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Superconductor Week - 2219

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Navigant Shows U.S. Need for HTS Fault Current Limiters and Cables
    Study Includes Analysis of Customer Needs
    FCL as Alternative to Adding New Lines Top Value for HTS Power Applications
    HTS Cables Second Greatest Value
    HTS Cable Niche Applications Include Substation Interconnect
    Utilities Voice Concerns on HTS
    About Navigant Consulting
Furukawa YBCO Cable Demonstrates Low AC Loss
    Cable Surpasses Low AC Loss Target
    2G Cable Beats Conventional Copper
    Focus Advances to Practical Cable Models
    Thin Layers Key to Low AC Loss
    Reduced Impedance May Benefit FCLs
    30m Long 2G HTS Cable Planned
Furukawa and Sumitomo Test 20M HTS Cable with Joint
    Overcurrent Tests Conducted
SCI Engineered Materials Awarded Phase II Research Contract
New SNS Instrument Probes Iron Arsenides
    Role of Lattice Vibrations Studied
    Evidence of Weak Phonon Coupling Found
    Study of Doped Superconductors Planned
    Broader Applicability of Fe-As
    Research Conducted on $15 Million ARCS
MIT Develops Spectroscopy for Qubit Study
    Technical and Cost Challenges
    Applications Include Qubit Study