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Superconductor Week - 2217

  • $28.00

FZK Produces 2.63kA DC YBCO Roebel Cable  
    SuperPower Wire Exhibits 2x Improvement
    Cable Suited to Diverse Science and Industrial Applications
    Cable Suitable for Additional R&D Purposes
    FZK Technique Reduces Risk of Wire Delamination
Oxford Instruments Sells MBE Business to RIBER
    Continued Business Planned in Superconductors and Cryogenics
    Financial Performance Affirmed
CNRS Says EHTS 2G Wire Promising for Fault Current Limiters
    Copper Sensors Applied to 2m Length of EHTS YBCO
    Performance Improved at 77K
    Heat Dissipation Burns Conductor
    Ideal Temperatures Depend on FCL Location
    Wire or Design Improvement Possible
    Initial Phenomena Need Further Study
IRL Wins Cooper Medal for Work on Low AC Loss HTS Roebel Cable
    YBCO Process Differs from BSCCO
    Conventional Cutting Better than Lasers
    AC Losses Reportedly Reduced
    IRL Says Roebel Cable Superior to Striated Wire for AC Loss Reduction
    Strand Quality Varies by Region
    IRL to Pursue Commercialization
    IRL to Supply Cable for Siemens Prototype Generator
    About the Cooper Medal
Edinburgh Adapts Astronomy Algorithm for MRI
    Commercialization in 2 or 3 Years
Washington U Details Superfluid-Superconductor Relationship
    Evidence of Type II States Found
    Finds Come as Surpise