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Superconductor Week - 2311

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LS Cable to Install 50MW/22.9kV 2G HTS Cable in Korean Power Grid
    Cable Testing to be Completed in Early 2010
    HTS Cables to Cut Construction Costs Five to Fifteen Times Over
    LS Cable Designing 1,000MVA HTS Cable
    Korean HTS Cable Market Taking Shape
    LS Cable Talks of “Significant” Future HTS Wire Purchases
    Cable to be used in Live-Grid Conditions
    KEPRI Testing, Operating SEI’s HTS Cable
Bruker Biospin Makes 23.5T, 1GHz NMR Spectrometer System
    Avance First to Use CyroProbe Technology
    Company Launches Two New UHF Actively Shielded NMR Magnets
    Magnets Use a Mix of Wire Technologies
    EDS Technology Improves System Performance
STI HTS Power Play, Sends Proposals to DOE with GE Global Research
    STI Seeks to Turn Cryocooler Technology to Wind Turbine Applications
    STI Aims to Produce HTS Tape at Market Viable Cost
    LANL Supporting STI Development of RCE
    ARPA-E Plans Awards Totaling Up to $150 Million
Niowave Receives Contract from MSU’s NSCL
    Ten Sub-Assemblies to be Delivered by October
    New Cavities One Part of Overall Upgrades
    Niowave Involved in a Number of Projects
Ludwig-Maximilians U Explores LTS in Optomechanics
    Superconducting Materials Used
    Superconducting Microwave Resonators Especially Promising
    Several Potential Applications for Field
    Research Ongoing at Multiple Facilities
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