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Superconductor Week - 2223

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Zenergy Receives €115,000 Grant to Study HTS Induction Heater
    Weseralu Reports 25% Increase in Productivity
    Weseralu Reports 50% Energy Reduction
Bruker Sells 10 NMR Systems to Saudi University
LHC to Restart in 2009
Zenergy Partners with Honeywell to Develop HTS Chemical Precursors
    Partnership Suggests Interest in HTS Broadening
Bruker’s Q3 Profit Declines on Increased Revenue
    Laukien Attributes Decreased Margins to Acquisition of Bruker Biospin
Oxford Instruments Releases Half-Year Results
    Superconducting Wires Revenues Grow
Lake Shore Cryotronics Redesigns Cryogenic Probe Stations
Coherent Improves Excimer Laser
    Multiple Factors Drive Deposition Quality
Bristol, St. Andrews, Toulouse Team Measures Quantum Oscillations
    Purity of Superconductor Crystals Key
    Continued Funding of Research Expected
Uppsala and CNRS Identify Structure for Silane
    Research Enhances Carnegie Discovery
Siemens, Magnex Make 9.4T MRI
U of Queensland Awards $75,000 For Electron Interaction Study
NEMA Publishes MRI Standards
Texas Southern University Investigates Plagiarism Case
Zenergy Changes Directorate