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Superconductor Week - 2322

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AMSC Introduces Cryoblock2, New HTS Wire Product
    New Produce Enables High Temperature Gradient to Be Maintainted
    HTS Current Leads Deliver Current with Minimal Heat Leakage
    2G Wire Architecture Enables Advances
OXI Awarded $8.3 Million ITER Contract
    OST to Make First Delivery of Toroidal Field Coil Wire in April 2010
BEST Enters Into Collaboration With UH on 2G Wire Characterization
    SuperPower's Selvamanickam to Serve as Principal Investigator
    SuperPower's Relationship with BEST Limited
    BEST Extends Consultation Agreement
    TcSUH to Help BEST Scale Up 2G Wire Manufacturing
    100 m Current Maximum for BEST's 4 mm YBCO Tape
DOE Awards UCSD $7 Million for Fusion Research
    Researchers to Study PSI in Magnetic Confinement Fusion
    Progress Understanding Plasma Stalled
    Study Hopes to Increase Fusion's Efficiency, Lower Costs
Bruker Announces Secondary Offering
Zenergy Shares Surge Following Australian FCL Funding
Zenergy's Year-On-Year Profits Drop in 2009 Report

    Muller: Drop Reflects Inhomogenous Revenues
Motley Fools Downgrades AMSC Stock Rating
TGL, GMM Partner at Kanyika Niobium Project

    Brazil Dominates Production
BNL Detects Spectroscopic Traces of HTS Above Known Tcs
    Findings to Support Work of CES
    Pr-Superconducting State Seen in BSCCO at 55 K