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Superconductor Week - 2418

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SCK-CEN Designing 960 Million MYRRHA ADS Facility
    Baeten: ADS can Reduce Waste Storage Area, Time
    MYRRAH to Incorporate 159 SC Cavities
    Baeten: Work on ATW Dates to 1940s
    INFN Milano Helping Develop Elliptical Proton Cavities
    Baeten:MYRRHA to Provide Unique Capabilities
    MYRRHA to Allow for LFR Modeling
LS Cable, KEPCO Partner to Develop HVDC Cable System
    Jeju Island Deployment Set for 2013
Magnetica, UQ Receive A$1 Million for MRI Magnet R&D
    Funding in Addition to $12 Million Raised Since 2004
    Award Builds on UQ Acitivity in MRI R&D
    Magnetica in Partnership with Jastec
Carnegie Reports Increased Tc in Bi2223 at High Pressure
    Phenomena may Come from Copper-Oxygen Layers
    Tc of 136 K Achieved at 36.4 GPa
    Struzhkin: Process may Raise Cuprate Tc's at Ambient Conditions
    Chen: Competing Orders may Apply to Pnictides
US Investigating China Rare Earth WTO Violations
CTS Produces Improved SC Magnet Simulator

    Advances Part of IMPDAHMA Project
    Advances Help with Quench Modeling