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Superconductor Week - 2203

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Philips to Retain SuperPower
   CCAS Says Future HTS Industry Benefits from Philips Decision
   Philips Cites Local Support as Factor in Decision
U.S. Suspends Most Contributions to ITER
   ITER Cuts Said to be Result of Bush Veto Threat
   2008 Funds Directed Towards Project Office Core Team
   Bush Proposes 72% Funding Increase for Fusion Energy Sciences for 2009
SuperPower Energizes 2G HTS Power Cable
   Phase II offered New Challenges
   SuperPower Seeks to Extend Project Duration
ITER, Russia Sign Procurement Arrangement
   Toroidal Field Coil Faces Host of Challenges
Helsinki University of technology Creates Tiny LTS Refrigerator
China to Import Russian High-Tech
AMSC Receives Two D-VAR Orders
FONAR Announces 39.2% Increase in Revenues for 2Q 2008
NIST’s Magnetic Mini-Sensor Detects NMR in Fluids
MIT Proposes Superconducting State and Pseudogap State Co-Exist
Oxford Instruments Debuts Helium Conservation Systems
Insert: Superconductivity Patents

   Philips to Retain SuperPower