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Superconductor Week - 2306

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Ad Astra Secures LTS Magnet for VASIMR Rocket Engine
    Milestone Marked
    Plasma Propellant More Efficient Than Chemical Fuel
    Chang-Diaz: Rocket Suitable for Mars Mission
    Project Suggests New Uses for Plasma Devices
    Superconducting Magnet Technology Key to Project Success
    Cryogen-free Cooling Ideal for Rockets
    HTS Could Benefit Magnet Systems
    AARC Funding Secure Through 2010
Project Hydra, NYC HTS Cable Project, Undergoes Public Test
    HTS Cable Demonstrates Fault Current Limiting Capability
    Southwire, AMSC to Continue Collaboration on Cable Production
DOE Report Highlights Need for HTS Devices in U.S. Power Grid
    Superconducting Cables Could Dramatically Increase Grid Reliability
    HTS Compound Complexity a Major Bottleneck, Increased Basic Research Needed
    New EFRC Funding for HTS Possible
Canadian Royalties Inc. Employs SQUIDs at Nunavik Nickel Project
    Discovery Made Despite Decline in Metal Prices
Luvata Signs Copper Strand Contract for ITER TF Coils
    Strand Made With Cu-OFE
TIT Researchers Say Water Vapor Can Induce Superconductivity
    Water Vapor Treatment Novel Process
    Sr a Key Factor
    Better Process Needed
San Diego Navy Lab Report Claims Evidence for Cold Fusion
    Navy: No Doubt Nuclear Reaction Occurred
    Other Evidence Includes X-Rays, Tritium, Heat
    More LENR Research Needed