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Superconductor Week - 2423

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MagQu Claims Improved Manufacturing Technique for SQIMA3
    SQIMA3 Marketed Towards Healthcare, Food Inspection
    XacPro-S Utilizes IMR
    Yang: IMR Holds Clinical Promise
    Yang: XacPro-S Awaiting FDA Approval
    MagQu One of Three HTS SQUID Providers
BEST, FSU-CAPS Enter into iSFCL Partnership
    Collaboration to Investigate Low-iron iSFCL Concept
BEST, SEAG, SAE Awarded $5 Million for iSFCL Demo
    First Two Years to be Focused on Development and Production
    BEST Claims iSFCL has Lower Power Losses Compared to other SFCL Designs
DOE Predicts Yttrium Oxide Scarcity for Extended Period
    Increased HTS Market Share could further Strain Availability
Kyushu Institute Tests Maglev Conveyor System
    Four YBCO Superconductors Used in Model
NIMS, JST Researchers Claim Alcohol Induces SC in Fe(Te,S)
    Researchers Focus on FeTe1-xSex
    Red Wine Found to be Most Effective
    Research may lead to the Development of New Superconductors
Kyoto U Demonstrates HTS-ISM Drive System
    Nakamura: MgB2 Supplied by Hitachi, YBCO by SuperPower
KICP, UC Claim TES Bolometer Advances
RI Awarded $7.4 M for 60 non-SC Accelerating Structures