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Superconductor Week - 2221

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Fujikura Produces 176,023A-meter Wire
    Hot-Wall PLD Increases Ic
    New Mgo Template for GZO Buffer
    30m/h Production Rate Possible
    5km Wire Sold Last Year
Hypres Demonstrates Four-Stage Pulse Tube Cryocooler
    Pulse Tube Feasibility Demonstrated
    He4 Used for 1st 2 Stages, He3 Used for Last 2
    DOD Wants Smaller, More Efficient Coolers
    Hitt: Cryocooler Industry Can Support Superconductor Commercialization
    Next Design Step Will Reduce Size
LANL Develops Position Dependent Ic Anisotropy Measurement Apparatus
    Position-Dependent Investigations
    Method Determines Nature of Ic Variation
    Measurement Conditions More Realistic
    Position Dependent Anisotropy Characterization Demonstrated at 12m/h
    Integration with Industry Partners Continues
    Higher-Ic to Be Accommodated in 2009
Brookhaven Produces Nanosized Superconducting Material
    Cause of 25% Tc Rise Previously Unknown
    Techniques Apply to YBCO and BSCCO
    Applications May Include Field-Effect Transistor
    Other Characteristics to be Studied