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Superconductor Week - 2313

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ITER Announces Construction Schedule
    No Energy Gain Until 2026
    Fusion Proponents Stress Importance of Sticking to a Timeline
    European Commission Supports Timetable
    U.S. ITER Seeking Procurement Contract for HTS TF Coil Wire
    Additional Contracts Remain
AIST Develops New Large Capacity HTS FCL Module
    FCLs Intended for Distributed Power Generation Networks
    Shunt Layer Allows for Higher Voltages with Less Superconductor
    Tests Confirm Current of 237A/500V at Zero Resistance
    Modules Can be Linked to Form 3-Phase FCL
    Thin Film Formed Using MOD Process
    Device Uses Atypical Shunt Layer
    Hot-Spot Phenomenon can Damage FCL
    Capacitor Further Enables Shunt Layer
European Consortium Continues Development of HTS Slim Former
    Manufacturing and Testing of Subcomponents Underway
    Device has Characteristics of Inductive FCL
    Slim Former Designed to Accomodate Various HTS Strands
    Pre-Prototype tested in Budapest
STI Announces $11.26 Million Direct Offering
Carnegie Institution Probes Colossal Magnetoresistance Effect

    Magnetism Drops Manganite's Resistivity
    CMR Used in MRAM Tunneling Junctions
ESA's GOCE Lanunces with Gravity Gradiometer On Board
LHC Opening Delayed, Operating Schedule Extended

    LHC to Remain Open Year-Round
UC Riverside's Chun Ning Lau Awarded PECASE