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Superconductor Week - 2421

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DOE Awards Qdrive $620,000 for 1 kW Cryocooler
    Corey: Qdrive Cooler Should Cost less than Convetional Equivalent
    Corey: Cryocoolers Ideal for Localized Power Devices
    Qdrive FAR Cryocoolers Offer Positionable Coldheads
    Corey: Coolers are Largely Motion- and Orientation-Insensitive
    Current Funding to Lower Costs at Low Production Volumes
    Corey: No Issues with Cryocooler During Tests So Far
LHC Circulates Lead-Ion Beams
    Collider to Shut Down Dc. 6, Restart with Protons in February
SRS Records Clinical Beam Extraction for PBRT System
    Gall: Monarch250 Highest Magnetic Field Proton Cyclotron
    Monarch250 Technology Developed at MIT's PSFC
    Monarch250 Doesn't Require MSR
EUSS, UPC, ICMAB Developing FEM Tool
    FEM Methods may Help Solve Electromagnetic Issues in SC
    Bartolome: Future Challenge Analyzing 3D Geometries
JPL Detects Near-IR Photons with SC Nano-HEB
    Karasik: Speed Important to Retain Information
    Researchers Employ a Four Element Array
    JPL to Follow-up Work with 16-Pixel System for In-field Tests on Telescope
IRL's WIlliams Awarded Hector Medal