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Superconductor Week - 2308

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AMSC Receives HTS Wire Order From LS Cable Ltd.
    AMSC and LS Cable See Large Market
    Size, Nature of Order Significant Step Forward for Industry
    AMSC 'Well-Positioned' in Asian Market
    About KEPCO and LS Cable
DOE Announces Recipients of Energy Frontier Research Centers
    Center for Emergent Superconductivity at BNL
    Efree to Investigate HTS
    EFRCs to Concentrate Leading Scientists
DOE Announces Allocation of $1.2 Billion in Funding for Science
    Several Superconducting Facilities Funded
Austrian Officials Decide Against Withdrawal from CERN
    Hahn: CERN Ties Up Science Funding
Varian's Sale of ACCEL Allows Focus on Proton Therapy
    Divestiture Planned at Time of Purchase
    Market Potential for 50 to 100 Facilities
    Current System Shows Improvements in Weight, Cost and Effectiveness
    Manufacturing Improvements Key to Cost Reductions
Varian Reports Increased Year-on-Year Revenue for Q2 FY2009
    Guertin: Cautious Outlook
USTC Researchers See Phonon Activity in Pnictides
Kavli Institute Claims Scalable Quantum Computing Possible

    Research Suggests Different, More Effective Types of Quantum Couplings