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Superconductor Week - 2316

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Raytheon Awarded Contract for ONR's Free Electron Laser Program
    Superconducting ADS Under Development
Silicon Power's SSFCL Competes for Installation in NYC Grid
    New Technologies May Give System New Capabilities
    About Silicon Power
DOE Awards $8.2 Million to Rochester Center for Fusion
    Center to Use University's Omega EP Beams
Rolls Royce Patents Superconducting FCL
Leiden U Uses String Theory to Describe HTS Transition State

    Zaanen: Man Who Explains HTS Will Receive Eternal Glory
    Gravity, Quantum Field Theories Opposite Sides of the Same Coin
Berkeley Lab Finds Mechanisms in Cuprates & Pnictides Differ
Princeton-led Team Measures Chalcogenide Photoemission
NIH Launches the Human Connectome Project

    HCP Combines Brain Imaging Technologies
    Unique Research Data to be Shared
ITER Awards KAERI Three Development Contracts
ITER Continues Development of Cooling Water System
GE Healthcare, Varian Announce 7T Pre-Clinical MRI System

    Varian Supplies Superconducting Magnet
    Pre-Clinical System Intended for Research
Brookhaven Develops New MRI for Screening Breast Cancer
Cavendish Lab Develops Non-Superconducting Quantum Cryptography Device

    Device Reportedly Faster, Cheaper
Onnes Prizes for Superconductivity Announced