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Superconductor Week - 2413

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Commencement of ITER Operations Delayed to 2019
    Griffith: Delay due to Risk Assessment
    Criticisms Arise of DA's Power
OU Team Synthesizes Miniscule SC Nanowire
    Gallium Chosen for Wire Synthesis
    STM Employed to Find, Test Nanowires
    Hla: Four Molecules Not Necessarily SC Threshold
AU, SNS Researchers Develop SQUIPT Magnetometer
    Device Enabled by Superconducting Proximity Phenomenon
    SQUIPTs Offer Extended Operational Range, Modifiability
    Magnetometer Has Minimal Power Consumption
    Device Should Work with Multiple Superconductors
UI, BNL Investigate Holes in Superconducting Superlattice
    Holes Redistribute from LSCO to LCO Layers
    Researchers use Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Air Liquide to Open Second Helium Plant in Qatar
    Project Arises from Existing Partnership
    New Sources Ensure Price Stability
Motojima Appointed ITER Director-General
MIBR Acquires Elekta MEG
CBSU Awarded £25 Million for MEG Research
BLS Awards Coherent, Bruker for Laser Deposition Advancements
OXI Founders Win Lifetime Achievement Award
STI Receives MICO Bright Lights Innovation Award