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Superconductor Week - 2510

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BNL Winding HTS Coils for MSU's FRIB
    FRIB Employs BSCCO, YBCO Coils
    Magnet Designed to Withstand Radiation, Heat
Fujikura Announces Production of 816 m HTS Strand
    Fujikura Employs New Heat Treatment Method
SEI Doubling Superconducting Wire Capacity
    Doubling Capacity to Reduce Costs 30%
    SEI Supplying HTS Projects in Japan and China
    Meeting Groing Demand for HTS Wire
MIT Involved in Second Suit Against SRS
    Suit Involves Two Separate Licensing Agreements
Bruker in $7.5 M UHF NMR Order
GIA Projects Global SC Market of $8.83 B by 2017

    Asia-Pacific Leads Global SC Market
BNL, Hebrew U Develop Improved Thin Film Analysis
    Boovic: Method Restricted to Ultrathin Films
    Researchers Work with LCO, LSCO Structures
Study Examines SC in CeCoIn5
    No Known Practical Uses for CeCoIn5
Victoria U of Wellington, IMEP-LAHC Study SC Proximity Effect
Russia to Intensify Helium Extraction
Lynas Deal with Forge Cancelled Following Shareholder Revolt
OPT Receives $6.6 M for R&D Headquarters
Observations Support Existence of SC Material in Neutron Stars
AMSC's Yurek Named to NAE
Alstom Grid Wins EUR150 M Tres Amigas Converter Contract