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Superconductor Week - 2403

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SPR Underway with EmDrive Flight Thruster Program
    SC Cavities May Offer Improvements
    EmDrive May Cut GEO Satellite Launch Costs
    Other Potential EmDrive Applications
    Thruster Development Program Underway
    Some Question EmDrive's Feasibility
    Current Activity Follows Decade of UK Study
ESRF To Purchase SC Magnet Through Upgrade Program
    Upgrade Includes New Split Coil SC Magnet
UC Santa Barbara Claims to Observe Quantum Effects
    Study Shows Feasibility of Quantum Computing
JILA, UC Boulder Develop SQUID-based Amplifier
    Amplifier's Possible Quantum Computing Applications
    Device Utilizes Josephson Junctions
    Selectively Amplifying Electromagnetic Waves Confines Quantum Noise
    SQUIDs Provide Amplifier with Wide Tunability
    Further Research Planned
AMSC Reports Increased Q3 Revenues
    AMSC Increases Full Year Predictions