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Superconductor Week - 2411

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Chubu U, NEI Test 200 m Superconducting DC Transmission Cable
    Cable System Uses Nitrogen Coolant
    Proposals for Grid Installation Still Out
    Plans for Sakhalin-Japan DC SC Cable
    Test Follows Flurry of SC DC Cable Activity
    Chubu U Hopes to Use SC Tech in METI Grid Projects
Tres Amigas Receives FERC Approval to Sell Transmission Services
    ERCOT Seeks to Avoid FERC Jurisdiction
    Tres Amigas Negotiating with Transmission Companies
    Tres Amigas Potential SC Power Market Hub
Zenergy Receives €860,000 Grant to Advance Wire Manufacturing
    Grant Comes Atop Previous Funding
Zenergy Awarded €175,000 to Develop Nanotech Engineering
Intel, CMU, UPitt Developing MEG Telepathy Device

    Researchers working with fMRI, MEG, EEG
    Pomerlau: Current Efforts Focused on Data Quality
SRL-ISTEC Reports Progress on IBAD-MgO/PLD Coated Conductor
    New Architecture Used for Simplified Substrate
    Researchers Employ Magnetron Sputtering
BOC Opens Darwin Helium Plant
MDT Announces 0.7 T Permanent Magnet MRI System
UB Receives £164,000 for MEG Alzheimer's Research
CES Physicist Presented Marko Jaric Award
SLAC's Kivelson Elected to NAS