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Superconductor Week - 2409

  • $28.00

AMSC, LS Cable to Install 50 km of Superconducting Cable
    Alliance to Include Multiple Projects
    Fredette: Cables Part of Self-Healing Network
    Alliance Builds on Previous Order
    Cable Projects Part of Grid Modernization Drive
RI Announces SRF Contracts worth $6.5 Million
    RI to Deliver Two 500 MHz SRF Accelerating Modules
    Niobium Cavity Contributes 2 MV Accelerating Voltage
    JLab Contract Expanded to Include SRF Calibrations, Cleaning
DLS Orders 14 T Split-Pair Magnet from OXI
    Order Part of Ongoing Beamline Expansion
    Magnet to be Employed on BLADE
    Magnet to Include Helium-saving Cryostat
    Order Follows Magnet Sales to ISIS Neutron Source
    Burgoyne: OXI's Recondensing Magnet Production Reinforced
U Geneva Claims Improvements in Jc, Birr for MgB2
    Cold Densification Scalable to Industrial Lengths
    Technique Leads to Isotropic Wire
    Flukiger: Enhancements of High Importance
Zenergy Announces Increased 2009 Revenues
    Mueller Highlights Zenergy's Reliance on Intermittent, Large Orders