considers Going Concern
    JGU Working to Improve MRI Image Resolution
        Development of Technique Began in 1990s
        Introducing Hyperpolarized Substances to Body Difficult
    STI Plans $12 Million Public Stock Offering
    Report Forecasts 7.5% CAGR for Cryogenics Market through 2017
    Bruker Releases Second NMR Wine Analysis System
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2708:

    IEE-CAS, Henan Zhongfu Demonstrate, Evaluate HTS Cable
        HTS Wire Supplied by InnoST, SEI
        Cable Supplying Power to Aluminum Production Line
    RI to Produce an Additional 120 RF Cavities for XFEL Accelerator
    PerCoTEch Reduces Coated Conductor Activity

        PerCoTech Seeking Investors to Scale-up MOCVD Technology
    Researchers Improve Ic of SC Films under Field
        Ic Improved at all Magnetic Fields
        Previous Work Limited to Low Fields
        Array of Holes Gives Rise to Gradient in Hole Density
    OXI Reports Higher Revenues, Profit Before Taxes for FY2012
        MRI Sales, ITER Drive SC Wire Sales Growth
    Clovis Approves $1.65 B in IRBs for Tres Amigas
        IRB Funding Process Delays Project
        FERC Approves Interconnection Agreement
        Tres Amigas: PUCT Approval not Needed
    EPFL, La Sapienza Observe Oscillations of Cooper Pairs
        Team Observes Cooper Pairs in Real Time
        Development Advances Understanding of Unconventional SC
        2.6 eV Resonance Suggests Non-retarded Contribution to Pairing
    U Arkansas, ANL Study ZR State in Cuprates
        ZR State Commensurate with SC in Cuprates
        UT Austin Supplied Cuprate Material for Study
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2709:

    ILC Publishes Design Report
        Japan Planning Proposal to Host ILC
        Unlikely to be Multinational ILC Bid Process
        ILC Host Must Bear 50% of Project Costs
        ILC to Require over 500 t of Niobium
        SRF Must Achieve Effective Accelerating Electric Field of 35 MV/m
        LCC Advocating for ILC Construction
        ILC Could Reach Energies of 1 TeV
    Indiana U, ProNova Announce PBRT Collaboration
        ProNova to Hold Rights to most Intellectual Property
        Technology to be Incorporated into SC360 PBRT Device
        IU to Seek FDA Clearance for new Technology
    Federal Grand Jury Indicts Sinovel Wind Group
        Conviction could net AMSC Billions in Damages
    U Oslo Develops Theory on Breaking of Dendritic Avalanches
        Model Shows Metal Layer Limits Dendritic Avalanches
    RUB, IPhT Scientists Model Electron Orders in Pseudogap
        Quadrapole Density Wave Competes with D-Wave Superconductivity
    RIKEN Group Models Superconducting Sr2IrO4
        SC may be Achievable by Introducing Atoms
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2710:

    HYPRES Announces New Chip Fabrication Process
        New ICs Two to Six Times Faster
        Stanford U Purchases HYPRES ICs
        Fabrication Technique Included in Provisional Patent Application
    Ad Astra Announces PDR for VF-200 Engine
        Aurora Platform on ISS First Anticipated Mission for VF-200
        NASA Participates in PDR as Part of Support Agreement
        Astrium in Negotiations over Aurora Platform
        PDR Reviews all Major VF-200 Subsystems
        PDR Leads to Critical Design Process Starting in 2014
    JR Tokai Extending Maglev Test Track for L0 Trains
        JR Tokai to Generate Revenue from Test Track
    Cryogenic, NPL Develop Highly Accurate CCC
        Singapore Metrology Center Orders CCC
    U Bayreuth, Munster Describe SC Pairing Induced by THz Pulses
        Oscillations can Affect the Dynamics of a Nanowire
        Research Enables Comparison of Experimental Findings, Calculations
        Croitoru: Impossible to Currently Foresee all Possible Implications
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2711:

    IARPA's C3 Program Issues Phase 1 Solicitation
        SC Computer Could Realize 100 PFlop/s for 200 kW
        C3 Program to Occur in Two Phases
    WSU Study Induces Superconductivity in CS2
        Light Elemental Solids Give Rise to HIgh Tc's
        CS2 Resembles Metal Under High Pressures, Low Temperature
        Room Tc SC May be Achievable
        Structural Change under Pressure Seen in CS2 Common
    How Cryogenics is Moving Away from Cryogens (Guest Article from Jeremy Good, Director, Cryogenic Ltd.)
        The Way Things Were
        The Move to Cryogen-free
        About Cryogenic Ltd.
    Janis Moves to Larger HQ
        New Stirling Cryocooler Released in February
    JEOL Develops NMR Magnet Line with Reduced Helium Losses
        JASTEC Supplies SC Wire for NMR Magnet
    STI Reports Conductus Wire Orders Increasing
        Three Purchase Orders for COnductus Wire Received
        STI Seeking Relationships with Large Multinationals
        STI Reports Lower Quarterly Loss; Cash to Last until Q2 FY2014
    Bruker Reports Increased BEST Revenues and Operating Income
        BEST Receives $5.7 Million from Rosatom License
        Bruker Earnings Exceed Analyst Expectations
    AMSC Reports Reduced Revenues and Earnings
        Superconducting Revenues on Target
        McGahn: AMSC Expects 25% Revenue Growth in 2013
    John Clem Passes Away
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2712:

    Omni Produces Superconducting PCB
        Board Manufacturing Methods to Enable Scale-up of SC Systems
        First PCB with Entire Electrical Path SC
        New PCB to Undergo Further Refinement
    Toshiba Selected to Supply NIRS CIRT System
        CIRT Alternative to PBRT Treatments
        CIRT offers more Controlled Treatment than PBRT
        SC Magnets Allow for Smaller Gantry
    Varian, PSI Engaged in PBRT Collaboration
        Optimizing Workflow Likely to Reeduce Cost of Treatment
        PSI IMPT Pioneer
    SC Magnet Ring Transported from BNL to Fermilab
        Transport of Ring Cost $3 Million
        Ring to be used for Muon Analysis
        Nguyen: Hard to Improve on SC Ring's Design
    Expanded Helium Production Opens at Ras Laffan
    Cornell/BNL Team Describe Energy Gap in Heavy Fermion

        Structure of Energy Gap Points Towards Pairing Mechanism
        Gap Structure Similar to Cuprates
    RNCOS Releases Forecast of U.S. Proton Therapy Market
    IEEE Announces SC Award Recipients for 2013
    • $24.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2713:

    LARP Testing Newest High-field Quadrupole Magnet
        LARP Shifts from R&D to Magnet Development
        HQ02a has Larger Beam Aperture than LHC Magnets
        Increased Aperture of QXF to Allow for More Collisions
        HQ02a Demonstrates Viability of new Nb3Sn Quadrupole Magnets for LHC
        LARP Able to Overcome Sensitivity to Strain of Nb3Sn
    Helium Reserve Faces Oct. 7 Closure in Face of Senate Inaction
        House Approved H.R.527 in April
        S2374 Awaiting Vote in the Senate
    Two U.S. Health Insurers Reduce PBRT Coverage
        Cigna Corp. Reconsidering PBRT
        PBRT Benefits in Question, Higher Costs Certain
        Number of U.S. PBRT Centers to Grow to 27 in 2017
    Leibniz-led Team Sees Promise for SmFeAs(O,F) SC Applications
        SmFeAs(O,F) Promising due to High Tc
        SmFeAs(O,F) has Similar Features to YBCO
    Bachmann Appointed President of Bruker BioSpin
    Tocci Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading
    BNL, Stony Brook Study SC Sn1-xInxTe
    Cortec to Produce Niobium in Kenya in 2014
    Nominations Open for Boom Award
    Preliminary Agenda Available for EPRI SC Conference
    Niowave Agrees to Modify Building
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2714:

    Senate Passes Bill to Extend Helium Reserve Operations
        Legislation Awaits House Approval
    UC Santa Barbara Developing SC Detectors for Astronomical Observations
        UCSB Only Group Working on Optical/NIR MKIDs
        Factor of 20 per-pixel Performance Improvement Possible
        SC Detectors Enable Frequency Domain Multiplexing
        Cost of MKID may limit Commercial Applications
        Efforts Underway to Expand the Spectrum of MKID Arrays
        MKIDs Being Tested at Palomar, Lick Observatories
        MKID to be Used for Imaging Extrasolar Planets
    JR Tokai Complete Maglev Test Track Extension
    Study Finds Relationship Between Magnetism, SC in Pnictides

        Team Studies Barium-iron-arsenide Compounds
        New Method to Eliminate Structural Domains in Pnictides
    ProNova Announces Personnel Changes
    AMSC Plans $30 M Stock Offering
    CEA Observes Excited Andreev Pairs in Josephson Junction

        Andreev Pair Data Confirms Theory
        First Spectroscopy Using Photons
    Weil Helium Developing Two Wells in Saskatchewan
        Wells Contain over 2 Billion ft3
    Princeton-LANL Find Pairing in SC Heavy Fermion Similar to Cuprates
        New STM Tool Developed for Study
        Service Electron Waves and Impurity Bound States Studied
        QPI Inconclusive with Heavy Fermions
        Team Observes Spectroscopic Pseudogap
    • $24.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2715:

    ETH Zurich Teleports Information Between SC Quantum Circuits
        Chips have Niobium Transmission Lines
    Ultra-thin Coating Maximizes REBCO Coil Current Density
        Thickness of REBCO Coating Affects Current Density
        Conductor Fraction Improved by 80%
    Tres Amigas Investigating Burying HVDC Cables
        No Cost Estimate yet for Underground Lines
        Construction Expected to Commence Late 2013
        AMSC Planning to Sell Stake
        Tres Amigas Undergoing ERCOT Review Process
    DOE Approves FRIB Timelines
        CD-3a Approves $20 M in Long-lead Procurements
        FRIB COsts Rise $50 M due to Delays
        FRIB SIte Preparation Complete
    LBNL, Tsinghua U Induce SC in Topological Insulator
        First Instance of HTS in a Topological Insulator
        ARPES Data Shows Gap is Consistent with S-wave Pairing
        Next Steps: Tuning the Fermi Enegy to the Gap of the Bulk Band
    Siemens to Cut 15,000 Jobs in Bid to Improve Profitability
    Transparency Releases Report on SC Market Through 2019

        Success of SC Products Dependent on Cooling Systems
    Tubingen Device Couples Atoms to SC Circuit
        Research Highlights Potential for Atoms in Quantum Storage
        Several Seconds of Info Storage Achieved
    Great Western Projects U.S. Unable to Meet DoD Yttria Needs By 2019
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2716:

    16-day U.S. Government Shutdown has Varied Effects on SC R&D
    National Labs, AFOSR Able to Remain Open 
    NIST Research Delayed 
    Some Labs Face Possible Cryogen Depletion 
    Grant Application Process Affected 
    Cambridge Group Considers Options for HTS Axial Flux Machine 
    SC Would Improve Power Density 
    Niche Applications Most Promising 
    ORNL Reports YBCO Jc Improvements Under Field 
    Thicker Films, Higher Ic Possible
    Nobel in Physics Awarded to Higgs Boson Theorists
    Uppsala U Selects Cryo Diffusion for FREIA Cryostat

    RF Facility Central to FREIA Lab 
    Cryo Diffusion Among Number of Firms Involved in FREIA 
    Plans in Place for 2014  ESS Collaboration
    Techniques Developed at CERN to be Transferred to FREIA Lab 
    Cryogenics, Ltd. Marketing Cryogen-free Cooling System 
    System Initially More Expensice with Reduced Operating Costs 
    Global Industry Analysts Releases SMES Market Report 
    AML Appoints McCollum to Board 
    Mitsubishi to Install PBRT System in Osaka

    Mitsubishi the Supplier of Eight of 11 PBRT Centers in Japan
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2717:

    SuperPower Supplying HTS Wire to EU's ECCOFLOW Project 
    SFCL Design Places Uniformity Bandwidth Requirement on HTS Wire 
    SFCL Being Installed in Mallorca Grid 
    SFCL Technology Struggles to Penetrate Market 
    Lehner: Unified SFCL-Transformer Device may Provide Solution 
    Skajaquoda Group Launches SC Research Program 
    Program Based on Recent Technology Development
    Bruker Offering New NMR Magnets with Active Refrigeration 
    Vibration a Critical Concern in Transferring Refrigeration Technology to NMR 
    Ascend Latest Generation of Actively-shielded Magnets from Bruker 
    Several Companies Offering Helium-saving Magnet Options
    D-Wave, Cypress Semiconductor Announce Partnership 
    New Foundry to Help Enable Further Scaling of D-Wave Computer Systems 
    Study Catalogues Electronic Evolution Between LCMO, YBCO
    Results Settle Controversy Around Charge Transfer at Interfaces 
    Ferromagnetic Material could be Incorporated in SC-Semiconductor Device 
    Study Demonstrates Novel Methodology 
    SGM, Tres Amigas Announce Software Development Partnership 
    Updates, Correction to Government Shutdown Effects 

    Gourlay: Lack of Certainty Makes Large Procurements Impossible 
    Andrew Appointed to Ad Astra Board of Directors 
    11th EPRI SC Conference Opens Monday
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2718:

    NIST Develops Sensor Using SC TES
    TES Detect Emissions of Terahertz Light
    Cooling System Cryogen-free
    Prototype Imager has Frame Rate of 6 Frames/sec
    Technology Similar to SCUBA-2 Detector 
    Aluminum TES Enable Compact Cooling
    DOE Proposes $100 Million in FY2014 EFRC Funding
    DOE Launches Competition for Second Round Funding 
    CES to Compete for Renewal Funding 
    Team Finds Superconductivity in FeB4
    FeB4 First SC "Designed from Scratch"
    FeB4 Unusual Conventional Iron-based SC
    FeB4's Tc Predicted at 15 to 20 K
    Year-long Effort Preceded Synthesis of FeB4
    FeB4 Found to have a Hardness of 62(5) Gpa
    TIT Finds SC in La3Ru8B6
    Low Tc, Price of Ru Likely to Limit Applications 
    Researchers Searching for SC Among Isostructural Compounds 
    Max Planck, Johannes Gutenberg Conclude Study of Oxide TSS BBO
    BBO Found to have Large Bulk Bandgap
    Marjorana Fermions Ideal Qubits 
    Work on P-N Junction Underway
    Pakistan Plans Materials Science Research Institute 
    CMU Building Spectrometer with Donated 12 T Magnet
    OXI Expands Repair Capabilities 
    ProNova Solutions Conducting Testing on SC360 Gantry
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2719:

    Nexans Announces European Reorganization 
    Nexans to Merge Hurth SFCL Site with Hannover Site 
    Jobs to be Added at Lyon R&D Center 
    TcSUH Studyof CaFe2As2 Suggests New Route for Raising Tc 
    Tc Enhancement Associated with Natural Chemical Interfaces 
    Paradigm Likely Applies to Other SC Material Systems 
    Luvata Delivers NbTi Wire for ISEULT-INUMAC MRI Project
    Scanner to be Strongest in Clinical Operation 
    Magnet will Carry 1500 A at 12 T
    Double Pancake Winding to be Used in Coil 
    Best Reports System and SC Wire Revenues of $32.5 M in Q3
    Adjusted BEST Revenues Grow 16%
    Aggregate Revenues Decline 
    Biospin Revenues Decline due to Delayed Orders 
    TUM Investigates Quantum Many-body System 
    Circuit Cavities Offer Unique Perspectives 
    Computing Power Insufficient for Numeric Analysis 
    U Tokyo's Shibata Awarded 2013 Sir Martin Wood Prize 
    PBRT Research Roundup: Studies Confirm Benefits of Proton Therapy in Treating Spinal, Brain Cancers

    PPF/NAPT Study Sees 33% Rise in PBRT Treatments for Children since 2010
    Massachusetts General Hospital Reports Favorable Cognitive, Survival Outcomes 
    Perelman Study Finds Similar Outcomes, Reduced Side Effects 
    UT Sees Decreased Use of Feeding Tubes in Throat Cancer Patients
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2720:

    TNEM Forms Board to Promote SC Maglev Line in Northeast U.S.
    Board Includes Political Luminaries
    JR Tokai, Japanese Support Behind TNEM
    Alternate $151 Billion DC-Boston Amtrak Plan 
    Stidham Says Tres Amigas to Come Online in 2016
    Tres Amigas Expects to Raise $550 Million by Year-end
    Tres Amigas Considering HVDC Underground Lines
    OI Reports £166.3 Million in Revenues for the First Half
    Industrial Products Sector Shows Improved Operating Margins 
    OI Offers £166 Million for Camera-maker Andor Tech 
    STI Reports $229,000 in Revenues for Q3

    STI Reports High Demand for COnductus Wire Samples 
    Four Stage Two Orders Shipped for Qualification Testing 
    STI on Track to Begin Commercial Production in 2014
    AMSC Reports Q2 Gridtec Revenues Up 7% Year-on-year
    McGahn Expects DHS, U.S. Navy Wire Orders 
    Aggregate Revenues Grow 16% to $24.2 Million 
    Australia, China, India Uncertainty may Affect Revenues 
    AMSC Announces Amendemnt to Hercules Loan, MLV Agreement
    Research and Markets Publishes Survey of Cryogenics Market 
    Berkeley's QNL Concludes Study of Quantum Decoherence 

    Study Works with Controlled Environment 
    Improved Monitoring may limit Quantum Decoherence 
    Fluctuations Measured with 49% Efficiency 
    Selective Measurement Key to Monitoring Trajectories 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2721:

    OI to Collaborate with CERN on LHC High Luminosity Project 
    Collaboration Comes Amid Ongoing LARP Magnet Testing 
    OI Brings Manufacturing Expertise 
    Project to Provide OI with Current Experience with Accelerator Magnets
    Study Reports Quantum Memory Storage for 39 Minutes 
    SC Quantum Circuitry may Feature in Future Emobodiments 
    Researchers to Experiment with Other Ionized Donors 
    MEDC Approves $3 Million Loan to Niowave for Isotope Production Facility 
    U.S. Produces a Fraction of its own Isotopes
    New Building Follows 2012 Expansion 
    Italian Researchers Propose Quantum Info Processing Scheme 
    Additional Cavity Allows for Two-qubit Gates 
    Proposal Requires Tunable SC Resonators with Large Quality Factors 
    Magnetic Lattice Proposed for Quantum Simulator Development 
    Magnetic Lattice more Effective than Optical Trapping 
    Magnetic Fields to Hold Atoms in Place 
    Thermodynamic Probe Confirms Pseudogap as Phase Transition 
    First Thermodynamic Observation of Phase Transition 
    Pseudogap Transition Observed Below Tc on Overdoped Sample 
    Study Uses MCG to Indentify LQTS in Utero 
    70% of Fetuses Observed to have LQTS 
    U Antwerp Concludes Study of Flux Phases in Type-I & II SC Bilayer 
    Study Shows Bilayer's Ability to Host Non-uniform Lattice Domains 
    Researchers Create Externally Tunable System 
    KSU Receives $1.3 Million in NSF Funds for Bruker NMR Purchase 
    Proposed NY PBRT Center Progresses to Planning Review  
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2722:

    Davis, Lee Propose Unified Theory for Non-Conventional SC
    Antiferromagnetic Interaction Central to New Theory
    Experimental Checks of Theoretical Assertions Underway 
    Theory Seeks to Establish Relationship Between AF INteractions, SC, and IPs
    Organic SC also Described by Theory
    Cavendish Lab Studies Enhancement of Bulk SC via Granular Materials 
    Study Seeks to Optimize Tc Enhancement
    Results Valid for Conventional SC
    Percolation Thershold Most Important Parameter for Improving Tc 
    Study Analyzes Relationship Between Grain Size, Shell Effects
    Percolation Theory Combined with Finite Size Effects 
    Sumitomo's PBRT System Gains FDA 510(k) Approval
    U.S. House Passes 2-year Budget Legislation 
    SNU Suggests New Flux Pinning Method for YBCO 

    Bi2O3 Introduced using TSIG
    TUT Tests ULF HTS SQUID MRI System for COntaminant Detection
    NMR/MRI using SQUIDS Require Less Power, No Magnets 
    Research Builds on HTS SQUID MRI Research
    Researchers Scan 1D, 2D Samples using SQUID NMR/MRI
    U Mumbai, Tata use New Method to Study Matching Effects 
    Future PBRT Center in NY Advances to Planning Review 
    Research and Markets Issues SMES Business Report 
    UH's Ren Wins O'Donnell Award 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2723:

    Bruker Installs First 900 MHz Ascend Aeon NMR Magnet at UCSD
    Installation Follows Release of 600, 700 MHz Magnets 
    Bruker Evaluating Technology for NMR Magnets up to 1 GHz
    Air Products to Begin Extracting Helium from CO2
    He a Byproduct of Natural Gas Processing 
    Tecnalia Leading Attempt to Implement SC in Offshore Wind 
    10 MW Gnerator Prototype Conceptual Design Complete mid-2015
    Offshore Wind Projected to Experience Strong Growth 
    SC Generators Offer a Solution with Some Techinical Issues 
    Cost not a Problem for SUPRAPOWER Generator 
    Direct-drive Generators Currently 3.16% of Wind Generator Market 
    SUPRAPOWER Employs Novel Cryogen-free Colling Concept 
    Even with Cooling, Global Efficiency Better than PM Generators 
    Other Groups Pursuing SC Offshore Technology 
    UMCP Researchers Suggest a Metamaterial Route to HTS
    Structural Similarities between HTS and Metamaterials 
    Nanofabrication of 3D Structures Remains an Obstacle 
    Airgas to Increase Helium Prices 
    Price Hike Initiated by BLM 
    Osaka U Suggests SC Water Purification System 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2724:

    Okayama U Finds Superconductivity in Potassium-doped Picene
    SC Wire Among Potential Appliations for Metal-doped Picene
    Work Part of Research on Alkali Dopants in Organic Compounds 
    Kubozono Director of Recently-founded Research Center at Okayama U
    Current Research may Enable Future SMES System
    Research Focusing on Rear Earth Metal-free SC Designs
    WIS Fabricates Smallest, Most Sensitive SQUIDS to Date 
    46 nm SQUID Fabricated at Apex of Sharp Tip
    SQUIDs have Spin Sensitivity Down to 0.38 microB Hz-1/2
    Reduction in Size Limits Magnetic Field Sensitivity 
    SQUID Used for Analyses of Vortices in Type-II SC
    IPR Commissions SST-1 Fusion Experiment Following First Plasma
    Tokamak Incorporates NbTi for TF and PF Coils
    TF, PF Coils Wound in India by Bharat Heavy Electricals 
    Cryostat Supplied by M/s BHEL, Largest in India 
    Lehner Steps Down as Director of SuperPower 
    UCSB Couples Microwave and Optical Photons
    PSI-led Team Reports Anistropic Electron Behavior in Cuprates

    Assumption of Isotropic Behavior Overturned 
    Other Metal Systems may Behave Similarly 
    ARPES Used to Measure Electron Movement 
    UH's Ren, Selva Named to NAI 
    Qatar Considering Expanding Helium Production 
    Study Observes RKKY System in Proximity with SC 
    • $28.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2801:

    Callaghan Transfers SC Research to VUW's Newly-formed RRI
    Shift Comes One Year after Callaghan's Establishment, Dissolution of IRL
    RRI Takes Over YBCO MRI Magnet Project 
    Magnet Uses Unshielded Gradient Coils 
    ETH Zurich, ORNL Team Develops New Algorithm for Modeling SC 
    Ascertaining Quantative Estimate for Tc Not Possible Until DCA+
    DCA+ Achieves Tc Convergence Faster, More Systematically 
    Smooth Mean Field Reduces Sign Problem 
    Group able to Model 28-atom Systems 
    Team Awarded $2 M in Computing Hours 
    Researchers Achieve 30 s Plasma Pulse at EAST 
    EAST in Operation since 2006
    EAST Contains 20 t of NbTi Strand 
    LHCD Provides Flexible Boundary Control 
    Ad Astra, NASA Sign New Support Agreement 
    NASA, Ad Astra Continue to Work Towards Deployment on ISS
    Demaco Secures EUR7 Million Contract from DESY
    SC LINAC Composed of 1.3 GHz, 9-cell Cavities
    Max Planck Turns Graphene into Terahertz Laser Medium 
    Laser could be Useful for Study of HTS
    Graphene Provides Amplifying Material with Small Band Gap 
    Researchers Demonstrate Population Inversion at 1.3um
    Cavity for Potential Graphene Laser yet to be Designed 
    Rice Finds Similar Chalcogenide, Pnictide SC Electron Behavior 
    Electronic States near Anti-ferromagnetic Order, Mott Transition Candidates for HTS 
    Study Examines Relationship Between Magnetism, SC in Fe-based Compounds 
    Findings Confirm "Bad Metal" Explanation 
    ISTEC Fabricates Ba122 Films with Improved Jc Under Field 
    Ba122 has Potential for use in SC Magnets 
    Previous Work Focused on Ba122:K and Ba122:Co
    Team Views Photon-mediated Interaction Between Two Atoms 
    Potential for Protecting Quantum Information from Decoherence 
    Coherent Exchange Interactions Observed at 2 cm
    Peking U Develops Framework for Understanding Spin SC
    Spin SC an Analogue for Charge SC 
    Spin SC Magnetic Dipoles rather than Electric Monopoles 
    Spin SC Useful to Field of Spintronics 
    GL-type Equations to Enable Behavioral Predictions 
    TIT Researchers Investigate H-doped CaFeAs
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2802:

    FSU-CAPS Tests 3 MW Helium Gas-cooled SC Cable
    Cable Incorporates 2G, 4 mm-wide HTS Tapes 
    He-cooling Preferable to Nitrogen for Naval Applications
    Optimum Cable Length may Prove to be Problematic 
    Team Aims to Develop Cables to Support 100 MW Electric Ship 
    ST-led Study Grows Highly-textured MgO via New E-beam Method
    Deposited Mgo Single Crystal-like 
    IBAD Expensive Compared to E-beam
    ISD MgO Films have Potential for YBCO Conductors 
    MgO Best Deposited on Amorphous Materials 
    MgO not Believed to be Biaxial 
    Epoch Wires Completes Manufacturing Experiments on MgB2 Wire 
    NASA Mission Transmits Data to SC Photon Detector 

    SNSPD System Demonstrates Laser-based Communications Tech 
    Lincoln Lab Incorporated Photon Detector Advances in One Package 
    Lincoln to Pursue Development through NASA LCRD Project 
    Bruker Reports Strong Q4 2013
    NMR Demand Raises Revenues 
    BEST Generates 4.9% Operating Margin 
    AMSC Gridtec Revenues Decline in Q3 FY2013 
    AMSC Expects Orders for Resilient Grid and Degaussing Systems 
    Windtec Segment Performane Raises Aggregate Revenues 
    McGahn: Positive Cash Flows Expected by End of FY2014
    Lockheed Develops Miniature Cryocooler for Satellites 
    Microcryocooler Uses LHe 
    Work Ongoing to Further Reduce Cooler Size 
    ORNL Studies Local Inhomogeneity in Iron-based SC 
    Organizing Dopants may Improve SC Characteristics 
    Materials Exhibits Wide Gap Variation 
    Stripe Phase Study Creates Path to Understanding Pseudogap 
    Using Ultrafast Science to Observe Phase Transitions 
    Nickelate Studied to Isolate Stripe Phase 
    A Roadmap for Examining the Cuprate Pseudogap 
    Team Studies Charge Ordering, HTS in BSCCO 
    HTS Forms Below Charge Ordering 
    Researchers use STM, X-ray Scattering  
    Researchers Seek Physical Mechanism Behind Charge Ordering 
    Team Sheds Light on Forces Behind Electron Binding in Iron SC 
    Nodeless Gap Implies Phonon-mediated SC 
    FeSe Chosen for Simple Lattice Structure  
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2803:

    UT Develops Enhanced SC Cables for MCF Reactors 
    Cables Employ Interweaving to Reduce Susceptibility to Heating 
    Cables yet to be Tested under Plasma Operating Conditions 
    Cables Build on Previous UT Research 
    SR2S Developing SC Radiation Shield for Deep Space 
    Tech Critical to Long Space Flights 
    Key Research Milestones Reached 
    Shielding to Broaden Pool of Potential Astronauts 
    Scott Technology Becomes Sole Owner of HTS-110
    HTS-110 in Operation since 2004
    Team Proposes to Combine SC, LED for Quantum Entanglement 
    Entangled Photons Useful for Basic Research 
    High Quality Semiconductor-SC Junctions Necessary 
    SC Material Inserts Cooper Pairs into LED 
    SC Enhances Photon Emission 
    High Photon-pair Rate Shortens Experiment Times 
    STI Claims HTS Wire Production Progress in Earnings Report 
    Quiram Expects Stage Three Conductus Wire Deals 
    Lower Revenues, Higher Losses for Q4 2013 
    CERN, ESA Sign Agreement 
    ESA, CERN Require Robust, Reliable Tech 
    New SQUID Enables Quantum Measurements at 60 mK
    SQUID Overcomes Joule Effect 
    Gold Used to Reduce Excess Heat 
    UCL/NPL Researchers Developing Smaller SQUIDs
    OI and RHUL Develop Cryogen-free micro-Kelvin Refrigerator 
    System Follows 18-month Collaboration 
    System Reaches 600 mK, Remains under 1 mK for 30 Hours 
    Team Able to Reduce Vibration-induced Heat Load 
    Extending Hold-time Possible 
    FRIB Construction Underway at MSU 
    Site Preparation Underway since 2012 
    FRIB Originally Proposed in 2006 Report 
    Tres Amigas Reaches Deal with Wind Energy Supplier 
    Tres Amigas 75% Financed 
    Negotiations with ERCOT Ongoing 
    PNM CEO Expresses Doubts over Tres Amigas 
    Tres Amigas to use AMSC HTS Wire 
    Team Explores Effect of Charge Density Waves on SC 
    Charge Density Waves Measured with REXS, STM, ARPES 
            Results may Contribute to More Resilient Cuprates
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2804:

    MagLab Develops High-Jc, High-field Breakthrough in Bi-2212 Processing
    Method Allows for Round, Multifilament, Twisted Bi-2212
    Method Reduces Porosity of Wire
    Conductor Demonstrated in 2.6 T Coil
    Wire Generating Interest from Industrial Partners 
    1-km, 10-kV Nexans HTS Cable Begins Field Trial in Essen
    HTS Cable Coupled with SFCL 
    AmpaCity Study Identifies Benefits of HTS Cable 
    NC State Suggests Processing Improvements for Bi-2212
    Bi-2212 Wire Production Process Creates Impurities 
    Large-scale Impurities Detrimental to SC 
    Next Step Involves Developing Improved Processing Protocols 
    SuperPower Adds 30 micron Substrate 2G HTS Wire 
    Team Finds that SC is Compatible with Spintronics 

    SC Could Provide the Charge to Create Spin Currents
    Magnetic Holmium Layer Enables Material to Maintain SC 
    BEST Grows Operating Income by 211% in Q1 FY2014 
    BioSpin Continues Revenue Growth 
    Cash Grows 3.5% Sequentially 
    STI Reports More Customers Testing Conductus in Q1 2014
    Conductus Achieves 500 A/cm Minimum Current 
    Nine Conductus Orders Shipped in Q1
    Lower Revenues and Losses for Q1 2014 
    IBA Reports Healthy Backlog in Q1 2014 
    Sale Gives Entry to Japan's Proton Therapy Market 
    CERN Initiates FCC Study to Propose LHC Successor 
    FCC Study Occurs Alongside CLIC 
    Vienna Team Studies SC Coupling Mechanism in Graphene 
    Earlier Work Indicated Benefits of ARPES Measurements 
    Calcium Offers Charge Transfer and Low Dopant Photon Energy 
    Team to Investigate Van der Waals Heterostructures 
    Team Discovers Unconventional SC State in CeCoIn5 
    Most HTS Magnetically Driven 
    Manipulation of SDW States a First 
    Analysis of Different Materials Underway 
    nanoGUNE, FUB Advance Info Codification at Atomic Level 
    Study Shows that Magnetic State is Readable 
    SLAC-led Team Explains Electron Pairing in CaC6
    ARPES Revealed CaC6 Electron Interactions 
    Research to Continue with Monolayer Graphene 
    Team Studies Photon-Electron Interaction in Cuprates 
    Room Temp Ballistic Transport Shown in Graphene Nanoribbons 

    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2805:

    Applied Materials Completes SFCL System for NY Trial
        SFCL Technology Struggles to Penetrate Market
        Duncan: Growing Fault Current Problems
    CERN Announces LHC Restart Schedule
        Last LHC  Magnet Interconnection Closed June 18
        10,000 SC Magnet Interconnections Consolidated
    Epoch Awarded KEEP Funds for SC Electrical Bus System
        Grant to Facilitate Development of Wire Production
    NIMS Identifies Superconductivity in SrAuSi3
        Physical Properties, Electronic Structure not yet Clarified
        Work Showcases Usefulness of High-pressure Synthesis
        SO Coupling Strength Important for M Element
        Conduction Electrons Influenced by SO Interactions
    AMSC Says Superconductor Tech to Drive FY2014 Growth
        McGahn: REG System Order would be Transformational Event
        Annual Revenues Down Slightly
        Revenues Likely to be Down Slightly in FY2014
    OI Reports Improved Revenues and Profit
        Industrial Products Sector Shows 2.3% Underlying Revenue Growth
        Orders for First Two Months of FY Higher than Last Year
    Janis ULT Develops Platform for Atacama Cosmology Telescope
        TES Bolometers have SC Mo/Cu Bilayer
        DR can Operate at Low Atmospheric Pressure
        NEW DR Radically Extends Daytime Scanning Abilities
    SDSU, Navy Develop Improved SQUID Analytical Techniques
    BNL Study Combines Atoms with Multiple Orbitals

        First Direct Evidence of Changes in Electron Orbitals
        Arsenic's Electron Cloud More Electronically Sensitive than Oxygen's
        Researchers Conduct CBED Analysis
        Results may Enable Higher Tc's, New Superconductors
        Future Experiments to Apply Dynamic Diffraction Methods
    ICFO Couples Graphene Resonator to SC Microwave Cavity
        Resonator could be used in Mass Detectors
        Detecting Motion with SC Cavity
        Fabrication Offers Possibilities for Other Hybrid Devices
        Device can be Upgraded to Reach the Motional Quantum Regime
    Yale, FZJ Develop Improved Qubit
        Researchers Demonstrate that Qubit can be Dissipation Immune
        Phase-slip Junction Eliminates QP Dissipation
        SC Design Crucial to Improvement
        Experiment Confirms Long-standing Theoretical Prediction
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2806:

    DOE Approves $14 Million for CES over Four Years 
    $3.5 Million Annual Award within Expected Range 
    Efree II Receives $10 Million 
    Cambridge Achieves New Record for a Trapped Magnetic Field in HTS 
    Previous Record Held by YBCO
    Bulk Microstructure Modified to Create Flux Pinning Centers 
    Work Continues on Proprietary SC Devices 
    Toshiba Awarded Contract for ITER TF Coils 
    F4E TF Coil Contract Signed in 2010
    Russia Ships TF Conductor, Contract Signed for TF Winding Pack Testing 
    Air Liquide to Build ITER Cryoplant 
    First 5 of 49 SC Conductors for CS Coil Shipped 
    Blanket First Wall Prototype Completed 
    AML, Argonne Developing Magnet System with High Uniformity 
    Magnet can Rapid Power Ramp, Maintain Field Quality 
    Bruker, NHMFL Complete Installation of 21 T Magnet 
    Magnet to be made Available Free of Charge 
    Magnet has 110 mm, Room Temperature Horizontal Bore 
    CPI Awarded $6 Million European XFEL Contract 
    European XFEL to come Online in 2017
    RI Delivering 4 SRF Cavities Weekly 
    JSU Developing Tube-enclosed Maglev System 
    Super-maglev could reach 3,000 km/hr 
    UCSB Develops Fault Tolerant Quantum Circuits 
    The Holy Grail: Fault Tolerant Universal Quantum Computer
    Error-correcting Architecture a Challenge
    Surface Code Approach Adopted with High Fidelity Threshold 
    High Fidelity Reached with Linear Array 
    Necessary Elements Exist for Scaling Up 
    U Sherbrooke Reveals Phase Transition in Cuprates 
    Results Attribute Cuprate Tc Drop to Competing Electronic Phase 
    Team to Measure Thermal Hall Effect 
    SLAC Clarifies Magnetic-SC Transition in Iron Pnictide 
    Love-Hate Relationship Between Magnetism, SC
    ARPES used to Detect SDW and SC Gaps 
    Next Steps: How Magnetism and Orthorhombicity Affect SC 
    Team Studies Graphene-based SC Phase Transition 
    Density of Conduction of Electrons can be Changed via Voltage Adjustments 
    Authors Confirm Presenceof SC Glass State 
    Oxford Team Creates SC FeSe Intercalcate 
    FeSe Layered with Ammonia 
    Team Seeks to Introduce New Compounds
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2807:

    AMSC Awarded $60 Million to Deploy HTS Cables in Chicago 
    DHS Seeking to Speed Grid Recovery Following Disruption 
    DHS Contract Includes Deployment Plan with two other U.S. Utilities 
    DHS Seeks to Make REG System Commercially Available 
    Deployment Plan to be Developed over next Six to Nine Months 
    AMSC to Serve as Full System Provider 
    JR Tokai Sets Route for Tokyo-Nagoya SC Maglev Line 
    Construction due to Begin this Year 
    43.9 Passenger Kilometers Between Tokyo and Nagoya Expected by 2027
    Nihon U, RIKEN Confirm Single-component Superconductor 
    Metal-dithiolate Complexes have very small HOMO-LUMO Gap
    Not yet known what Enables SC in Ni(hfdt)2
    NSLS-II Approaches 500 mA with SRF Cavity Installations 
    New Cryogenic Plant Constructed by Linde Kryotechnic 
    NSLS-II Construction Underway since 2009 
    BEST Q2 Revenues Grow 11.6%
    Rosatom Shipment Delayed 
    Bruker BiosSpin Sales Raise BSI Revenues 
    2014 Guidance Lowered 
    AMSC Earnings: REG to be a Driver for FY2014 Growth 
    McGahn Projects Revenues at Low Point 
    STI Produces 500 A/cm Pilot Scale Wire, Assembling 1 km RCE 
    RCE Deposition Chamber to Arrive in August 
    Twenty Conductus Wire Orders Shipped 
    Lower Revenues and Losses for Q2 
    Researchers See Coexistence of SC, Dissipative States in Nanowire 
    Results Require SC with Long Coherence and Quasiparticle Relaxation Lengths
    SC, Dissipative State Coexist through Non-equilibrium State 
    Andreev Quasiparticles never reach Thermal Equilibrium 
    Results could be Useful for Single-photon Detector Design 
    ANL Finds Magnetic Suppression of Nematic Order in Iron Arsenide 
    First Observation of Four-fold Phase Occurrence 
    Study Indicates Magnetic Interactions Create Nematic Order 
    Researchers Seek New Phase in Other Compounds
    NHMFL Sees Intermediate Phase in Cuprate SC-Insulator Transition 
    Superconductivity Continues at High Magnetic Fields at Absolute Zero
    Three Distinct Phases of Vortex Matter Observed
    Intermediate Phase: Vortex Liquid Freezes into "Glass"
    Study to Continue with Other Cuprates
    UCSD, Manchester Propose 2 Atom-thick SC Material
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2808:

    NIFS Tests 100 kA HTS GdBCO Coil 
    100 kA Record Current for HTS Conductor 
    GdBCO Tapes Produced by Fujikura 
    Stacking Eliminates Voids, Weak Points 
    Prototype Tested at 20 K, Jc Exceeds Requirement for Fusion Magnet 
    54 GdBCO Tapes used in the Conductor Sample 
    U.S. Navy Developing SC EMP Generator 
    Work on Stator Began in 2008
    Price: SC Stator Practical, Affordable 
    Dartmouth Develops Laser Based on SC Electrons 
    Laser Could Transmit Data
    SC Mirrors used to Minimize Losses 
    Laser emits 100 Million Photons/Second
    Elettra Synchrotron Leads Laser-based Study of Pseudogap
    Ultra-short Light Pulses Capture Properties Hidden at Equilibrium 
    First Use of TR-ARPES Measurements in Pseudogap 
    Scattering Rate of Charge Carriers an Anomalous Behavior 
    Possibility of Controlling SC Characteristics via Pulse Lasers 
    Cornell/BNL Team Finds Broken Symmetry in Cuprate Pseudogap 
    State Never Before Experimentally Observed 
    Study Employs New Approach 
    SLAC Proposes Variable Coupler for 1.3 GHz SRF Cavities 
    Prototype of Coupler Under Construction 
    Proposed Coupler Nearly Eliminates Static Heat Loss 
    TTC-3 Design Product of International Collaboration 
    Electric Field Reduction not yet Focus of Coupler Design 
    Researchers Seek S11 Variation from 0 to -20 db at 7 kW CW Power 
    Italian/French Team Proposes Design for SC Refrigerator 
    SINIS Refrigerator Cools Normal Metal to 100 mK
    Standard Techniques used to Build Cooler 
    System Operates Optimally with Vanadium, Aluminum 
    Study Identifies Magnetism as Force in Cooper Pair Formation 
    Knowledge of Electronic Bandstructure needed to Confirm Hypothesis
    Group Showed Quasi-particle Spectroscopy Reveals Fermion Bandstructure 
    Quantitative Theory to Enable Future Tc Enhancements 
    ISIS, HBNI Study Nb-oxynitride 
    Research Part of Broader Study
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2809:

    STI, Robinson Research Institute Enter into Collaboration 
    Quiram: Multiple Projects Identified 
    Roebel Cable One Target Technology 
    Robinson Developing HTS Transformer
    UCSB, Google to Collaborate on Quantum Computer Development 
    Technetium Tunnel Junctions Under Consideration
    Google Involved in Quantum Computing Since 2011
    D-Wave Two Undergoing Benchmarking at QuAIL
    Evidence Found for Quantum Entanglement in D-Wave System
    Busan-led Team Improves MgB2 Performance with Carbon Nanotubes 
    MgB2 Magnet may be Usable in ECR Ion Source 
    Overcoming Strain/Stress Sensitivities of MgB2 a Challenge 
    Cryogen-free Superconducting System Under Development
    NCSU, nGimat Develop TiO2 Insulator 
    Higher Field Strengths Enabled by Higher Packing Densities 
    Ability to Change Current Important for Large-scale Applications 
    Microstructure Boosts Thermal Conductivity
    UAB Team transports Static Magnetic Field Through SC Hose 
    Host Potentially Adaptable to Wide Range of Applications 
    Transformation Optics Prevented Static Magnetic Field Decay 
    More Efficient Hose Demonstrated in Theory 
    Tiny Chip Developed for NMR
    Suitable for Small-to-medium Size Molecules 
    Electronic Components Fit on 4-mm2 Chip 
    Team Observes Higgs Mode via Oscillations in SC NbN
    Broken Gauge Symmetry State Studied 
    Higgs Mode Uncoupled to the Electromagnetic Field 
    Research Points Towards Controlling SC by Light 
    Team Develops Ultra-high Transmission Optical Nanofibers 
    Fundamental Mode: Two Orders Magnitude Less Loss 
    Fabrication Blueprint, MATLAB Code Provided in Paper 
    Anisotropic Magnetic Properties Observed in Iron Pnictide 
    Nematic Phases a Potential Clue to Understanding Superconductivity 
    BaFe2As2: Crystal Symmetry with Anisotropic Transport
    Anisotropic Behavior Arising from Physical Properties, not Impurities 
    UC Berkeley Identifies Trajectory of SC Qubit 
    Information Flowing Out of the System
    Study uses Parametric Amplifiers 
    Gigaphoton Developing EUV  Light Source with SC Magnet
    SC Magnet Clears Tin Debris 
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2810:

    SuperOx Announces HTS Material for Maglev Applications
    New Material Consists of Layers of 2G HTS Wire
    Tapes Give Materials Uniform Properties
    OSU Improves MgB2 Jc with Dy2O3 Doping
    Dy2O3 Doping to Enable Higher Je
    AIMI Improves MgB2 Layer Growth 
    Dy2O3 Additions Stronger for AIMI than PIT Strands
    Jc Improvements more Pronounced at Higher Temperatures 
    MIT Develops Three-terminal SC Chip
    nTron Functions as Logic Element and SNSPD Amplifier 
    Device is Electrical and Thermal
    Testing Conducted in Half-adder Circuit and SNSPD Amplifier
    EQUS Reports Quantum Contact Between Two Distant SC Qubits 
    System uses Photons to Transmit Data 
    Design may Provide Basis for SC Quantum Repeater 
    Nanjing Team Enhances SC in Bismuth Diselenium Compound 
    Bismuth Diselenide: New SC Family 
    Team will Search for Family Members with Higher Tc 
    OST, Bruker Complete SC Wire for ITER TF Coils 
    LMU-led Team Synthesizes Higher-Tc Ferromagnetic SC 

    High Tc for Thin Iron Selenide Films 
    Cambridge-led Team Probes Role of CDW in Copper Oxide SC
    Findings Point Towards New Superconducting Possibilities 
    BNL/Stony Brook Observe Quantum Fluctuations at ~0 K
    Low Temperature Avoided Heat Distoritions 
    Insights into Boosting Performance 
    Isolating Competing Quantum Interactions 
    Local Magnetism Enhanced at Tc for Iron-based Superconductors 
    Different Fe Orbitals Influence Local Magnetism
    SUNY/Oxford Study Models Graphene SC
    Study Models Electron and Hole Doping
    Novel Coulomb Effects may Emerge near Van Hove Singularity 
    HKU, Tohoku U Report Specific Heat Data for V3Si 
    V3Si has Second-highest Tc of Classical SC
    Lambda Anomalies Accompanied by Broadening of Tc
    Sample 1.0 x 0.3 x 10.0 mm3 Crystal 
    ISIS-led Team Characterizes LaIrSi3
    Sunpower Releases CryoTel Cube Cryocooler 
    U Zaragoza Develops Improved CPWG Resonator 
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2811:

    AmpaCity Project Reports Cable Operating Smoothly 
    Lessons Learned During First Six Months 
    Longer HTS Cables Possible 
    KEPCO Installs HVDC HTS Cable at Jeju Island 
    LS Cable CEO Sees Growing Interest in SC Technology 
    Jeju Island: Second of Three KEPCO SC Projects 
    KIT, Deutsche Nanoschicht, BASF to Establish HTS Lab 
    Lab to Continue Work on CSD Technology 
    CSD Inexpensive Compared to PVD 
    European Commission Funds SuperGrid EUR86.6 million
    Five Research Programs 
    STI Reports Ic of 730 A/cm at 77 K for Conductus Wire 
    STI Ready to Increase Wire Production 
    Wire Shipped to Ten Customers 
    Cash Sufficient into Q1 FY2015
    AMSC Reports Lower Gridtec Revenues 
    AMSC Still Seeking to Sell Tres Amigas Shares 
    AMSC Sells Stock Units to Individual Investor
    BEST Performs Strongly in Bruker Q3 Earnings 
    Solid Demand for SC Wire
    BioSpin Faces Lower NMR Demand 
    FY2014 Guidance Lowered 
    OI Reports Lower Half Year Operating Profit
    MRI Wire Sales Robust 
    Princeton-led Team Observes Majorana Fermions 
    Majorana Fermions Predicted in 1937
    Team Layered Iron on SC Lead 
    Berkeley/LANL Design SC Amplifier 
    Amplifier useful for Measuring Large Numbers of Qubits 
    Resonant Phase Matching Boosted Parametric Gain 
    Brown Team Observes Andreev Bound States in FFLO Phase
    Supercurrents Traveled Across Non-SC Layers 
    Rutgers Crafts Method for Predicting SC Spin Dynamics
    Work may Expedite Search for New Superconductors 
    Team Identifies Two Key Properties in Spin Dynamics 
    Stuttgart-led Team Improves Quantum Coherence 
    Transition Metal Complexes Promising Candidates for use in Qubits
    Coherence Time of 1 microsecond at Room Temperature 
    MD Anderson Studies use of Proton Therapy for Breast Cancer
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2812:

    IARPA Awards Contracts for SC Supercomputer 
    Successor to CMOS Technology
    Josephson Junction Switching Required 
    Component Demonstration in Phase One
    UOW Designing Contracts for SC Supercomputer 
    Direct Drive Generator to Reduce Weight by 40%
    MgB2 Cost Lower than Other SC Solutions 
    Engineering Work to Begin in Next Stage 
    Short-lived Room Temperature SC Achieved in YBCO 
    Laser Pulses Modify Coupling in YBCO 
    Excitation Thickened Cu-Y-Cu Bilayers 
    Causes of Room Temperature Superconductivity Still Unclear
    Oxford Leads UK Initiative to Build a Quantum Computer 
    SC Circuits as Building Blocks 
    NQIT Draws on Expertise in Trapped Ions and Quantum Photonics 
    CERN Prepares to Restart LHC in March 
    VTT Team Develops Kinetic Inductance Magnetometer 

    LC Loop Counteracts Applied Magnetic Fields 
    Kinetic Energy Detunes SC Coil 
    Further Work Needed on Readout Circuitry 
    UC3M Builds Magnetic SC Levitating Gear 
    Cryogenic Prototype Operates at 63 K in a Vacuum 
    Commercial Spin-off Offers SC Levitation Bearings 
    LBNL Group Finds Link Between SC, Electron-Boson Coupling 
    Infrared Photon Coupling Suppreses SC Gap, Electron-Boson Coupling 
    Bi2212 Energized with tiARPES 
    Researchers to Investigate Role of Phonons in HTS 
    SLAC Team Observes New Quantum Phase in Cuprate 
    Asymmetry between Electron-doped and Hole-doped Cuprates
    Magnetic Energy Higher in Electron-doped Cuprate 
    Collective Movement Signals New Quantum Phase 
    BNL Observes Nematic Order in Titanium Oxypnictides 
    Material Class Intermediate Between Cuprates and Pnictides 
    SC Identified in Titanium Oxypnictides in 2012 
    Team will further Study System's Nematicity 
    TIFR Characterizes Properties of Lu3Os4Ge13 Single Crystal 
    Lu3Os4Ge13 Represents a Low-density SC 
    Large Phonon Drag Effect 
    Elekta Unveils Zero Helium Boil-off Technology 
    Design Approved for ITER LHe Plants 
    NIST Installs High Resolution TES at APS  
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2901:

    Siemens to Install SFCL in Augsburg Grid
    Project may Lead to Permanent Installation 
    Device to Handle Loads of Up to 15 MWt
    Project will Compare SFCL, SCLR Technology 
    Installation may Help Create Market Demand 
    2014 Superconductivity Stock Performance Analysis 
    Pure Play STI Outperformed SSI
    AMSC has Strong SC Catalysts 
    BEST Outperformed BSI 
    OI Earnings Distorted by ITER Purchase 
    Changes to SSI 
    MIT Develops Equation to Predict SC Performance 
    Thin Films Difficult to Replicate
    Researchers Work with NbN
    Equation Valid for over 30 Superconductors
    Weizmann Builds SQUID for In- and Out-of-Plane Fields 
    New SQUID Fabrication Method Novel 
    Fabrication Eliminates Need for Lithography
    Copenhagen Team Builds Hybrid Semiconductor-metal Circuit
    Circuit Offers Numerous Applications 
    Team Adopted Integrated Approach 
    Max Planck Achieves SC in Hydrogen at 190 K, 150 GPa
    H2S Pressurized to P>150
    U Pavia Finds Weak Relationship between Tc and Benzene Rings 
     Potential Application in Low Energy Dissipation Devices
    Linkoping Team Reports YBCO Self-doping
    Trivalent Configuration Appears in SC State
    UNSW Achieves 30 Second Qubit Coherence in Semiconductor 
    31P Atom as the Ideal Qubit
    Previous Coherence Benchmark 1.9 Seconds
    SLAC Views Phase Competition between Pseudogap and SC 
    Removing Competition may Raise Cuprate Tc
    Competition Weaker with Hole Doping 
    IISc Triggers LAO/STO Transient SC with Magnetic Field 
    Suppressing Competing Order may Raise Tc 
    NIMS Team Observes Atomic Steps as Josephson Junctions 
    Findings Counter Previous Theory 
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2902:

    Bruker Earnings Show Good Year for BEST
    NMR Sales Lower for BioSpin
    Performance Hurt by CAM Restructuring
    Exchange Rates to Affect Performance in 2015
    AMSC Q3 Gridtec Earnings Down 12.8% on D-VAR Sales
    McGahn: Navy SPS Contract Expected by the End of March
    AMSC Offering Two REG Applications 
    Q3 2014 Aggregate Revenues Higher
    AMSC has Sufficient Funding for 2015 Operations
    Gridtec Sales Likely Flat in Q4 2014
    DOE, NCI Award $1.95 M for Lightweight Particle Beam Delivery Systems 
    Magnet Analysis Capabilities Developed by DOE OHP to aid current project
    LBNL to Lead Overall Magnet Design 
    OI Installs High Field Magnet at HLD
    Modeling and Construction Techniques Overcome Technical Obstacles
    MIT Creates Larger, Denser, More Sensitive SNSPD Array
    Fabrication Method Solves Instability Problem
    20% of Single Photons Detected
    Array Scalable for Smaller Quantum Systems
    HPSTR, Carnegie Team Triples Tc through Carrier Switch
    Pressure Changes Fermi Electronic Structure
    Compression Results in Collapsed Tetragonal Phase
    Strong Electronic Correlations may Cause Novel SC
    NIST Builds SC-Magnetic Device with Spintronics
    Device is an Element of the IARPA C3 Program
    Challenge of Balancing SC and Magnetism
    Further Plans for Reducing Magnetic Switching Ic
    Princeton Views Cooper Pairs on Topological Superconductor
    Topological Insulator Expected to Host Majorana Fermions
    Supersymmetry to Illuminate Particle Physics Problems
    Potential to Discover New Properties of SC
    U Tokyo Creates Theoretical SC Model for Iron-Based Compounds
    SC Related to Electron Density Fluctuations
    UBC Finds Charge Ordering in Electron-Doped Cuprates
    Study Opens Parallel Avenue of Research
    Charge Order at Higher Temperature than Pseudogap
    Study Proposes New Theoretical Descriptions for HTS 
    String Theory Addresses Unconventional Matter
    Unresolved Issues Cloud Understanding of HTS 
    BCS Provides Model for LTS
    Study Builds on 2007 Research 
    String Theory also to Benefit from HTS
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2903:

    MIT, ProNova Awarded $820,000 for Ironless Cyclotron
    SC Magnets have 1/15 Total Weight of Resistive Coil Magnets 
    Conceptual Design Based on MRI Technology
    Linear Relationship between Magnetization and Saturation
    Energy Degrading System Unnecessary
    OI Develops 19T Large Bore Superconducting Magnet 
    Magnet Operates at 4.2 K
    HTS Insert Coils Allow High Fields Above 23 T
    Modeling and Quench Management Key to Managing Coil Stresses
    Ad Astra Wins $10 Million NASA Grant for VASIMR Engine
    VASIMR to Reduce Fuel Requirements for Space Missions
    Grant to Cover 100-hour Thermal Test
    STI Increases Wire Shipments in FY2014
    Several Companies at Final Stages of Qualification
    Reduced Net Losses for Q4 and FY2015
    Quarterly Cash Burn Rate Reduced to $2 Million
    Cornell Discovers SC Fingerprint in Iron Pnictide
    Theorists Differentiated Spin Fluctuations from Lattice Vibrations
    QPI Confirmed Spin Fluctuation Fingerprint
    SLAC Explains Tc Enhancement of FeSe on a STO Substrate
    STO Substrate Exhibits Novel Properties
    Tokyo Raises Tc for Thin Film Iron Chalcogenide Tc
    The First Phase Diagram of 11 Chalcogenides
    Investigating Te Content Effects may Raise Tc
    Future Work will Investigate System Properties
    CAS Views Insulator to SC Transition in FeSe/SrTiO3 System
    System May Provide Platform for Insulator/SC Heterostructures
    Film Behavior Similar to Cuprate SC
    USC Finds Cooper Pairs at 100 K in Superatom Nanoclusters
    First Observation of High Tc Signature in Cluster
    Nanoclusters Offer Potential for Novel SC Materials
    Theory Does Not Yet Suggest Ideal Sizes for Forming Cooper Pairs
    U Minnesota Finds Quantum Oscillations, Charge Order Link
    Hg1201 and YBCO Exhibit Charge Order/Oscillation Connection
    RXD and RIXS Experiments Conducted
    UCSB Builds Error-Detecting Quantum Circuit
    Qubits to Perform Different Functions
    More Qubits Increase System Reliability
    Johns Hopkins Designs Vortex-Pinning SC Nanowire
    Team Increased Edge to Bulk Ratio in Nanowire
    Osaka Observes Topological Superconductor with Gap Nodes
    Line Nodes may Indicate Surface Andreev Bound States
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2904:

    JR Tokai's L0 Maglev Train Sets World Speed Record
        Testing Part of Preparations for Tokyo-Osaka Line
        Testing Follows 2013 Line Extension
    AMSC Selected as Sole Source for Navy Degaussing System
        AMSC to Expand HTS to Ship Protection Systems
    Festo Demonstrates Superconducting Maglev Industrial Processes
        Superconductors Reach Areas not Accessible to Automation
        Concepts use Bulk YBCO as Superconductor
        Concepts Suitable for Biotech, Food Processing, and Packaging
    GA Begins Manufacture of ITER Central Solenoid Magnet
        Peak Strength of 13.1 T and Stored Energy Capacity of 5.5 GJ
        Nb3Sn Presents Special Challenges
        Manufacturing on an Unprecedented Scale
    Solar-Tectic Patents High-Jc HTS Production Method
        Technology Restricts Vortice Movement with Half Integer Vortices
        Patents Contains Two Methods for Creating Rough Boundary Edges
    Bruker Reports Reduced Q1 Earnings for BEST
        Bruker Reports Lower Revenues, Higher non-GAAP Net Income
        IDPs to Provide Opportunity for Biospin
        2015 Financial Projections Unchanged
    IBA Reports Increased Sales
        IBA Secures 50% of all Orders in FY2014
        IBA Expects to Average 10% Annual Growth
    AMSC Preannounces Financial Results
        New REG Deployment Study Expected
    AMSC Trade Secret Case Scheduled for Hearing
        Copyright Infringement Case to be Appealed
    Japanese Researchers Develop Switchable SC Transistor
        New Transistor Overcomes Temperature Limitations
        Transistors Under 1 mm2
    Eindhoven Develops Waveguide SC Single-photon Detector
    Team Shows Electronic Structure Influence on Molecular SC

        Molecular SC not Restricted by Atomic Electronic Structures
        Fullerene Tc Raised to 38 K with Applied Pressure
        SC Emerges from Jahn-Teller Distortion
    Optimal Tc at Balance of Molecular and Extended Lattice Features
    Bar Ilan, Stuttgart Team Observes Higgs Boson in Lab

        Higgs Boson in Particle Physics has SC Analog
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2905:

    UH to Creat Institute to Advance Superconductor Manufacturing
        Institute to Address Barriers to HTS Manufacturing
        ASMI Blueprint to be Created in 18 Months
    OI Builds 15 T Outsert Magnet for NHMFL
        HTS Insert will Boost Magnetic Field
        Magnet has High Field, Large Bore
        YBCO to be Used for Insert
    EU Consortium Plans Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator
        EcoSwing to Unite End User and HTS Manufacturer
        Entire Nacelle 25% Lighter
        Focusing on Best Technology at Lowest Cost
    AMSC Reports Higher Q4 FY2014 Revenues
        Gridtec Revenues Up 12% in Q4 FY2014
        AMSC Seeking to Broader Ties with US Navy
        Lower 12-Month Backlog
    STI Reports Three New  Customers in Q1 FY2015
        Wire Performance and Finishing Layer Process Improved  
        Lower Revenues Generated by Legacy Products
    OI Reports Lower Profits in FY2014/15
        Superconducting Wire Revenue Lower
        Workforce Reduced by 7%
    IBM Develops Quantum Error Correction Code
        System Finds Errors Without Measuring Qubits
        2D Lattice More Lenient Towards Operation Errors
    Korea Builds SC Cavities for Heavy Ion Accelerator
        Korea Capable of Producing Cheaper Cavities than Other Countries
    NPL, RHUL Team Build High-Quality Qubit Foundry
        Artificial Atoms Interact with Microwave Radiation
        Qubits Made Using Electron-Beam Lithography
           Experiments Demonstrate 100% Fabrication Yield
    Airbus Developing SC Electrical Propulsion System Prototype
        Long-length HTS Wires Major Advance for Aircraft Industry
        Propulsion System Part of e-Aircraft Roadmap
    Fermilab SC Accelerator Fires First Beam
        Electrons Accelerate Through SRF Cavities
        Eight-cavity Cryomodule Planned for the Future
        Accelerator not Comparable to Tevatron
    Hefei Realizes Optical Character Recognition in Quantum Computer
        Quantum Computing a Means of Managing Big Data
        NMR Used to Handle Qubits
        Machine Distinguished Between Two Handwritten Numbers
    KIT, BNG Develop Superconducting Undulator
        SCU15 has Increased Flux and Spectral Range
        Undulator Solves Heating Problems of Earlier Models
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2906:

    THEVA Preparing to Increase Production of GdBCO Tape
        ISD Offers Fast and Cheap Deposition Process
        Process Facilitates HTS Layer Growth
        Main Goal is Product with High Yield at Reasonable Cost
    Maglab Achieves 27 T with SC Magnet
        32 T Magnet to have more HTS Modules
        Stronger Superconducting Magnets Feasible
    RTRI Begins Testing Superconducting Flywheel Storage System
        Storing Electricity from Regenerative Breaking
         Power Storage System has Output Capacity of 300 kW
    Glow Energy Orders Two SFCLs from Applied Materials
        Glow SFCL is Third Applied Materials Commission
        Knapps Corners SFCL Responded 16 Times to Fault Currents
    Robinson Achieves 1390 A in HTS Transformer
        1390 A Achieved at 70 K
        Project Team Includes Callaghan Innovation, GCS
        Transformer Includes Three 20-m Long Roebel Cables
        Transformer Undergoing Further Testing
        Preliminary Work on Commercial Prototype Underway
    Robinson Develops Lightweight, Compact HTS MRI
        Helium Elimination Reduces Weight
        Whole Body Prototype to use MgB2
        MRI to Weigh less than 1,500 kg
    Berkeley Lab Creates Magnet Technology Center
        Center to Collaborate with Other Institutions on Magnetic Systems
        BCMT Creates Opportunity to Broaden LBNLís Expertise
        Customized Equipment to be Ready in ~1 Year
        Research to Focus on HTS
        Project to last About Five Years  
    TcSUH Wins Grant to Search for Novel Materials
        Customized Equipment to be Ready in ~1 Year
        Research to Focus on HTS
        Project to last About Five Years
    IBA Reports Higher Proton Therapy Sales in Q1 FY2015
        Record Proton Therapy Backlog of $299.4 Million
        IBA Reiterates 2015-18 Guidance
    Japanese Team Studies 1000 Materials for Superconductivity
        Solid-state Chemists Conducted Research
        All Objectives Accomplished Except Tc > 77 K
         Promising Iron-based SC Wire Developed Using PIT
    TKK Launches Textured Cu Substrate Production
        Overcoming the Occurrence of Abnormal Grains in Cu Substrates
        Cu is 50% Cheaper than Nickel or Tungsten Alloys
    UCSD Team Fabricates HTS SQUIDs
        Josephson Circuits Written Directly onto YBCO Film
        SQUID has Attractive Transport Characteristics
        Team Pursuing MEG, High Data Througput Communications Applications
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2907:

    D-Wave Introduces 1152 Qubit Quantum Processor
        Process Considers 21,000 Possibilities Simultaneously
        Low Energy State Increases Quantum Stability
        Upgrades Improve Control Circuitry  
    JGU Prepares to Fabricate SRF Module for MESA
        MESA First Multi-turn ERL Accelerator
        MESA to be Key Research Tool in the PRISMA Cluster
    3-Cs Achieves Continuous, Seamless Deposition of HTS on Cylinder
        Arrays of Cylinders could replace Coils for Many Applications
        Potential Manufacturing Advantages for Magnetic Coils
        3-Cs Achieves Continous Deposition Band on Cylinder
        Cylinder Attains Jc of 0.88 10^6 A/cm2
        PLD Preferred Deposition Method for Development Work
        Method Allows for Defect Management at Batch Level
        3-Cs Seeking Investors, Technology Partners
    FERC Allows SPS to Terminate Tres Amigas Agreement
        Tres Amigas Missed Deadlines, Failed to Pay SPS
        Tres Amigas Cites Complexity of Project
        Texas Passes Bill Requiring PUCT Approval of Connection
    STI Wire Performs Strongly in SFCL Tests
        Robinson Qualifies Conductus for Roebel Cable
    HTS-110 Builds HTS Vector Magnet for Otago University
        Vector Magnet Simplifies Sample Orientation
        Magnet Runs with Pumped Nitrogen at 67 to 88 K
        Three Fields Complicate Magnet Design
        Magnet to be used for SC Qubits, Microwave/Optical Photon Conversion
    AMSC Grows Revenues in Q1 FY2015
        Gridtec Revenues Higher due to D-VAR Shipments
        Pepco REG Design may be Larger than ComEd's
        AMSC Begins U.S. Navy Contract
        Tres Amigas Investment Written Off
    RIKEN-led Team Measures Entanglement in Electrons
        Research Confirms Entanglement without Bell Test
        Work Aimed at Realization of Andreev Entangler 
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2908:

    Bruker Q2 BEST Revenues Fall due to Forex and Project Completions
        Bruker Reports Organic Revenue Growth
        Bruker Seeing NMR Order Growth
        No Changes for 2015 Financial Projections
    STI Progressing Towards Meeting Customer Wire Requirements
        Conductus Evaluated for Three Applications
        Lower Revenues on Legacy Sales
    DOE Solicits SBIR/STTR Projects
        DOE Seeks to Improve RF Acceleration and Related Technologies
        ONP Seeking Magnets for EIC
    Mevion Withdraws IPO
        Mevion Reported Strong Backlog in S-1 Filing
    Tohoku Raises FeSe Thin Film Tc to 60 K
        MBE used to create High Quality Thin Films
        Findings Offer Platform for Investigating 2D Superconductivity
    APS Expands LHeP2 Program
        Pilot Program Lowered LHe Costs by 15%
        Researchers Facing Higher Prices and Unreliable Delivery Given Preference
    U Tokyo Achieves Coupling Between SC Qubit and Magnon
        First Instance of SC-Magnon Coupling
        Microwave Drive Facilitates Coupling
        Magnon Coherence Factors not Understood
    Okayama-led Team Studies Tc in Doped FeSe
        Tc Decrease with Pressure up to 13 GPa
        SC Reappears Above 13 GPa
        SC Pairing Mechanism at High Pressures not Understood
    Superconductivity Observed in Iron-based Ladder Material
        Discovery Provides New Avenue for Finding SC Materials
        Team Conducted Variety of Measurements
    U Tokyo Finds Large Inverse Spin Hall Effect in Superconductor
        Findings Demonstrate SC Potential in Spintronics
        Study is the First to Investigate Spin Hall Effect in an SC
    Team Finds Graphite Quantum Transition in High Magnetic Field
        Transition may be Exciton BCS State
        Transition Occurs at 53 T
    Team Constructs Holographic SC Model in HL Gravity
        SC could be Realized in Broken LI Theory
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2909:

    ASG to Build Multiplet Magnets for FAIR Project
        ASG Contributing to Design of SuperFRS Beamline
        Fourth Major International Order for ASG in 5 Years
    HYPRES Introduces Faster Superconducting ICs
        Advanced Lithography Enables JJ Size Decrease
        Customers Require Faster Data Processing
        HYPRES Offering JJs with Dual Jc Option
    Max Planck Tests W7-X Coils and Magnetic Field
        Stellarator Offers Advantages for a Power Station
        W7-X to Produce 30 Minute Plasma Discharges
        NbTi Coils to Confine Plasma
        Technical Systems Undergoing Testing Before Operation Begins
        Coils Tested Individually, in Groups, and as Complete Set
        Field Tests Reveal Nested Flux Surfaces
    AmpaCity Cable Undergoes Short Circuit and Ground Fault Testing
        Three Types of Tests Conducted in June
    MIT Designs Small Fusion Reactor with REBCO Magnets
        Increased Tape Performance Makes REBCO Magnets Feasible
        Fusion Power Grows more than Proportionally with Magnetic Field
        REBCO Coils would last at least 10 Years
        FLiBe Creates Liquid Blanket Surrounding Plasma
        Reactor Capable of Producing 500 MW of Power
    Superconductor Margins to Lower OI FY2016 Earnings
        Demand for Nanotechnology Tools Strong
        June-July Orders Pick Up  
    U Wollongong-led Team Devises High Current MgB2 Joints
        Team Addresses Problem of MgB2 Joint Deterioration
        Applying Appropriate Pressure Prevents Cracks
        Working on Reliable Production Method
    TUT Builds SQUID Food Inspection System
        System Magnetizes Metal Fragments
        System Detected 0.2 mm Steel Ball
    Cornell Team Observes Vortex Pinning in Irradiated SC
        Raising Jc with High-energy Ion Beams
        Two Distinct Pinning Effects in FeSeTe1-x
    Aalto Predicts Iron Lattice Deposits Enhance Topological SC
        Study Provides Pathway for Accessing Topological Properties
        Findings Suggest px+ipy Superconductivity
    Engineered Metamaterial Triples Aluminium Oxide Tc
        Dielectric Response Allows tuning of Electron Pairing
        Experiment used ENZ Plasmonic Core-shell Metamaterial
        Tc of Metamaterial Reached 3.9 K
    CERN Replacing 1000 QPS Cards
        Cards One of Three Independent Monitoring Systems
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2910:

    SuNAM Improves GdBCO Manufacturing Process
        RCE-DR Allows for High Deposition Rate
        RCE Vision System Applies Color Values
    RSE, A2A Upgrade to Milan SFCL to 15.6 MVA
        Prototype Functioned Successfully for more than Two Years
        2G YBCO Used instead of 1G BSCCO
        Upgraded SFCL to be Field Tested in 2016
    Siemens Joins Australian Drive for HTS Defence Applications
        Collaboration to Identify Additional Projects
        Latest in Private Sectors/Government/University Collaborations
    STI Stock Issuance Drives Down Share Price
        STI Reaches Distribution Agreement for India Sales
        Funds Continue to Buy Stock
    NSSMC Develops High Tc QMG Bulk Superconductors
        NSSMC Develops LRE Bulks up to 150 mm
        Gd-based QMG Fabricated with RE Compositional Gradient Method
        Eu-based QMG Appropirate for NMR/MRI
    Intel to Invest $50 Million in Quantum Computing
        Industy-University Collaborations Cricical to Quantum Computing Development
        Intels Joins other Tech Leaders by Investing in Quantum Computing
    Brazilian Team Tests Maglev Vehicles on 200 m Line
        Modular Design Prermits SHarper Curves and Steeper Grades
        Current Focus on Safety Certification
    SUPERCABO Project to Build and Test SC Transmission Cable
        Prototype to be Installed in July 2016
        Utilities Involved in Design Preparation
    UBC, Max Planck Find Evidence for SC in Monolayer Graphene
        Lithium Modiefies Phonon Density of States
        Several Groups Testing Substrates-graphene-dopant Combinations
        Li Doesn't Alter Graphene's Carrier Mobility
        Graphene Stronger than Steel by Weight
    St. Andrews Uses SC to Magnetize Gold
        Study Advances Superconducting Spintronics
        Other Materials may Yield Same Result
        Findings not Conisistent with Theory
    Team Observes Fermi Surface Transition Favorable for SC
    Team Observes Mott Transition in SC
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2911:

    Niowave Announces Successful Production of Mo-99 Isotope
        Most Mo-99 Produced in Canada, Eu
        Mo-99 Unstable Isotope that Decays Rapidly
        Niowave's Method does not Require HEU
        Niowave's Work Supported by U.S. Congress
    EuCARD2 Builds REBCO Magnet for Accelerator Applications
        HTS Magnet to be Insert in a 20 T Dipole
        Roebel Tapes Offers Je of 600 A/mm2
        FRESCA2 Building Outsert Magnet
    Maryland Receives Grant for DC-Baltimore SC Maglev Line Planning
        Japan Promising $5 Billion in Financing
    ACT Raises Je of CORC Cables with Thinner Substrate
        ACT Tests 38 mm Substrate with Zr Doping
        Custom Machine Improves Cable Quality
        30 mm-thick Substrate Further Improves Je
        Future Improvements with Higher Zr Doping
    U Lorraine Team Develops Unique Inductor for SC Motor
        LTS and HTS Design Increases Magnetic Flux
        Motor Realized Ic of 100 A
    LANL Designs Inexpensive and Portable MRI
        ULF-MRI Overcomes Drawbacks of Conventional MRI
        Shielded and Unshielded Machines Developed
        Commercial SQUIDs used in System
        Further Work depends on Obtaining Funding
    RTRI Building SC DC Cable for Railways
        Tests Conducted on the Sunzu Line
    AMSC Grows Revenues in Q2 FY2015
        DHS Concludes $3.7 Million Contract Modification for REG System
        PEPCO REG System may be Larger than Chicago
    STI Awaiting Conductus Wire Contracts
        Wire Shipped to Two New Customers
        Cash Sufficient through 2016
    Bruker Q3 Earnings Show Biospin Recovery
        ROSATOM Revenues Shifted to Q4
        Forex Rate Changes Hurt Q3 Results
        Biospin Benefited from NMR Revenue Growth
        Bruker Raises FY2015 Earnings Estimates
    Lower SC Sales Dampen OI Earnings
        OI to Provide Nb3Sn Conductor for LHC
        Nanotechnology Earnings Grow
        Finance Director Boyd Leaving Company
    Kyoto U Grows Pb1212 Epitaxial Film with 90 K Tc
        Kyoto uses Two-step Growth Method
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 2912:

    IARPA Awards Contract to IBM to Build a Logical Qubit
        IBM Scaling its Square Lattice to Four Qubits
    LHC Luminosity Upgrade Shifts from Design to Construction Phase
        Luminosity to be Increased by Factor of Five to Ten
        Upgrade Involves Numerous SC Components
        Equipment to be Installed in 2018, 2022
    PSFC Developing Conceptual Design for HTS ARC Fusion Reactor
        Possible Funding Through Low Carbon Energy Initiative
        HTS Allows for Higher On-axis Magnetic Fields
        Magnetic Field Limited by Torus Structural Components
        Designs use Commercially Available REBCO Tapes
        HTS Allows for Optimized Plasma beta, Ion Gyroradius
        Design to Reduce Size, Cost, and Improve Operation
    Grenoble Designs SFCL Linking Ship Power Systems
        Increased use of Electrical Drives Increases Fault Current Risk
        Grenoble Team Runs Simulations of SFCL Performance Onboard HVDC Ship Grid
        Tests Conducted on Demonstration SFCL
    Russian Team Designs 2G HTS Generator for Wind Turbines
        HTS Coils Achieve Ic of 41 to 45 A in Testing
        Motor Rotating Velocity Raised to 600 RPM
    Proton Therapy Sales Drive IBA Revenues Higher
        Total Revenues Grow by 25.1%
    ISTEC Creates Novel Gradiometric SQUID
        ISTEC SQUIDs Feature Ramp-edge Josephson Junctions
        Ion Bombardment used to Prepare Junctions and Contacts
        Detailed Studies Ongoing
    Saint Jean Carbon Indentifies Graphene Magnetic Properties
        Magnetism Observerd Without Temperature or Chemical Manipulation
        Company to Identify Partners to Develop Applications
        Key Potential Applications include Bioengineering and Nanoelectronics
    French Team Induces SC in Boron-doped Silicon
        Si:B Offers Advantages for Nanoelectronics
        Extreme Doping Concetration Triggers SC
        Metallic Phase Enhances Applications for Nanoelectronics
        Silicon Devices Tested
    CAS Team Improves Transport Jc in SmFeAsO1-xFx Tapes
        SmFeAsO has Highest Tc of Iron-based Superconductors
        Sn Pre-sintering Improves Grain Connectivity and Jc
        Heat Treatments Prevent Fast Fluorine Loss
    HKUST Uncovers Reason for High Field Resistance in MoS2
        Team Dubs New SC Class Ising Superconductors 
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3001:

    First Electrons Accelerated by European XFEL Injector
        Injector Produced by 17 Member Consortium
        Electrons to be Accelerated through Niobium Cryomodules
    Columbus Superconductors, INFN Develop MgB2 Tape for Radiation Shields

        SR2S Successfully Analyzed the Interaction of Shielding Materials
        MgB2 Offers Low Average Density and Cost
        MgB2 Magnets Could Operate for Years in Space
    SCW's Stock Index Outperforms Market in 2015
        IBA Performance Shows Demand for Proton Therapy
        Furukawa Revenue and Income Higher
        Bruker BiowSpin Rebounds in Q4 2015
        AMSC Makes Progress with Two Superconducting Catalysts
        OI Faces MRI Pressure from Asia
        STI Shares Crash
    STI's Conductus Achieves Ic of 500 A at 12 T
        Wire Shipped to Two New Customers
    NUS Team Tunes Superconductor via Electric and Magnetic Fields
        Crystallinity of TiSe2 Enabled the Observation of New Phenomena
        CDW and SC Transitions Tuned
        Technique Provides New Information on CDW-Superconductor Transition
    Copenhagen Develops SC-Semiconductor Qubit Architecture
        AL Crystal Matches with InAs
        Structure may be Applicable to Topological Qubits
        Applied Gate Voltage Shifts Qubit Frequency
        Delft Conducts Similar Study
        Copenhagen Characterizes Coherence Time
        Further Study Demonstrates Coherence and Stability
    KRISS Offers mT-NMR Improvements
        Overcoming Strong Magnetic Pulses a Challenge
        mT-NMR/MRI Tested for T1 Constrast Values  
        System Tested for Other Applications
        SC Magnetic Hysteresis Reduced
    SIMIT Builds 3D NbN Nano-SQUID High Flux Modulation
        Nano-bridge Junctions Allow for Smaller SQUID Design
        3D Model Improves Current-phase Resolution
        Potential Applications Include SQUID Microscopy and Spectroscopy
    HOLMES to Use LTS Detectors to Measure Neutrino Mass
        Calorimetric Measurement to Measure Electron Capture Decay
        1000 Detector Array will Avoid Pileup Problems
        Project to Last 5 Years Plus 3 Years for Data Collection
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3002:

    ASIPP Maintain 50 Million K for 102 Seconds at EAST
        Maintaining 50 Million K for over 60 s Risks Reactor Meltdown
        Results Could Benefit ITER Program
    LNCMI and CEA-Saclay Building 45 T Hybrid Magnet
        RCOCC to be Used in Outsert Magnet
        Cryogenic System Installation First Production Step
        Next Steps Include Conductor Assembly
        LNCMI Trying to Boost Magnet Power
    U Tokyo, Tohoku U Observe SC in C6CaC6
        Tokyo, Tohoku Independently Develop Measurement, Fabrication Techniques
        SC Proven to be Origin of Zero Resistance in C6CaC6
        High Reactivity to Air Remains a Challenge
    ANSC Reports Higher Revenues and Reduced Loss
        D-VAR Sales Boost Gridtec Revenues
        Nexans Selected for REG Cable Qualification
        Ship Protection System to Generate Revenues in FY2016
        Neutral Operating Cash Flow for Quarter
    BEST Revenues Contribute to Bruker's Strong Q4 FY2015
        Bruker Realizing Benefits from Restructuring
        BioSpin Achieves Higher NMR Order Bookings
        Bruker Expects Profit Margin Expansion in 2016
    Tokyo Observes MoS2 SC in a High Magnetic Field
        SC Schieved Only in Topmost Layer of MoS2
        Spin-orbit Interaction Enhances Stability
    NIST, NTT Design SNSPD for Quantum Teleportation
        SNSPDs use Superconducting MoSi
        Quantum States Limited by Beam Splitter
    Team Patents Novel Architecture for Quantum Computing
        Approach Detaches Logical Qubit from Physical Implementation
        Scalability a Motivation for Proposal
        Scheme Removes Need for SC Qubits
    Team Develops Method for Manipulating Sandwich Systems
        GdTiO3-RNiO3 Sandwich System used in Study
        High Doping Levels Likely Needed for SC in Nickelate Heterostructures
    Quantum Criticality Triggers SC in YRS
        YRS Presents Clear-cut Quantum Critical Properties
        Nuclear Spins Ordered to Reach Quantum Critical Point
    Osaka U Stabilizes Hydrogen at High Pressure
        Findings Raise the Possibility of Higher Tc Metallic Hydrogen
        Findings Suggest Higher Critical Point
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3003:

    AMSC and BASF Reach Agreements to Develop Low Cost HTS Wire
        AMSC to Focus on Driving Down Total System Cost
        BASF to Change Method for Depositing Interface Layer
        Deal may Drive Competitors from Market
    KEPCO Installs 1-km Superconducting AC Cable on Jeju Island
        AC Cable is Third KEPCO SC Project
        LS C&S Seeking to Commercialize Cable Overseas
    Cornell Develops Self-Assembled 3D Superconductor
        Self-assembly may enable Greater Tunability of Material Characteristics
        Gyroidal Structure might result in Unsual Physical Phenomena
        Two-step Heating and Cooling Resulted in SC
    STI Addresses Problems with Conductus Wire
        2015 Customer Count Reached 37
        Cash to Fund Operations into Q4 FY2016
    IBA Proton Therapy Orders and Backlog Grow
        Total Revenues Grow by 22%
    Team Designs Coated Conductor Magnet for Rotating Gantry
        Coated Conductor Magnets Smaller and Lighter for Medical Applications
        Coated Conductor Creates only a Small Magnetic Deviation
        Cosine-theta Magnet Compared Favorably to Block Magnet Design
        Team Building Two Small Magnets
    RHUL Wins Grant for Nanofabrication Facility
        Facility to be Available Free of Charge to UK-based Academics
    Max Planck Uses Laser to Raise the Tc of a Fulleride
        Fullerides have Simpler Structure than Cuprates
        SC First Observed in Fullerenes in 1991
        Lasers Excited Local Molecular Vibrations
        Team will seek to Stabilize the SC Phase
    NIST-led Team Develops Efficient SNSPD with Less Jitter
        MoSi Outperforms WSi on System Jitter
        Less Expensive Cryogenics Appealing for Widespread Use
        New Detector Suitable for Unpolarized Light Sources
        Device used in Record Teleportation Experiment
    Team Proposes Teleporting Microorganism
        Experiment to be the First Involving a Microorganism
        Teleportation would occur in Three Stage Process
        Experiment Possible with Current Technologies
    Team Controls spin Relaxation using SC LC Circuit
        Desirable to Further Shorten Relaxation Times
        Spontaneous Emission Mechanism by which Quantum System Reaches Equilibrium
    UB Finds that PH3 Decomposition Leads to SC
        Max Planck Initiated Experiments with Phosphene 
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3004:

    Cambridge Launches Superspin Project to Develop SC Spintronics
        Potential Solution for High Power Consumption
        Superspin Includes Spintronics, SC Researchers
        Project to Indentify Promising Research Leads
        Advisory Board to Provide Direction
    Construction Begins on NICA Superconducting Collider
        NICA Includes 500 NbTi Magnets
    USAF Sets 633 mph Superconducting Maglev Speed Record
        USAF Seeking to Reduce Vehicle Weight
    TF Coil for JT-60SA Tokamak Successfully Tested
        JT-60SA to Complement ITER Operations
        Tokamak using NbTi for TF Coils, Nb3Sn for Central Solenoid
        JT-60SA to see First Plasma in 2019
    Two Nexans SFCLs Commissioned in Birmingham
        SFCL Project Nexans' Third in the UK
        FlexDGrid Project to Handle Greater Demand over Existing Networks
    TenneT to Install 3.4 km HTS Cable
        Five Partners Contributing Expertise to Project
        Superconductors Attractive for High Ic and Small Footprint
    Russian Team Develops Superconducting Memory Cells
        Proposal Adds Metal/Ferromagnetic Interlayer to System
        System Could Benefit SC Processors
    Waterloo Characterizes Nematicity in Underdoped Cuprates
        Tuning Nematicity Could Affect Tc
        Three Lanthanum-based Cuprates Explored
        Dopants with Distinct Ionic Radii Influence Nematicity
    LCLS-II Preparing for Installation of X-ray Laser
        SC Modules to Accelerate electrons
        Undulator Segments to Include Hundreds of Magnets
        First Small-scale Undulator Prototype Tested in 2013
    BNL-lead Team Studies SC-Insulator Transition in Cuprates
        Results Reveal SC Competition with Charge-glass State
        Researchers Employ COMBE Method
        LSCO Model System to Study HTS    
    International Team Finds Superconductivity in La7Ir3
        TRS Rarely Observed with Superconductivity
        Testing Reveals Spin-Triplet Pairing
    Team Finds Quantum Effects for Superconducting H3S
        Quantum Fluctuations Produce Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization
        Quantum Effects Reduce Symmetrization Pressure
        Hydrogen-based Compounds Unlikely to Achieve SC at Room Temperature
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3005:

    Deutsche Nanoschicht Opens HTS Pilot Plant
        Deutsche Nanonschicht Employs CSD Process
        CSD Production Inexpensive and Scalable
    Rigetti Computing Developing 40-qubit Prototype Quantum Chip
        Rigetti Uses Novel Computing Architecture
        Rigatti's Technology Differs from D-Wave Systems
        Company aims for Quantum-powered Cloud Computing Service
    U.S. Researchers Propose New Method for Enhancing Ic in HTS
        Maximumj Supercurrent Density Represents "Holy Grail"
        Paper First Ic-by-design Paradigm to be Proposed
    Biospin Drives Bruker Growth
        Flat Revenues at BEST
        NMR Sales Lead Biospin
    STI Close to Solving Conductus Mechanical Strength Problems
        STI Proposes Wire Manufacturing Project to DOE
        Quarterly Net Loss Increases
    U.S. National Labs, CERN Develop Powerful Prototype Magnet
        Coils Fabricated from Nb3Sn Instead of NbTi
        Major Challenges include Coil Stress and Dimensional Control
    Higher Proton Therapy Revenue Drives IBA Growth in Q1 FY2016
    CSIRO Develops SQIFs with Extreme Magnetic Field Sensitivity

        Earlier SQIFs Limited to 1D Arrays
        YBCO Grain Boundary Junctions Improve Voltage Output Magnitude
        Magnetic Field Detection Sensitivity of 1530 V/T
        Superconducting Loops Have Random Size Distribution
    Australian Team Prints SC Microwave Cavities
        3D Printing Potentially Offers Quicker Production and Reduced Costs
        Al12Si Alloy Powder used for Cavity Printing
        Polishing Surface and Annealing Improves Cavity Performance
        Team to Investigate Further with Niobium Powder
    Southwest University Models Competition Between Disorder, SC
        Goal to understand Physical Laws Around SC/Disorder Transition
        First Study to use Lagrangian Function to Describe HTS
        Scaling Law to Help in Search for HTS
    Swiss Team Creates Cryogenic Scanning Quantum Sensor
        Team used Diamond NV Centers
        Team Imaged Magnetic Stray Vortices with 10 nm Resolution
        Technology to be Commercialized 
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3006:

    UNIGE and BioSpin Build 25 T Superconducting Magnet
        HTS Insert Coil Increases Field by 4 T
        SuperPower REBCO Tape Used
    Mitsubishi Electric-led Team Builds and Tests Compact HTS MRI Scanner
        Mitsubishi Achieves Winding Accuracy of 0.1 mm
        Team Plans to Construct Half-size MRI Scanner
    Houston Creates TFM Fields in Contradiction to CSM Theory
        CSM Theory Suggests High Pulse Necessary for TFM
        CSM Internally Inconsistent due to Flux Creep
        Team to try to Increase Jc by Lowering Temperature
    Grid Segment Powers AMSC Q4 Revenue Growth
        BASF Agreements Augmented Q4 Grid Segment Revenes
        AMSC Developing Second Version of Ship Protection System
        Positive Operating Cash Flow for Quarter    
        Company Projects Seasonally Lower Revenues in Q1 FY2016
    OI Cuts Costs and Raises Profits
        MRI Pricing Pressures Continue
        Improved Margins for Nanotechnology Tools
    York Instruments Launches New MEG Device
        Increased Sensitivity Muliplies Potential Uses for HyQUIDs
        HyQUIDs Cooled with Helium-free Cooling System
    Google Develops Digital Tuning to Control Qubit Interactions
        AQC Approach Difficult to Scale
        Qubit Interactions Controlled with Voltage and Current Pulses
        System Protected from Effects of Noise
    Rice Investigates SC in 2D Boron
        Two Labs Recently Synthesized 2D Boron
        Polymorphs may allow Tuning of Borons's Conductivity
    Grenoble Fabricates Quantum Dot Electron Turnstile
        Unwanted Electrons Cause Increased Error Rate in SINIS Turnstiles
        Electromigration used to Create SQS Junctions
        Error Rate Below 1% Realized
    TIT Induces SC in FeSe Via Electrostatic Carrier Doping
        EDLT Avoids Structural and Carrier Transport Degradation
        Maximum VG of 5.5 V
        Team to Apply Structures to Other Insulators
    Chicago-led Team Traps Electrons Above Superfluid Helium
        Helium Electrons less Affected by Environmental Noise
        Electrons Trapped in SC Resonator
        Team Controlled Electrons Flowing from Trap
    Physicist Wei Proposes Particle Teleportation
        Relevant to SC Research
    Zhejiang U Finds SC and Ferromagnetism Coexist 
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3007:

    3-Cs Enters Voluntary Liquidation
        3-Cs Coated Conductor Technology
        Coated Cylinders Offer High Je, Low AC Loss
        Liquidation Follows Achievement of Continuous, Seamless Deposition
        3-Cs IP Portfolio, Equipment, Know-how to be Liquidated
    HYPRES and Out of the Fog Research Awarded SIGINT System Contracts
    Guest Article: Implications of the Discovery of HTS in H2S at 205 K Under Pressure
        Eremetz Findings Compatible with BCS Theory
        Discovery Aided by Advances in Numerical Solutions
        Metastability could lead to Future Room Temperature SC
        Australian Researchers Discover metastable HTS Above 50 K
    Ad Astra Meets NextSTEP First Year Performance Requirements
        Achievements Include Rocket Core Redesign
        Rocket to Support Long Space Missions
        NextSTEP Enabling Longer Firing Tests
    Lower AMSC Wind Sales Offset Higher Grid Revenues
        AMSC Fabricating Beta Unit for U.S. Navy
        Utilities Show Increasing Interest in REG Solutions
    Reduced Academic Demand Hits Bruker Earnings
        Project Completions Reduce BEST Revenues
        NMR Sales Remain Strong
    Aalto Builds and Tests Efficient Photon Detector
        Team used Calorimetric Approach
        Nanobolometer Incorporates Two Major Innovations
        Additional ERC Grants Support Commercialization
    German Team Creates Three-axis Vector NanoSQUID
        Three-axis Measurements Provide Ansitropy Information
        NanoSQUID Achieves Strong Spin Sensitivity
        Plans Include Improving Sensor Sensitivity
    ORNL Clarifies Cuprate Pairing Instability in the Pseudogap Phase
        2D Hubbard Model used for Simulation
        Pseudogap does not Interfere with Pairing
    Tsinghua Observes Double-domed Superconductivity in FeSe
        Thin Film FeSe Demonstrates Higher Tc than Bulk
    European Team Finds Enhanced Superconductivity at the 2D Limit
        Material Thickness of 3.5 nm Achieved
        Bulk TMDC Exfoliated to Below 2D Limit
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3008:

    Festo's SupraMotion Shifts Towards Technology Demonstration
        SC Levitation of Primary Interest
        SC could Reduce Mainenance Time
        Unreasonable to Compare Cost of SC, Contemporary Automation Systems
        Festo Presents three Concepts at 2016 Hannover Fair
        SupraJunction Transports Objects on Horizontal Plane
        Twelve Total SupraMotion Exhibits to Date
        Rotary, Linear Movements Generate Particular Interest
    AMSC Partners with Nexans to Market REG Systems
        Agreement Caps History of Collaboration
    UH Builds HTS Coil with Higher MRI Resolution
        Two 7 T Cyroprobes Developed for Rat Brain Imaging
        Improved Tapes Necessary for Scaling
        Coil to be Used in Two Projects
    STI Close to Solving Conductus Wire Strength Issues
        STI Vying for DOE Superconductor Grant
    Furukawa Announces Lower Revenues but Higher Income
        Energy Infrastructure Expected to Grow 11.5% for the Year
    IBA Sees Continued Proton Therapy Revenue Growth
        Record Proton Therapy Backlog
        FY2016 Guidance Reiterated
    OI and HLD to Collaborate on HTS Coils for a High Field Magnet
        HTS Coils to be Used with 19 T Outsert
        Work Should Advance the Development of >25 T Magnets
    Delft Builds LAO/STO SQUID with Tunable Superconductivity
        LAO/STO Properties Controllable vis Gate Voltages
        Team to Study SC Pairing at Interface
    Cornell Alters Electrical Properties of SRO
        SRO has Characteristics Similar to Cuprates
        SRO and 3He Share Unusual Electron Pairing
    BNL Demonstrates Electron Pair Density Influence on Cuprate Tc
        Pure Cuprate Films Difficult to Engineer
        Custom MBE System Developed to Grow Better Samples
        Strontium Overdoping Reveals Tc and Pairing Density Link
    Chinese Team Develops SNSPD for Satellite Laser Ranging
        System will Monitor Space Debris
        System Overcomes APD Drawbacks at Infrared Wavelengths
        SNSPDs tested at Yunnan Observatory     
        System Efficiency Almost Double APD Detectors
    Yale QEC System Improves Qubit Decay Rate
        QEC Syndrome Measurements Avoid Reading Individual Qubits
        System Includes Transmon and RF Cavity
        System Improves Transmon Qubit Lifetime by 20x
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3009:

    Robinson Awarded $47 million to Develop SC Hybrid-electric Aircraft
        Lab-scale Motor to Demonstrate >15 kW/kg Power Density
        Hybrid Aircraft Offer Significant Fuel Savings
        HTS Helps Motor Meet Weight Constraints
        Robinson Coordinating with NASA
    CASIC Proposes High-speed Superconducting Hyperloop Train
        Tracks to Run through Vacuum-like Tubes with Minimal Drag
        CASIC Adapts Military Technology to Civilian Applications
        Network to be Built in Three Phases
    Shibaura Tech Studies Carbon Nanotube Addition in Y123
        Carbon Suppresses Oxidation, Carrier Doping
        Nanodiamond Substitution Leads to Higher Jc than Carbon Nanotubes
    Saskatchewan Proposes Roadmap for Superconducting Hydrides
        Electronic Density of Group-IV Promising for Superconductivity
        High Hydrogen Content and Strong Coupling Key to Superconductivity
        Migdal-Eliashberg Theory used to Determine Superconducting Potential
        H-H Stretch and Bent Virbations Lead to Strong Coupling
    IBA Proton Therapy Revenue Climbs Higher
        Limited Visibility on New Order Timing
        Order Intake Significantly Lower
        Financial Guidance Revised Downwards
    Oxford U Tests Approach to NbTi Alloy Fabrication
        Sintering at 400C Leads to Well-consolidated Bulk Samples
    MIT Builds Graphene Low Frequency Photon Detector
        Device Consists of Graphene Connecting Two Superconductors
        Detection Efficiencies Higher than for SNSPDs
        GJJ SPD Functions as a Threshold Detector
        GJJ SPD Fabrication Fits Existing Processes
    Japanese Team Studies Mechanical Properties of EBCO
    Dutch-U.S. Team Builds Chip to Braid Majorana Fermions

        Device has Closed Circuit of Four Junctions
        Majorana Fermions to Emerge from Superconducting Al Layers
    Austrian Team Conrols Fluxon Patterns in YBCO
        Fluxon Circutis Could Dissipate Less Heat
        Patterned Mask Creates Defects to Control Fluxons
        Fluxon Bits not Affected by Decoherence
    Tsinghua U Indentifies Topological SC in Bi2Pd
        Possible Majorana Zero Modes at Magnetic Vortices
        Researchers able to Overcome Bi Deficiency
        Second SC Gap Indicates Topological SC
        Different Results for MBE-grown, Bulk Bi2Pd
    Study Identifies New State of Matter in CeRhIn5
        Researchers Study CeRhIn5 at 50 T
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents

    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3010:

    BEST Acquires OI's Superconducting Wire Unit for $17.5 Million
        OST Not Part of OI's Long-term Strategic Plans
        Combination Realizes Synergies for BEST
    D-Wave Introduces 2048-qubit Processor with New Control Features
        Control Fetaures Enable Faster Problem Solving
        System is D-Wave's Fourth Improved Product
    BTG Wins $1.15 Million SBIR Grant to Advance ExoCable Technology
        BTG to Build Small ExoCable Magnet
        Phase I Tested YBCO After Substrate Removal
    AMSC Reduces Net Earnings Loss in Q2 FY2016
        SC Projects Raise Grid Segment Revenues
        AMSC Actively Engaged with Five Utilities on REG Solutions
        Two U.S. Navy Projects Advance
    Better BioSpin Margins Propel Bruker to Stronger Earnings
        BEST Realizes Higher Revenues and Income
        BioSpin Sees Good Demand for NMR Applied Market Products
    OI Results Slowed by SC Sales
        Demand for NMR Systems Down
        Nanotechnology Tools Revenue Rises Despite Reduced Academic Funding
    STI's Conductus Wire Achieves 80% of Performance Goal
        Cash Resources to Last into Q1 FY2017
    Osaka U Clarifies Crystal Structure of Superconducting H2S
        Material Exhibited Two SC Phases
        D2S Displays Similar Behavior
    LBNL Propose SC Detectors for Dark Matter
        Team Studied Dark Matter Lighter than WIMPs
        SC Sensitive to Dark Matter/Electron Couplings
    NICT Researchers Make Advances on SC Artificial Atom
        Applications not Entirely Known
        Researchers Microfabricate SC Oscillator
    Carnegie Synthesizes Sodium Polyhydrides at High Pressure
        NaH3 and NaH7 Synthesized
        Compounds Stable Above 18 GPa
    BNL Establishes that Cuprate Charge Stripes are Static
        NSLS-II CSX-1 Beamline Key to Results
        Researchers Surprised by Stability of CDW
    Finnish Team Demonstrates SC Optomechanical Amplifier
        Amplifier uses 100-nm-thick SC Aluminum
        Amplifier Approaches Caves Limit
        SC Tunnel Junctions have Low Input Signals
        Amplifier Showed 41dB of Gain
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3011:

    HyperMach Patents S-MAGJET Superconductor Turbine Design
        Dual Ring Design Incorporates SC
        Testing to Begin in 2017
    TIFR Finds Unconventional Superconductivity in Bulk Bismuth
        Transition to Superconductivity at 0.00053 K
        TIFR to Study Other Semi-metals Down to 0.1 mK
    TcSUH Researchers Induce SC in non-SC CaFe2As2
        Concept for Inducing SC Developed in 1970s
        Researchers Demonstrate Antiferrogmagnetic/Metallic Layer Stacking
        Team to Test Method on Other Compounds
    KIT Develops and Tests Quantum Optical Chip
        Photon Qubits Preserve their State over Long Distances
        Carbon Nanotubes used as Single Photon Emitters
        Photons Emitted through Electric rather than Optical Excitation
    Hokkaido U Synthesizes Superconducting Platinum
        Kawai-type Apparatus used for High Pressure Synthesis
        Separation of Pt Electrons may Trigger SC
        Future Efforts to Improve SC Properties
    CERN Develops CCC to Measure Short-bunched Beams
        Goal sub Micro-Ampere Resolution Measurements of Antiproton Beams
        ELENA to Decelerate Beams to 100 keV
        CCC has Current Resolution around 10 nA
        CCC Resolution Optimized for Short-bunched Beams
        New Cryostat Designed to House CCC Monitor
        Rare Radioactive Isotope Accelerators Likely to Benefit
    German Team Suggests Parametric Phonon Driving Raises Tc
        Tc Possibly Increasable by a Factor of Two
        Dipole Driving not Found to have Effect on Tc
        Theory Suggests Parametric Driving does not effect Current Carrying Capacity
        Anharmonicities may Offer Channel for Further Tc Enhancement
        Team in Discussions to Test Theory Experimentally
    U Minnesota Concludes Study of HTS in FeSe Thin Films
        Origin of HTS in FeSe Thin Films Matter of Debate
        Role of Nematic Phase Investigated
    Ukrainian Researcher Suggests HTS in Alkali-doped Fullerides
        Pairing of Conduction Electrons Feature of Alkali-doped Fullerides
        Work Builds on Earlier Theory
        Paper Proposes Route to REalize EPP Model
        K3He@C60 yet to be Synthesized
        Work Looks at AnC60 (n=1..5) Class of Materials
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3012:

    HyperMach Patents S-MAGJET Superconductor Turbine Design
        Dual Ring Design Incorporates SC
        Testing to Begin in 2017
    TIFR Finds Unconventional Superconductivity in Bulk Bismuth
        Transition to Superconductivity at 0.00053 K
        TIFR to Study Other Semi-metals Down to 0.1 mK
    TcSUH Researchers Induce SC in non-SC CaFe2As2
        Concept for Inducing SC Developed in 1970s
        Researchers Demonstrate Antiferrogmagnetic/Metallic Layer Stacking
        Team to Test Method on Other Compounds
    KIT Develops and Tests Quantum Optical Chip
        Photon Qubits Preserve their State over Long Distances
        Carbon Nanotubes used as Single Photon Emitters
        Photons Emitted through Electric rather than Optical Excitation
    Hokkaido U Synthesizes Superconducting Platinum
        Kawai-type Apparatus used for High Pressure Synthesis
        Separation of Pt Electrons may Trigger SC
        Future Efforts to Improve SC Properties
    CERN Develops CCC to Measure Short-bunched Beams
        Goal sub Micro-Ampere Resolution Measurements of Antiproton Beams
        ELENA to Decelerate Beams to 100 keV
        CCC has Current Resolution around 10 nA
        CCC Resolution Optimized for Short-bunched Beams
        New Cryostat Designed to House CCC Monitor
        Rare Radioactive Isotope Accelerators Likely to Benefit
    German Team Suggests Parametric Phonon Driving Raises Tc
        Tc Possibly Increasable by a Factor of Two
        Dipole Driving not Found to have Effect on Tc
        Theory Suggests Parametric Driving does not effect Current Carrying Capacity
        Anharmonicities may Offer Channel for Further Tc Enhancement
        Team in Discussions to Test Theory Experimentally
    U Minnesota Concludes Study of HTS in FeSe Thin Films
        Origin of HTS in FeSe Thin Films Matter of Debate
        Role of Nematic Phase Investigated
    Ukrainian Researcher Suggests HTS in Alkali-doped Fullerides
        Pairing of Conduction Electrons Feature of Alkali-doped Fullerides
        Work Builds on Earlier Theory
        Paper Proposes Route to REalize EPP Model
        K3He@C60 yet to be Synthesized
        Work Looks at AnC60 (n=1..5) Class of Materials
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3101:

    STI Awarded $4.5 Million to Improve HTS Wire Performance
        Project to Improve Ic of Conductus Wire
        Team to Grow Thicker HTS Wire Layer
    Tokai U Observes SC above 500 K in Graphite-alkane Material
        Ring Current Suggests Superconductivity
        Protons may cause Superconductivity
        Tc Influenced by how Graphite Fibers Break
    SCW's SC Stock Index Gains 1% in 2016, Lags Behind S&P 500
        SSI did not Benefit from Post-U.S. Election Rally
        Furukawa Increases Margins and Raises Earnings Forecast
        AMSC Ship Protection and REG Programs Advance
        IBA Rides Proton Therapy Business Growth
        Bruker Affected by Greater NMR Competition
        OI Sells HTS Business to Bruker
    MIT-led Team Extends Qubit Lifespan
        Qubit Coherence Limited by Unpaired Electrons
        NbN Superconducting Nanowire Deposited on DML Structure
        SNSPDs Designed for Two Target Wavelengths
    Team Fabricates Highly Uniform NbTiN Thin Films
        Study Compares Sputtering Systems
        LLS801 Yields Highest Uniformity
        Results Could Inform Deposition of TiN, NbN Thin Films
        Research to Investigate Causes of Higher Resistivity
    Yale Builds MMIQC that Performs cQED Operations    
        Cavities Offer Strong Microwave Shielding
        Device Adopts Existing Circuit Design to cQED
        Qubit T1=6.4 ms
    Leiden U Synthesizes Nanowires for SC Spintronics
        S-F Hybrid Materials have Strong Spin Polarization
        CrO2-based Josephson Junctions Challenging
        Bottom-up CVD Approach used
        Jc Exceeds 109 Am-2 over 600 nm
        Researchers Closer to Depairing Currents
    Researchers Conclude Study of Superconductivity in SrTiO3
        SrTiO3 widely used as Substrate
        SC Interacts with Structural Domains
    Team Proposes Hybrid Quantum System with SC LC Oscillator
        System Enables Coherence, Fast Interaction
        Microwave Resonator-atom Coupling Distinct
        Electrostatic Field Tunes Energy Spectrum
        LC Oscillator Acts as Quantum Bus
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3102:

    STI Awarded $4.5 Million to Improve HTS Wire Performance
        Project to Improve Ic of Conductus Wire
        Team to Grow Thicker HTS Wire Layer
    Tokai U Observes SC above 500 K in Graphite-alkane Material
        Ring Current Suggests Superconductivity
        Protons may cause Superconductivity
        Tc Influenced by how Graphite Fibers Break
    SCW's SC Stock Index Gains 1% in 2016, Lags Behind S&P 500
        SSI did not Benefit from Post-U.S. Election Rally
        Furukawa Increases Margins and Raises Earnings Forecast
        AMSC Ship Protection and REG Programs Advance
        IBA Rides Proton Therapy Business Growth
        Bruker Affected by Greater NMR Competition
        OI Sells HTS Business to Bruker
    MIT-led Team Extends Qubit Lifespan
        Qubit Coherence Limited by Unpaired Electrons
        NbN Superconducting Nanowire Deposited on DML Structure
        SNSPDs Designed for Two Target Wavelengths
    Team Fabricates Highly Uniform NbTiN Thin Films
        Study Compares Sputtering Systems
        LLS801 Yields Highest Uniformity
        Results Could Inform Deposition of TiN, NbN Thin Films
        Research to Investigate Causes of Higher Resistivity
    Yale Builds MMIQC that Performs cQED Operations    
        Cavities Offer Strong Microwave Shielding
        Device Adopts Existing Circuit Design to cQED
        Qubit T1=6.4 ms
    Leiden U Synthesizes Nanowires for SC Spintronics
        S-F Hybrid Materials have Strong Spin Polarization
        CrO2-based Josephson Junctions Challenging
        Bottom-up CVD Approach used
        Jc Exceeds 109 Am-2 over 600 nm
        Researchers Closer to Depairing Currents
    Researchers Conclude Study of Superconductivity in SrTiO3
        SrTiO3 widely used as Substrate
        SC Interacts with Structural Domains
    Team Proposes Hybrid Quantum System with SC LC Oscillator
        System Enables Coherence, Fast Interaction
        Microwave Resonator-atom Coupling Distinct
        Electrostatic Field Tunes Energy Spectrum
        LC Oscillator Acts as Quantum Bus
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3103:

    Proposed DOE Budget Cuts Basic Research Funding, Eliminates ARPA-E
        Proposal Reduces OS Budget by 15%
        DOE Reportedly Withholding Funds
        ARPA-E Projects Attracted $1.8 Billion from Private Sector
    D-Wave and Virginia Tech to Establish Quantum Computing Center
        New Center Targets Defense and Intelligence Professionals
        Virginia Tech to Build New Applications for Quantum Computers
        D-Wave Working with Volkswagen on Traffic Flow Optimization
    DIFFER Commissions EUR18 Million Magnum-PSI Facility
        Magnum-PSI to Test Materials at Extreme Conditions of ITER
        Magnum-PSI Optimized for Steady-state Operation
        SC Magnet Manufactured by RI Research Instruments
        First Experiments Underway
        Wide Range of Experiments Planned in Coming Months
    Oxford Inaugurates CfAS
        CfAS Initially Targeting Three Research Areas
    Furukawa Increases Net Income for Three Quarters of FY2016
        Energy Infrastructure Income Projections Lowered for FY2016
    IBA Proton Therapy Revenue Climbs Higher
        Proton Therapy Order Intake and Backlog Higher
        Preparing for Further Growth
    STI Shipping Wire to Customers for Final Qualification
        Confirmation of Wire Qualification Possible in Spring 2017
        Patents Received for Pinning and RCE Monitoring Efficiency
        Cash Sufficient for Operations into 2018
    UMD Compares Two Quantum Computing Technologies
        JQI Ion Trap System Compared to IBM Superconducting Qubits
        Algorithms Highlight System Attributes
        Both Systems Offer Scalability Challenges
    Research Team Identifies Mott Insulating State in NaFe1-xCuxAs
        Results Suggest All HTS Share the Same Correlated Origin
        Findings could lead to Discovery of New HTS Materials
        Research Supported by DOE, Welch Foundation
    Tokyo Reports Chiral SC in WS2 Nanotube
        Chiral SC Difficult to Demonstrate
        Magnetic Field Applied to Superconducting WS2
    French Team Experimentally Confirms Anderson Limit
        Anderson Limit Suggests 100 nm3 Minimum Volume for SC
        Surface Effects Often Play Role
        InAS used to Create Tunnel Barrier
        Researchers use STS to Probe Nanocrystals
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3104:

    EUROTAPES Produces 600 meter-long REBCO HTS Tape
        100 Ä/kAm at 77 K, Self-field Achievable with Existing Production Plants
        600-m Coated Conductors have Ic of 130 A/com-w at 77 K
        Industrial Partners to Continue HTS Tape Development
    AMSC to Conduct REG Deployment Study for Seattle City Light
        AMSC Working on REG Deployment with Five Utilities
        Secondary Stock Offering to Finance Grid Activities
    NIST Developing SC Neuromorphic Computing System
        Limits to Transistor Miniaturization Encourage Neuromorphic Computing
        Proposal Follows Demonstrations of Neuromorphic Principles
        SC Optoelectronics Ideal Detector Technology
        Photons Avoid Constraints Inherent to Electrons
        NIST Team Working on Fabrication Process
        System could Employ Extensive SC Architecture
        Power Demands of Cooling Offset by Power Density
    OST Acquisition Boosts BEST Revenues
        BEST Revenues 47.4% Higher
        NMR Sales Propel BIOSPIN
    STI Preparing for Commercial Wire Production
        Funds for Operations through Q1 FY2018
    TU Delft Integrates Microwave Laser onto Quantum Chip
        Circuit Entirely Superconducting
        Team Plans to Test Chip for Qubit Control
        Circuit Design to be Extended for Electrostatic Gating
    Research Team Studies SC in Ultrathin Crystalline Al Films
        Phase Diagram of Al Thin Films not in Agreement with BCS
        New Phase may be FFLO Remnant
    Penn State's Liu Describes Unconventional SC in 2D TMDs
        SC Behaves Differently in 2D, Bulk TMDs
        Team Predicts FFLO State
        Monolayer NbSe2 has Hc2 of 30 T
    Aalto Creates a Quantum Circuit Refrigerator
        Circuit Cooled with Photon-assisted Electron Tunneling
        Cooling Adjusted through External Votlage Source
        Team Plans to Lower Minimum Temperature
    Ames Study of AeA1144 Sheds Light on Fe-based SC
        HTS Mechanism for Iron Pnictides in Dispute
    Superconductivity Roundup
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3105:

    European XFEL Generates its First Laser Light
        European XFEL to Generate over 27,000 Light Flashes per Second
        European XFEL Creates New Research Opportunities
        Two Experiment Stations to Open in September
    HYPRES Launches SeeQC, European Quantum Computing Subsidiary
        SeeQC Builds on HYPRES Collaborations with Universities
        SeeQC to Eventually Develop Applications Outside Quantum Computing
    AMSC Makes Progress with Grid Initiatives for FY2016
        Grid Revenues Rise for FY2016
        Most 2017 Goals Involve Superconductivity
        AMSC Seeking Long-term U.S. Navy Relationship
        REG Collaborations Grow for West Coast
    OI Performs Well in Transitional Year
        Pulsar Drives Magnetic Resonance Sales
        Magnet Demand Remains Strong
    NICT Fabricates Fast SNAP Detector
        SNAP Addresses Shortcomings of SSNPD Technology
        Two SNAP Devices Fabricated and Tested
        SNAP Detectors Show Better or Equal Performance to SSNPDs
    CERN Testing CSS System for SC Cyclotron Magnet
        CSS Designed for Remote Cooling of 4 T LTS Magnet to 4.5 K
        CSS has Two-stage, 1.5 W at 4.2 K GM Cryocooler
        HTS Current Leads Reduce Ohmic Losses
    NCSU, ARO Team Identify HTS in B-doped Q-carbon
        B-doped Q-carbon has a Jc of 4.3 x 10^7 A/cm2 at 2 T
        Tc of 36 K Observed
        Technique Applicable to Other Systems
    Manchester Finds Universality in Intercalated Phosphorene SC
        Black Phosphorous Previously not Superconducting in its Normal Form
        Black Phosphorous Intercalated with Five Alkali Metals
    MIT, NIMS Identify SC Proximity Effect in Graphene
        Tunneling Spectroscopy Measurements Taken on Proximitized Graphene
        DOS Dependent on Magnetic Field
        Platform may be used to Explore Majorana Fermions
    Cornell Proposes TMDs as Topological Superconductors
        Realizing Spinless Fermions with Hole-doped TMDs
        Team Proposes Two TMD Tolopolgical States
    Yale, Harvard Study HIB Lithography using AFM-SNOM
        AFM-SNOM a Non-invasive Method Capable of 10 to 20 nm Resolution
        AFM-SNOM Identifies Shortcomings in HIB Lithography
        Beam-induced Damage Found to Extend to 500 nm Laterally
        AFM-SNOM may help in Visualization of Superfluid Polaritons
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3106:

    Hyper Tech Wins Two SBIR Awards for Aircraft Propulsion System
        Company to Advance Technology to TRL 4
        MgB2 Offers Numerous Advantages
    PSS Awarded $125,000 STTR for HTS Coil Development
        PSS Working with MIT on Separate Phase II STTR
        Fusion Engine Could Realize Exhaust Velocity of 25,000 km/s
        Fusion Reactors Serve as Power Source
        PSS FRC Approach uses Odd-parity Symmetry
        TRL of SC Coil System to be Raised From 2 to 3
        PSS Considering HTS Strand Type
        System to Require Highly Efficient Cooling Systems
        PSS Aims to Demonstrate System in 2019 or 2020
    CERN Designs and Tests Proton Therapy Linac
        Circular Accelerators Lose Beam Energy
        Linac Beams Easier to Adjust
        CERN Effort Focused on Accelerating Cavities
        Prototype Reaches Target Accelerating Gradient
        Funding an Obstacle to Continued Development
    Italian Team Studies Insulator Transition in Bi-based Cuprate
        Researchers Study Bi-based Cuprate Crystals
        Observed Transition not True Phase Transition
        Lasers used to Drive Cuprate out of Equilibrium State
    Italian Team Concludes Electronic, Magnetic Study of FeS
        Chalcogenides Promising for High-field Applications
        FeS Shows more Similarities with FeSe than FeTe
        First Computational, Theoretical Study of Properties of FeS
        Electronic Properties of FeS more Dissimilar to FeSe than Expected
        Relationship between Pressure, Tc also at Variance with FeSe
    Binghamton's Aynajian Awarded $531,582 NSF CAREER Grant
        Team to Deploy Custimized STM
    Team Concludes Study of the Electronic Structure of Sr2RuO4
        Team Observes Large Interaction Effects in Metallic State
        Researchers Pass Electrons into Sr2Ruo4
    EPFL, U Cambridge Bring Oscillator into Quantum Regime
        First Study to Bring Oscillator into Quantum Regime
        Hybrid Modes not Previously Shown in Literature
        Study Builds on Expanded use of Microwaves in Quantum Systems
        Micro-drum Cooled to Lowest Energy Quantum Level
         Cavity could Serve as On-chip Microwave Source
        EC Horizon 2020 Projects to Support Cavity Development
    Chinese Team Creates Entangled 10-qubit System
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3107:

    AMSC Revenues 33.1% Lower for Q1
        Grid Revenues Fall by 13.4%
        Navy Accounts for 35% of Total Revenues
        REG Negotiations Continue
    BEST Drives Bruker Q2 FY2017 Growth
        BEST Income more than Doubles
        BEST Contributed 13% to Aggregate Bruker Revenues
        BIOSPIN Experiences Continued NMR Demand
    Saarland U Creates Thin, Flexible Superconductor Film
        Electrospinning Technique Low Cost and Scalable
        Film Weighs 100 Times Less than a Conventional Superconductor
        FCLs a Potential Application
        Team Seeking Commercial Partners
    KIT Enhances SC in NbN Nanowires
        Process Reduces Smaller Width, Less Edge Roughness
        Damage to Nanowire Edges Affects Superconductivity
    ANL, LBNL Build Superconducting Undulators for LCLS-II Project
        SCUs Offer Advantages Over Permanent Magnets
        ANL Build and Tested NbTi SCU
        LBNL Undulator Uses Nb3Sn
    Harvard Builds Quantum Antiferromagnet System
        Atoms Used in place of Electrons
        Team Controls All Parameters
        Research to Continue at Lower Temperatures
    Team Demonstrates SC Kinetic Inductance Nanoscale Memory
        Memory to Enable Low Power-consuming Supercomputers
        Two Designs for SC Magnetic Memory Devices
        Researchers Developing Kinetic Inductance-based Memory Cells
        Possible to Develop Memory that Operates without Dissipation
        Team to Operate Kinetic Inductance Memory using Microwave Electromagnetic Pulses
    Cornell Team Wins Grant to Develop Topological SC
        Cornell to Create Non-Abelian Anyons
        Team to use Moore CONQUEST Facility
    Israeli-led Team Measures Vortex Dynamics in SC
        Understanding Vortice Movement Focus of Significant Research Push
        Team Deploys SQUID-on-tip Microscopy Technique
        Vortices Travel Faster than Supercurrent Driving Them
        1 THz Frequency Gap Desirable for Applications
    NIST  Devises Efficient Small SNSPD Cooling System
        Development Driven by Lower Power Draw
        Architecture Combines JT Cryocooler with PTR
        Complete System to Require less than 250 W
    Nanjing U Investigates SrxBi2se3 as Topological Superconductor
        Two-fold Symmetry Observed
    Chinese Team Runs HHL Algorithms on Quantum Processor
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents
    • $56.00 
  • Superconductor Week - 3108:

    AMSC Awarded U.S. Navy Contract for Installation for Superconducting SPS
        SPS Viewed as First Step for Broader Insertion of HTS Applications
        LPD 28 to project Military Power Ashore
        AMSC Purchases Infinia Technology Corp.
    STI Fixing Cap Layer Problem with Conductus Wire
        DOE Project Underway
        Cash on Hand will Fund Operations Through Q1 FY2018
    Japanese Team Fabricates 3 mm-thick Film for Compact SMES
        Project First Funded in FY2015
        Design Represents Novel Approach to SMES Construction
        System almost Competitive with Traditional Capacitors
        Coils Achieve Peak Ic of 220 mA at 4 K
        Si Wafer with 101.5 mm Diameter Preferable to 76.5 mm
        Team Plans Series-connected Two-wafer Copil using SC Joints
    BNL-lead Team FInds Evidence for New Form of Electron Pairing
        New Study First Direct Proof of Orbital-selective Electron Pairing
    Koc U Proposes Quantum Heat Engine with SC Resonators
        SC Transmission Lines Linked via Optomechanical Coupling
        SC Transmission Line Resonators Enable Quantum Harmonic Oscillations
        QHE has a Maximum Power Output of ~3 x 10^16 W
    HPSTAR Team Sees SC Enhancement with Decompression
        2D Chalcogenide Exhibits Unusual Electronic States Variation
        Tc Increases more than Twofold at Lower Decompression Pressures
        Phonon Softening may affect Tc
        Team to Explore Decompression in Other Compounds
    Yale Develops Acoustic Superconducting Quantum Chip
        First Acoustic Wave Resonator Demonstrated in 2010
        Qubit made from Superconducting Aluminum
        Quantum State Transferred between Qubit, Resonator
    Ames Lab Leads Study of CaKFe4As4
        CaKFe4As4 Potential Candidate for Transmission Lines, Magnets
        First Observation of Hedgehog-spin Correlations
    UCL Develops Lower-loss SC Nanowire Circuits
        Reducing Noise and Decoherence Key for Quantum Applications
        Design Incorporates Neon Focussed Ion Beam
        Internal Quality Factor of 3.9 x 10^5 at 300 mK Demonstrated
    Yale, BNL Identify Symmetry-breaking Electron Flow in LSCO
        In-plane Rotation Symmetry Spontaneously Broken in LSCO
        Team Tests LSCO in Broad Range of Conditions
        Transverse Voltage Proportional to Applied Electric Current
    Team Identifies Unusual Electronic State in Chromium Arsenide
        SC in Chromium Arsenide Found in 2014
        Measurements Show Electrical Resistance Linear to Magnetic Field
    Superconductivity Roundup
    Superconductivity Stock Index
    U.S. Superconductivity Patents

    • $56.00 


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