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Superconductor Week - 2218

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ITER Tests Prototype Poloidal Field Coil
    Temperatures up to 6K Possible
    Design Improvements Made
    Russia, Britain, Italy Fabricate 6 Ton Coil
    Test Completes 10 Years of Work; Procurement of Full Set of PF Coils Next
Faulty Electrical Connection Caused LHC Leak
    Connection Resistance Tripped Power Supply
    Forces Break Anchors to Concrete Floor
    Number of Magnets Needing Repair Uncertain
    Initial Cause Unclear; Detailed Investigation Forthcoming
    Additional Security Measures to Be Implemented Immediately
    CERN Celebrates LHC Inauguration
CESI RICERCA Conducts Short-Circuit Tests of FCL Prototypes
    Prototypes Constructed Using BSCCO Wire and MgB2 Wire
    1.2MVA Prototype Shows No Degradation
    FCLs Cooled with Closed System
    Increased Temperature Increase Enhances Limiting Capability
    200kVA 3-phase FCL Shows Fast Resistance
    Field Testing Affirms Positive Results
    27K MgB2 Shows Excellent Limitation Behavior
    Cost Trade-Off between Material and Cryogen
    Resistive-Type FCLs Preferred
    15MVA Prototype Planned
    Limited Experimental Results, Lack of Guidelines Are Barriers to Widespread Use
Robarts Buys $10 million 7T MRI