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Superconductor Week - 2514

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Zenergy Shifts Focus to Non-Superconducting FCLs
    Zenergy to Cease Funding German Subsidiary, Reduce Staff by 70%
    Cleaver: Zenergy at Risk of Becoming "Superconductivity University"
U.S. Navy Funds Iris's Cryocooler for SC Applications
    4KTC Designed for Niobium SC Circuits
    4KTC to be Modular, Scalable
Superconductor Week Speaks with Ad Astra's Chang Diaz
    Chang Diaz: Startup Process for Plasma Under 50 Milliseconds
    Ad Astra Looking to Improve Vacuum Pumping System
    VF-200 to have an HTS Magnet
    Chang Diaz: Additional Data from November Tests Released at IEPC
    VASIMR Aims for High-Power Electric Thruster Niche
    Chang-Diaz: Ad Astra Doesn't Receive Corporate Funding
    VASIMR Could Boost Plasma-driven Applications
    Chang Diaz: VASIMR could Open a Market in Space for SC
Chinese Consortium Purchases Stake in CBMM
Air Products Raises Helium Prices

    Federal Helium Reserve may be Depleted by 2020
OXI Enters FTSE 250
Ytterbium Compound Reaches QCP Without Tuning

    YBAL may Reveal "Critical Strange Metal" Phase
    Nevidomskyy: First Example of an Instrinsically Quantum Critical Material
EPRI to Hold Tenth SC Conference