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Superconductor Week - 2324

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KEPCO Funds Superconductivity in $2.4 B Clean Energy Allocation
    KEPCO to Install 22.9 kV Cable System
AMSC Reports Advances in Korean Market
    LS Cable, AMSC to Install 10 km of HTS Cable
    LS Cable, KERI Developing 154 kV SC Cable
    AMSC Forms AMSC Korea
    Announcements COme Atop Government's Renewable Energy Plan
EU Proposes $75 Billion in Funding for Clean Energy Tech
    SET-Plan Part of Broader De-Carbonization Initiative
    Wind Initiative COuld Direct Funds Towards Superconductivity
    Power Grid, Smart City Funding Could DIrect Money to SC Cables, FCLs
    Report Highlights Europe's Need for EFRC-Equivalents
    EERA to Cooperate with KICs
    SET-Plan Allocates Funding to Solar, Bio-energy, Carbon Capture
Oxford, Yale, Aarhus Theorize 100 Qubit Quantum Computers
    Theoretical System Capable of Quibit Encoding
    Study Proposes Innovations
    Further Research Needed to Validate Theory
Johns Hopkins Compares and Contrasts Cuprate, Pnictide
      Report Acknowledges Many Questions Remain Unanswered
AMS, Superconducting Spectrometer Bound for ISS, Nears Launch
    Mission Canceled in 2003
    AMS to Succeed PAMELA Satellite