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Superconductor Week - 2212

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Zenergy’s HTS Heater Begins Industrial Operation
   HTS Offers Operating Efficiency
Navy Begins Field Testing of AMSC HTS Degaussing System
   HTS System May Lower Risk of Degaussing Cable System Designs
   Degaussing Cable System Weight Reduced 50%
Rutgers-Led Team Develops Ultra Sensitive Superconducting THz Detector 
   Bolometer Could Be Used in Superconductor-Based Experiments
   Detector Based on Titanium Nano-Island
Hypres Contracted for LTS Electronics and Antenna Projects
CERN Announces Start-Up Date for LHC
   Synchronization Achieved
STI Loss Widens in Second Quarter 2008 
Cryostats Market to Reach $491M by 2010
Stewart Prager to Lead PPPL
   Magnetic and Inertial Confinement Imperative
   Prager Brings Broad Experience to Job
DOE Seeking Plasma Lab Manager
Zenergy Power Makes Chandler Executive Director
   More Directors Anticipated 
Fusion for Energy Seeking Experts
PPPL Physicist Ronald Davidson to Receive Maxwell Prize