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Superconductor Week - 2314

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 DOE Includes FRIB Funding in Congressional Budget Review
    Funds to Support First Phase of Project
    Superconducting Components to be Used in Several Capacities
    Research to Advance Critical Applications
    FRIB to be Complimentary to NSCL
RI Research Instruments Awarded Contract for CEBAF Accelerator Cavities
    Contract Among Number of RI Projects
    Cavities Made with Niobium Sheets
    12GeV CEBAF Upgrade to Broaden Research
    Upgrades Constructed on Framework of Existing Accelerator
    Upgrades to Be Completed in 2015
    Magnets to Be Strengthened By a Factor of Two
Chinese Academy of Sciences ITER Conductor Cleared for ITER Delivery
    SULTAN Tests Critical Qualification
    Tcs Among Highest for TF Samples
    TF Strand Valued at $36 Million
    EAST Boosts Development of Superconducting Technologies
Bruker Receives $2 Million Order for 263GHz EPR Spectrometer
    System Aids Solar Cell Development
UC Merced Theorizes Gravitational Wave Measure Using LTS Films
    Ability Could Enable Gravitational-Wave Communication, Astronomy
    Type I Superconductors Predicted to Exhibit Reflectivity
Lawrence Livermore Opens National Ignition Facility
    NIF to Advance Research into Fusion Energy
Sunpower Appoints New CEO
William Parker Honored by UCI
St. Pölten & Sheffield U Study Lower Cost Electric Vehicles