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Superconductor Week - 2208

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Japanese Researchers Discover New Family of Superconductors
   Interviews with David Larbalestier, Hideo Hosono, Hai-Hu Wen, and Zhongxian Zhao
   Larbalestier Underscores Scientific and Practical Significance of “New and Powerful” Superconductors
   Chinese Researchers Develop Superconductor With Tc of 55K
   Iron Superconductors Resemble Cuprates
   Potential for Higher Tc Suspected
MSU Approves $16 Million to Expand Cyclotron Lab AMSC, LIPA, Nexans Energize $58.5 million 138kV HTS Power Cable
   Interview with Jack McCall, Director of Business Development HTS T&D Systems at American Superconductor
   HTS Cable Carries 5 Times Current of Copper
   Budget Increases and Delays Overcome
   AMSC Reviews Advantages of HTS Cables
EHTS Achieves 90% Yield for 2G Wire Buffer Layers
   Interview with Reinhard Dietrich, EHTS' Director of Sales and Marketing
   EHTS Emphasizes Cost Savings of Stainless
   New Process Controller Improves Yield
   EHTS 306A 2G Wire Produced on Stainless Steel Tape
   Production Scaleup Next Step
Superconductor Technologies to Raise $6.0 Million in Offering STI Reports Lower Revenues for 1Q 2008 AMSC Reports Record Revenues, Declining Losses in 4Q 2007
   AMSC Reports $112.5M Revenues for 2007
Saudi Arabia and CERN Sign Protocol to Cooperation Agreement Stanford, Carnegie Researchers Study HTS Under Pressure
   Study Sheds Light on Mechanism of HTS
MCG Study Reveals Exercise Helps Fetuses
   Interview with Linda May,assistant professor of Anatomy at KCUMB
   Study May Promote Interest in MEG