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Superconductor Week - 2412

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LANL, HSARPA Developing MagViz Detection System
    Commercial MagViz Prototype Yet to be Built
    Work Underway to Improve Accuracy
    MagViz Relies on ULF-MRI
    Surko: MagViz has Potential Food, Medical Applications
ASL Raises £650,000 to Support UK FCL Work
    ASL in Negotiations to Order 33 kV FCL
Clemson, Yale, UT Dallas Receive $3 Million for Nanoscale SC
    Rao: CNT Yarn Current Capacity Unknown
    Researchers to Examine SC in Alternate CNT Morphologies
    Program Employs Pulsed Laser Ablation Method
Study Predicts Superconductivity in Graphene
    DOS Similarities Between Graphene, HTS
    Further Steps Needed to Prove Superconductivity in Graphene
OXI Releases FY2009 Preliminary Results
Aalto U Conducts MEG Auditory Study

    Miettinen: MEG Use for Auditory Research Growing
    MEG used to Measure AEFs
LFI Sells Oven for Heat Treating Superconducting Wire
Niobium, Rare Earth Deposits Found in Afghanistan
OXI Sells 21 NMR Analyzers
KU Researchers Develop SAFFIRE MEG Application
Osaka U Conducts MEG Schizophrenia Study
CERN Opens Doors to Non-European Nations