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Superconductor Week - 2214

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U.S. Government Supplies $62.5M for the DOE’s Office of Sciences
 Impact on SLAC Jobs Unclear
    ITER Funding Doubled, Still $125 Million Short
    ANL May Avoid Layoffs
    Spending Bill a Good Sign
Oxford Instruments Achieves 22 Tesla in 4.2K Magnet
    Helium Consumption Decreased
    HTS Still in Testing
    Practical High-Field Magnets Possible
    BSCCO-2212 Coil Made by Wind and React
    Mechanical Strength Limits Maximum Field
    Tests to Include Cryogen-Free Insert Coils
    Magnet Design Balancing Act
    Purpose: $2.76M IMPDAHMA Project 
MS-Engineering Delivers Magnetic Separator for Papermaking
   Superconducting System Cost-Effective
    System Improves Range of Quality Factors
    About MS-Engineering
UCSB Physicists Use SC Qubit to Pump Photons
    Resonators May Rival Qubits
    Present Work of Primarily Academic Interest
    Resonator Could Help Quantum Computers
    Still Early Days of Quantum Control   
RTRI Develops Prototype BSCCO Traction Transformer
   HTS Tapes at Design Specification Not Found
    Refrigeration Remains Major Hurdle
American Superconductor Licenses Wind Turbines to Turkey
   Contribution of Superconductors to Revenues Continues to Decline
Rice and Rutgers Propose Explanation for HTS Pnictides
    Experiments Proposed
U of Texas Develops Technique to Detect Certain Brain Injuries