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Superconductor Week - 2501

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VHF-SMC Developing High-Field Bi-2212 Magnets 
    Bi-2212 Needs Improved Ic, Je
    Bi-2212 May Enable High-Field Accelerators 
    Program Aims to Simplify Coil Construction
    Godeke: Goal of Collaboration to Analyze Precursor Powder Variants
    Tests to be Performed at LBNL's LD1
Superconductor Week Celebrates 100 Years of Superconductivity 
Researchers Patent Superconducting Motor/Generator

    Goodzeit: LTS Microfilaments may be Ideal for Generator
    Machine Design may help Reduce Necessary Current 
    Dual Armatures Allow for Increased Power Density
    FIT Developing non-SC Prototype 
Fermilab's Tevatron to Close in September 

    Tevatron to Close due to Concerns over Federal Budget
Northrop Grumman Develops New Phase Qubit

    Qubit Features Shorted Transmission Line
    Phase Qubits Designed for Practical Quantum Computer
    Shunting Capacitors Enable Improved Coherence Times
BCC Research Projects 11.3% Annual SC Market Growth 
OXI Negotiates New Credit Facility 
David Stokes Appointed Optivus President
MIT's Dauler Receives Young Innovator Award 
Buckley, Tallon Awarded Prime Minister's Sceince Prize