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Superconductor Week - 2505

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STI Announces High In-Field Values for 2G Wire
    Wire has Minimum Ic of 228 A at 65 K in a 3 T Magnetic Field
    HTS Material Avoids Artificial Pinning Centers
    RCE-CDR Minimizes Material Processing Steps
    Wire Meets Customer Requirements
NHMFL Contracts Bruker Daltronics for 21 T FT-ICR Magnet
    Higher Resolution Extends Accuracy, Range of Analysis
    Petroleum Analysis: Understanding the Structure of Heavier Fuels
    NHMFL Developing Special Instrumentation
Superconductor Week Speaks with UH's Paul Chu
    Chu: Results will Emerge from New Paradigm
    Chu: Theory not Major Historical Contributor to HTS Material Discovery
    Chu: RTS has to Happen
    Chu: AFOSR-funded Groups, CES Collaborate
Zenergy Reports 2010 Results
    Zenergy Seeking a Buyer
    MBH has Operational Problems, Device not Seen as Growth Driver
Stanford, Berkeley Explore Fermiology of Cuprates
    Psuedogap State Distinct from SC
    Researchers Use Two Approaches
    Shen: ARPES Technology Enables Detailed Measurements