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Superconductor Week - 2401

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LHC Records First Beam Collisions, Sets World Record
    CERN Sets Record with 2.36 TeV Beam Collision
    First Beam Collisions Come Three Days after LHC Restart
    Activity Follows Delay of Over a Year
    LHC on Standby, To Restart in February
    CERN Weighs Expansion
Luvata Awarded $26 Million Contract for ITER SC Wire
    Chrome-Plated Composite Wire Fabricated for High Jc
    Funding Follows Previous ITER Contract
    About Luvata
NASA Uses Superconducting Magnet to Levitate Mice
    Levitator Equipped with Nb3Sn/NbTi Magnet
    Further Research Planned into Bone Loss in Mice
Nexans to Reorganize French Operations
PPPL's PFRC to Receive $320,000 in Upgrades, Including SC Coils

    FRC Allows for Smaller Fusion Reactors
    PFRC Helping Improve Stability, Energy Confinement in FRC Devices
    Funding for New Vacuum Vessel, SC Coils, RF Heating System
IEEE Announces New Superconductivity Award
Orasi Sets Up Tokyo Office to Market MEG-based Test
Zenergy Announces Insitutional Placing, Raises £20,040,000

    Placing Funds Product Development, Marketing and Operating Needs
Spiro Takes Over as President of CERN Council