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Superconductor Week - 2502

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Ad Astra's VX-200 VASIMR Achieves Performance Targets
    VASIMR Could Shoren Interplanetary Travel Times 
    VX-200 Records Exhaust Speed of 50 km/s at 200 kW
    Engine Refinements Increase RF Coupler Reliability 
    VX-200 Thrust Data Exceeds VF-200 Requirement by a Factor of Two
    Operational Modifications Enable Results 
    VF-200 Faces PDR in 2012 
D-Wave, JPL Propose Google Quantum Computing Facility 
    Proposal Builds on Previous Cooperation 
NIST Shipping Programmable AC/DC 10 V Standard 
    Benz: 10 V PJVS Development Began in 2008
    Circuit Contains 300,000 SC Josephson Junctions 
    New Junction Technology Represents Key Advance 
    Benz: New Circuit Easier to Use than Predecessors 
    First System Delivered to KSC 
Elekta Introduces Neuromag TRIUX MEG Platform 
    Increased Dynamic Range, Greater Robustness Towards Magnetic Interference 
    Maintenance and Operating Costs Unchanged 
    TRIUX Not Yet FDA Approved 
UMN-led Team Discovers Magnetic Wave in Complex Cuprate 
    Study Sheds Light on the Psuedogap Phase 
    Unusal Magnetic Waves Involve Oxygen Atoms 
Johnson, Shen and Campuzano Awarded 2011 Buckley Prize 
SC Awards Nomination Deadline Extended