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Superconductor Week - 2415

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OXI Receives Magnet Orders from HFIR, ANSTO
    Recondensing Cryostats Limit Helium Consumption
    Burgoyne: Magnets Suited to Neutron Scattering Applications
BEST Claims Improved Ic Performance for YBCO Tapes
    BEST Reports Ic of 1,925 A
    Schlenga: High Ic Coupled with Intrinsic Mechanical Tape Strength
UH Testing Smaller, Cheaper MCG for Fetal Heart Monitoring
    Brazedeikis: MCG Data High Quality
    fMCG may Detect Arrhythmia in First 10 to 12 Weeks
    Researchers Use Modified CardioMag MCG
    Brazedeikis: fMCG may Help in Selection of Treatment Options
Zenergy Releases Interim 2010 Results
    Zenergy Credits Slow Contracts, Delayed FCL Projects
SU Researchers Claim Link Between HTS, Oxygen Fractals
    Biancoli: Oxygen Interstitials not Random
    Fractal Quality Correlates with Higher Tc
CDMSII Claims Evidence of Dark Matter
    Project Complete, Larger Detector Under construction
    Characteristic Dark Matter Ionization, Heat Indicators Detected
UI, BNL Investigate Holes in Superconducting Supperlattice
    Holes Found to Redistribute from LSCO to LCO Layers
    Researchers use Molecular Beam Epitaxy
DOE to Issue 2011 Phase I SBIR & STTR FOA