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Superconductor Week - 2213

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MTC, Niigata U Test HTS Magnetic Levitation for Semiconductor Fab
    Initial Test Results Fall Short
Kobe University Studies Magnetohydrodynamic Seawater Generator
    Output Increases with Field and Flow
    MHD Separation Device Tested Previously
U of Edinburgh Synthesizes Two New Fe-As Superconductors
    Work on Smaller Rare Earths Planned
    High Pressure Yields High Jc Monoliths
    Iron Pnictides Most Important Discovery Since HTS
Ankara University Develops MgB2 Cable Machine
    No Length Limitation on Wires
    Machine Cost $150,000; Not Yet Fully Tested
    Turkish Boron Underexploited
    Licensing Available for Wire Technology
Kyushu Reduces AC Loss with Thinner YBCO Wires
STI, LANL to Collaborate on HTS Transmission Lines
GE Energy Signs Technology Transfer Agreement with ORNL
MIT Researchers Say Pseudogap Not Precursor to Superconductivity
    Pseudogap May Be Charge-Density Wave
    Next to Study: YBCO
JILA Physicists Demonstrate Technique to Study Ultracold Gases
    Superfluid Atoms Model SC Electrons
    Energy Gap Fundamental to Superconductivity Research
DOE Posts Superconducting Topics for 2009 Small Business Grants
Air Liquide Acquires Pure Helium
Nakamura and Tsai Awarded 2008 Simon Memorial Prize