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Superconductor Week - 2209

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Advanced Supercon Begins Operations
   Interview with Tom Rosa
   ASCI Hires Tom Rosa as CFO and Senior Vice President
   Additions to Current U.S. Staff of 2 Expected
   ASCI U.S. to Sell HTS and LTS Wires
DOE Shuts Down National Compact Stellarator Experiment
   Interview with PPPL Director Robert Goldston
   Cancellation Hopes to Preserve NSTX
   DOE Not Abandoning Stallarator Research
   DOE Reiterates Support for ITER
   Benefits of NSTX Highlighted
   Two Major Upgrades Proposed for NSTX
   Upgrades Relevant to Future Fusion Projects
NHMFL, ORNL Say Fe-As Material Superconducts Above 45T
   Interview with Lead Researcher Frank Hunte
   Oxyarsenides Beat Nb3Sn and MgB2 in High Magnetic Fields 
   Oxyarsenides May Feature New Mechanism of Superconductivity
   Practical Applications for Oxyarsenides Possible
Fe-As Superconductors Share Magnetic Properties with Cuprates
U.S. Senate Approves $250M for Science Funding
   Fermilab to Go-Ahead with Layoffs
   Anonymous Donor Gives $5 Million to U of Chicago for Fermilab
America’s Physics Nobel Laureates Ask Bush to Restore Science Funding
AMSC Shares Hit Record High
   CEO Sells Shares 
   AMSC Receives Four D-VAR Orders
Oxford Instruments Acquires Link Analytical AB For $1.19M
Japanese Government to Honors Founder of Oxford Instruments