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Superconductor Week - 2206

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Zenergy Receives 2nd Order for HTS Induction Heater
   Cost Benefit Lies in Energy Savings
   Zenergy’s HTS Induction Heater Wins €$160,000 Hermes Award as Green Technology
   Zenergy Unifies Company Identity
Sumitomo Electric, TEPCO to Demonstrate 66kV/3kA HTS Cable
   200 to 300m Cable Designed for Installation in Small Ducts
   Makekawa to Provide Commercial Refrigeration System
   Project Follows Successful 2003 HTS Cable Tests
MSPU Researchers Demonstrate Superconducting Single Photon Detector
   Detector Based on Niobium Stripe
   Low QE Remains Problem for Detector
   Photon Number Resolving Tied to Kinetic Inductance
Argonne National Lab Improves Performance of Niobium Cavities
   Two Fold Gain in Efficiency Expected
   Spoke Cavities Preferable to Elliptical for FRIB
   DOE to Call for FRIB Proposals Soon
Zenergy to Study HTS Fault Current Limiter for Project HYDRA
   Non-Superconducting FCL also Under Study
Bruker and IFW Dresden To Develop MgB2 Wire
   Cryogen Free MRI Cited as Major Potential Market for MgB2
   About Advanced Supercon
Oxford Instruments Acquires Technologies and Devices Intnt’l
   About Technologies and Device Zenergy Receives 2nd Order for HTS Induction Heater