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Superconductor Week - 2317

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OST Receives $49 Million ITER Contract
    Announcement Comes after 2009 Layoffs
    Financial Benefits to Come Over 3 Years
Superconductivity Innovations Teams With SUNY on Turbines Project
    SI Provides R&D Services
    Review Process to Integrate Superconductors into Industrial Environments
Washington U in St. Louis Discovers Superconductivity in Europium
    Europium an Unusual Superconductor
    Diamond Anvil Generates High Pressure
    Discovery Should Help Understanding of Superconducting Transition
NIH Awards UNM $400,000 for MEG Research
    Program Employs MEG in Novel Manner
IGCAR Developing Several SQUID-based Systems
    IGCAR Magnetometer Has Novel Features
    IGCAR's SQUID-based Set-up for Non-Destructive Evaluation
    IGCAR Developing MCG/MEG System
LANL Identifies Differences Between Chalcogenides, Pnictides
    Differences in Iron Compounds Could Mean No Single Cause for HTS
    Explanations, Questions Posited
Film Posits Lunar Future for Fusion Energy Generation