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Superconductor Week - 2205

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Tai-Yang Receives $450,000 to Develop HTS Degaussing Cable Components for U.S. Navy Warships
   BSCCO and YBCO Wires Considered
   TYRC May Seek to Expand Operation to Build Commercial Systems In-House
   Navy Has Some Experience With Cryogenic Systems
   AMSC Demonstrated Full-Scale HTS Degaussing Cable in 2006
   About Tai-Yang Research Company
CCAS Urges the U.S. Congress to Increase Superconductivity Funding
   Expanded Focus Underscores Changing Landscape of Public Funding
   CCAS Argues Diverse Benefits of HTS
   Green House Gas Reduction Benefit of HTS
   CCAS Underscores Industrial Uses of High Energy Physics Program
   About CCAS
UK Astronomy Technology Centre Builds LTS Sub-MM Space Camera
   Shielding Superconductors from Heat Key Challenge of Detector Design
Elekta to Deliver Two New MEG Machines in the U.S.Morson Projects Receives $576,000 to Make Jig for JETSiemens Introduces MAGNETOM Verio 3T MRI to the U.K.Varian Makes Organizational Changes at ACCEL InstrumentsSTI Names Thomas Giunta Vice President of EngineeringAmerican Superconductor CEO Sells 10,000 SharesMax Plank Institute and University of Saskatchewan Demonstrate Hydrogen-Based Superconductors
   Research Validates Neil Ashcroft Proposal
   Hydrides also Researched as Hydrogen Storage for Fuel Cells
RIKEN and NIMS Researchers Tame Vortices in BSCCO-2212
   AC Harmonics Used to Control Vortices
   Vortices Motion Control May Help Minimize Magnetic Noise in Superconducting Devices
Brookhaven Finds 2D Fluctuating Superconductivity in HTS
Zenergy Wins CleanEquity Monaco 2008 Award
Insert: Superconductivity Patents