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Superconductor Week - 2215

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Central Japan Railway Supports Superconducting Maglev Train Expansion
    Study of LTS Maglev System Underway
    LTS Coils Continue as Baseline Technology
    HTS Coils Tested in 2005
    YBCO Maglev Magnet Designs Being Studied
    Critics of Maglev Remain
U.S. Navy Commissions Quick Disconnect HTS Cable Coupler
    TYRC Awarded $450,000 Phase II Contract
    Creare Developed Hubble Telescope Cryogenics
    Phase II Calls for Full Scale Prototype
    Phase III to Center on Technology Transfer to Military and Commercial Applications
    Need for Quick Disconnect Evident in Degaussing Cable Field Testing on Higgins
    Multiple HTS and LTS Applications Expected
Large Hadron Collider Struck by Massive Helium Leak in Sector 34
    LHC Circulates First Beam
Niowave Receives $1.2 Million in DOE Contracts
    Project Includes Superconducting RF Cavity R&D
EAS Claims Record Current with Powder-In-Tube Superconductor
    Achievement Made with Technology from SMI Acquisition
ITER Issues Call To Tender
    French Tax Credit System Reimburses 50% of R&D Costs
Brookhaven Suggests Magnetic Interactions Limit HTS Tc
    As Binding Energy Increases, Mottness Increases Even More Rapidly
    Fe-As Materials Being Studied
National Academies Endorse ITER
GE Says Energy Efficient MRI Could Save $10,000 Per Year in Energy Costs