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Superconductor Week - 2404

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FY2011 Budget Request Cuts $14.7 Million in DOE HTS Funding
    Budget Aims for Transition to Private Industry
    SC to Continue Fundamental Research
    HTS Cuts Would Affect a Number of National Labs
    SNL Sees Funding Increase
Fermilab Secures ARRA Funding for SRF Development
    80% of Funding Directed to Private Industry
    SRF Upgrades at ANL, JLab, SLAC
AMSC to Provide SC Cables to Tres Amigas Project
    AMSC Buys Minority Stake in Tres Amigas
    Interconnections Only Sporadically Linked
    Plans to Sell Power Across Interconnections
    AMSC to Provide SC Wire and Cable System
    About Superconductor Electricity Pipelines
GSC Awarded $201,070 NSF Grant
    Funding Part of Long-Term Study of Oxalate Oxidase
STI Releases 2009 Financial Results
    SuperLink to be Integrated into 4G Network
Aetna to Insure MEG Evaluation for Epilepsy
MIT Technology Review Names AMSC Among 50 Most Innovative