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Superconductor Week - 2216

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SuperPower Makes 1.3km Length 153A 2G HTS Wire
    In-Field Wire Performance Improved
    Buffer Templates Routinely Produced in 1.3 to 1.5km
    Simplified Buffer Architecture Sought
    Reduced AC Current Loss Multifilamentary Wires Process Implemented
    Wire Prices Reduced as Quality Increased
    Albany HTS Cable Project Completed
    SuperPower Continues FCL Work
    SuperPower Receives FLC Awards
AMSC Initiates Volume Production of 2G HTS Wire
    2G Wire Critical Currents Below 2008 Target
    Quality Control Process Improved
    2G Wire Deliveries Underway
    AMSC Delivers 17,000m to Ultera
    120A, 500m Wires Targets for FY2009, R&D on High Ic Wires to Resume
    Lower Wire Prices Expected
Hypres Delivers Digital-RF Receivers to ONR
    2-Stage Cryogenic System Allows Integration of HTS Analog Filter
    Systems Support Ongoing Development
    Work Supported by $650,000 SBIR Contract
    Zenergy Power to Expand Rheinbach Facility by 50%
Cambridge Grows High Jc HLPE YBCO Films
    Deposited Vapor Layer Diffuses, Grows Swiftly
    HLPE Has Advantages Over PLD and MOD
    Process Requires Phase Equilibrium, Even Liquid Coating
LHC Re-Start Scheduled for 2009