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Superconductor Week - 2222

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Toshiba and Fujikura Test 2G HTS Fault Current Limiter
    Nickel-Chromium Layer Protects Conductor
    FCL Work Funded by NEDO
UKAEA Finds Magnetic Interactions Weaken Steel at High Temperatures
    Magnetic Dislocations Cause Atoms to Slide
    World Trade Center Towers Failure Provides Clues
    Temperature Resistant Alloys Possible
ORNL Improves Dielectric Materials for HTS Devices
    Dielectrics for HTS Difficult to Find
    Nanocomposites Improve Dielectric Strength
    FCL Conditions Simulated
    Voltage Withstand Increase Not Linear
2009 Emphasis: Improving Particle Dispersion
    Further Work with Industrial Partners
2008 Poor Year for Superconductivity Stock Index
    Stocks in Decline Since July
    SSI Rose 94% over 2005 - 2007
Reportlinker Forecasts High Growth for Superconductors
Matheson Tri-Gas Starts Helium Transfilling Operations
    About Matheson Tri-Gas
Nottingham’s Peter Mansfield Honored in National Portrait Gallery
Toshiba Secures MRI Broadlane Live Group Buy Agreement