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Superconductor Week - 2422

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Flexure Engineering Advocates SC Applications in Space
    Investment in Space Technology Grows with NASA's New Direction
    LRO Records 50 K at the Bottom of Shackleton Crater
    Flexure Points to Need for Coordination Across Fields
IBM Claims Qubit Design Improvements
    Improvements Follow Recent Quantum Computing Milestone
AMSC Contracts LS Cable, Nexans for Tres Amigas Cable Assembly
    Deal Part of AMSC, LS Cable Alliance
AMSC Reports Increased Year-on-Year Profits for Q2
    SC Department Reports Increased Revenues
    Yurek: AMSC to Continue to Generate Profits
AMSC Holds Public Offering of Common Stock
    AMSC to Direct Proceeds to SC Wire Manufacturing
ISTEC Detects Defects Using HTS-SQUID Gradiometer
    HTS-SQUID Detects Deeper Defects than Eddy Current NDE
    HTS-SQUID Gradiometer: Smaller Flux Noise, Magnetic Robustness
    Different Signal Amplitudes for Aluminum, Iconel-600
Huazhong U Proposes SMES-based System for Wind Turbines
    Proposed Design may Improve Fault Ride-through Capability
UB, CNR-SPIN, U Salerno Design Mgb2-based FCL
    FCL has High Thermal Diffusivity, Ic
NTU, DYU Researchers Develop YBCO Bandpass Filters
    Junctions made with Reactive DC-magnetron Fabrication
LHC Involved in Flurry of Research Results
    ALPHA Detector Successfully Produces, Traps Antihydrogen
    ATLAS, CMS Directly Observe Jet Quenching