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Superconductor Week - 2310

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CES Awarded $23 Million for Superconductor Research
Discussions of Research Scope Ongoing
    Center Aims to Enable Creation of a Superconducting Grid
    Collaboration Key to CES
    Efree to also Conduct Research into Superconductivity
Niowave Announces Acquisition of AMAC International
AMAC’s High-Power Coupler Technology Motivates Acquisition
Kiswire Begins Production of Superconducting Wire for ITER
IT Diffusion Method Used to Make Strand
    Unique Design of KAT’s Nb3Sn Strand
    KAT has Experience Supplying Superconducting Strand to ITER and Others
    About KAT, Kiswire
FSZ Dresden-Rossendorf Uses Germanium as Superconductor
Doping Technique Compatible with Chip Fabrication Processes
    Quantum Computing Experiments Possible
    Investigation to Seek Higher-Tc Compounds
BNL Researcher Patents New Particle Delivery System
    Design Uses Fixed-field LTS Magnets
    More Targeted Energy Delivery Possible
    Particle Therapy Facilities Expensive
    Lighter Weight Will Lead to Cost Reductions
    Preliminary Magnet Design Made at BNL
Orasi Medical Raises $3.5 Million in Private Investment
AMSC Contracted for Over $10M in Non-Superconductor Technology
   AMSC Licenses Wind Turbine to Inox Wind