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Superconductor Week - 2207

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Bill Foster, Fermilab Superconductivity Expert Elected to U.S. Congress
   Interview with Representative Bill Foster
   Foster Says ILC Best Pursued through Intermediate Project
   Foster Seeks to Restore Some ITER ’08 Funding
   Foster Outlines Programs to Support New R&D
   Foster’s Background Included Multiple Superconductor Projects
Dresden HMFL Demonstrates Superconductors in 32T Parallel Field
   Interview with HDL Director Joachim Wosnitza
   Magnet or Shield Applications May be Possible
Cornell Receives $100,000 from Northrop Grumman for Flux-Pinning
   Interview with Mason Peck, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell
   Northrop Grumman Seeks Electromagnetic Formation Flight Application
   Study Follows Engineering Perspective
EU Launches 1st ITER Procurement About Fusion for Energy (F4E)
EU Law to Banning Sale of New MRI Machines Postponed
Praxair Distribution Announces Helium Price Increase
Varian Revenues and Net Earnings Increase in 2Q 2008
Bruker Reports 14.9% Revenue Increase in First Quarter
Ricor to Acquire InnerSense Ltd.
AMSC Signs Multiple Wind Turbine Technology Contracts
Sinovel Wind Places $18 Million Order

Argonne Discovers Superinsulators
   Insulation Caused by Cooper’s Pairs Roadblocks
   Characterizing Phase Diagram Next Step