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Superconductor Week - 2304

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Nexans Supplies Fault Current Limiter to Applied Superconductor Limited
    AC Losses Substantial Challenge
    Proven Operation Key to Technology Adoption
    Nexans Emphasizes Strategic Shift From Materials to Component Manufacture
    BSCCO Advances Aid Return to Resistive Model
    Previous FCL Demonstration at Netphen Led to Improved Cryocooler Integration
Fermilab, Indian Institutions Sign MOU on Accelerator Development
    Several Accelerators Planned
    Improving Yield, Lowering Cost of RF Cavities
    Fermilab Engages International Partners
RWE Commissions Zenergy for Hydro Power Contract
Zenergy and Sandia Commit $1M to Extend HTS Wire Research
Bruker Announces Lower Q4 Profits
    Margins Below Internal Goals
Uppsala University Explains Transition to Hidden Order Phase
    Hidden Order May Suggest New Materials
    Further Research Planned
U Fribourg, Queen Mary U Say Magnetism Behind HTS
Eric Isaacs Named Director of Argonne National Laboratory
ORNL Installs 1.64 Petaflop Cray XT Supercomputer
MRI-Safe Pacemaker Sold in Hong Kong
3DCS Tolerance Analysis Employed in ITER Assembly
Haiyan Wang Receives PECASE
Oxford Instruments Wins Best Technology Award