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Superconductor Week - 2312

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 Yale University Researchers Create Electronic Quantum Processor
    Device has Look of Standard Micro-Processors
    Two Qubits Synthesized
    Understanding of Purcell Effect Key to Extending Qubit Duration
    Past Advances Reason for Optimism
MEG Could Be Used to Avoid Pre-Surgery in Detection of Epilepsy
    Many Medical Centers Interested in MEG
    MEG Provides More Accurate Data than EEG
    Some Insurance Agencies Open to MEG Reimbursement
UT Austin Researchers Synthesize .57nm Superconductive Film
    Other Thin Film Superconductors Reported
    Variety of Electronics Applications Possible
    Work May Bring New Research Opportunities
    Superconductive Traits Unaffected by Electron Restriction
    Advanced Synthesis Technique Employed
FZD Uses Germanium as a Superconductor
    Doping Technique Compatible with Chip Fabrication Processes
    Quantum Computing Applications Possible
    Future Investigation to Seek Higher-Tc Compounds
U of Illinois Detects Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in Nanowires
    MQT May Help Extend Qubit Decoherence Times
    Future Experiments to Search for Macroscopic Quantum Coherence
STI Stock Up 381.6% Between April and June
U of Warsaw Sees Potential Discovery of Fluoride-based HTS

    Fluoroargents, Oxocuprates Possess Similarities
    Next: Oxidation-Resistant Anions
OSU Makes MRI-Safe Treadmill
Navy's Etter Award Goes to ONR HTS Degaussing Scientist