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Superconductor Week - 2416

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AMSC Windtec Advances SeaTitan Development
    Fredette: SeaTitan Program Two Years Underway
    SeaTitan Lighter, Smaller, Cheaper, More Efficient
    AMSC May Begin Licensing by Year-end
    Land-based PrairieTitan also in Development
    Fredette: Offshore Turbine Market Worth $500 Million
ABB, UH, SuperPower Awarded $4.2 Million to Develop SMES
    Selvamanickam: Wire Improvements Enable SMES Project
RI Announces Sale of 300 SRF Cavities to XFEL
    Peiniger: Contract Largest in RI History
    European XFEL to have 2.1 km Accelerator
BEST Submits SEC Filing for IPO
    IPO Follows BEST's Acquisition of RI
STI Announces Completion of $6 Million Public Stock Offering
Russia's JINR Contructing NIKA Accelerator
MSU Claims Supercurrent in Ferromagnetic Junctions

    Co Layers Filter out Spin-singlet Supercurrent
    Birge: Research Underway to Understand Basic Physics
Rice Husks Used as MgB2 Dopant
    Rice Husks Used as Alternate to Nano-SiC Doping
    Syamaprasad: Refining BRH Process to Lead to Further Improvements
IHEP Opens Superconducting Magnet Technology Center
EPSRC Approves £30 Million MAST Upgrades
RI Awarded $7.7 Million BNL Contract