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Superconductor Week - 2407

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Russian Collaboration Tests 200 m, 50 MVA HTS Cable
    Tentative Plans for Moscow Installment
    SEI Supplies Wire for 200 m Prototype
    Possible Future Upscale to 1.5 km Cable
    VNIIKP Cabling CICCs for ITER
Zenergy Supplier Honeywell Passes Qualification
    Tan: Chemical Production Drastically Cuts Costs
    Zenergy Hopes to Scale Process for Renewable Generators in 2012
TcSUH Receives $3.5 Million ETF Award
    Funding to Bolster HTS Wire Development
    Collaborative Research with SuperPower to be Extended
    TcSUH-ARH to Develop HTS Biomedical Applications
    Biomedical Program to be Leveraged by HTS Wire Counterpart
LLBL, UC Berkeley Claim to Introduce Strain to CEM
    Study Places Strain in Vanadium Dioxide Nanowires
    Technique Could have Uses Beyond CEM
    Further Research into Phase Inhomogeneity Needed
VUMC Conducts MEG Study on Diabetes Patients
Wendelstein 7-X Stellerator Finishes Testing on Magnet Coils
NIF Records 1 MJ Laser Shot
HiPER ICF Facility Approaches Construction
Ingen Elected Executive Chairman of BEST Board of Directors